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  1. 1st Battalion, 1st Paramarine Regiment "Devildogs from the Sky" Alright so a change has been made! We are now the 1st Battalion, 1st Paramarine Regiment! The Paramarines were a unit that were sadly disbanded in WWII. Holding, however, various battle honors the Paramarines dominated in large portions of the pacific theater! We decided as a staff to revive the Paramarines on ArmA III as a modern day unit! How can I take part? We have plenty of spots open! However, you do have to train to fill in a spot. Here is our roster so you can have a look for yourself! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KxYB7zGv1ZoYm-sGiyket-Fnn0onZqwvzvfCrEzVo1I/pubhtml Now that you have looked, you can see we are recruiting a lot of open positions! They must be filled! Where do I sign up? Every recruit is asked to sign up via our Enjin website! While you are doing that or if you just want to know some more about the unit you can also join our TS3! ts42.gameservers.com:9104 http://32marines.enjin.com/recruitment Is there a basic combat training (BCT)? Yup, you better know there is. But don't sweat it! We are a unit geared towards realism, and we want you to be proficient in your abilities before you take to the field! Here is our BCT Presentation! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1XPUskYF4SnXBSNRry_cuEa90JArX0JRYog94xi1NDVU/edit#slide=id.p While you are at it you might as well read our SOP! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-qE_Ud22uqvlW2THlMEpyI8gC-ur22XkTZWqrK4ZqCA/pub Is there a mod-pack? Yup! Maybe there are some units out there that don't have one, but we just happen to have it! Here it is right here! https://docs.google.com/document/d/159hKBo2eZqSzCRYH6g5XVfMXN3oxH6V8HuFxz1QhjW0/edit Alright now you are ready to join! See you at the MCRD!
  2. Hello again, looks like my post didn't go up! 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines are currently searching for a developer to set up an operations map capable of allowing the C/O slot to command through zeus. We are looking for the mission to contain an interactive target range if at all possible. If you are willing to take this job on a volunteer basis please let me know! Thanks! Colonel Noah Deittermann 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines
  3. Hello All, I am Lt. Colonel Noah Baines Johnson, of the [2/5] 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. We have been searching up and down helplessly for a person who could volunteer to edit our missions. If you can do so please contact me ASAP, Via steam at [75th] Corporal N. Johnson, or you can PM me via the BI Forums. Thank you and have a great day, [2/5] Lt. Colonel Noah Baines Johnson
  4. Alpine City RPG is in the conceptual stage. We are looking for expert mission editors to volunteer their services to a worthy cause. Pm me if you have any interest, Thank you.
  5. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxujqmeMmb1qjlhw0o1_1280.png > 100kb! What is the SASR? Were Comprised of NA and EU members whom share several common goals: 1. Realism 2. Fun 3. Maturity 4. Discipline We are a tactical realism unit that simulates pretty much everything from diving to flying. Our most thought of goal even though not listed, is to gain members. What are the requirements to join? As usual you are required to be 14 or older to join, own a legal copy of Arma 3 Alpha, and you must have TS3 and a working mic. What is our rank system? Colonel Lt. Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Officer Cadet Warant Officer 1st Class Warrant Officer 2nd Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Operator 1st Class Operator 2nd Class Operator 3rd Class Recruit Add Noah Johnson (Nj299) on steam to join! Hope to see you on the field men!
  6. SEAL Team 9 Welcome to the Seal Team 9 Realism Unit website, We are proud to be the official ST9 of ArmA 3 Alpha. We are a group comprised entirely of mature individuals, who settle for realism and fun. Our objective is to be able to gain as many members as possible, and to create a fun environment for them. Our preference's rest upon doing night ops, and prefer most of our missions to be diving missions, however we do offer daylight, land, and air based operations. In order to join please contact [sT9]Cpt_Oralos or [sT9]Cpl_Nj on steam. We hope to see you on the field!