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  1. Username: sparrow560 Role: whatever needed Timezone: GMT +2 (Jerusalem) Experience: Been playing a lot since ARMA II came out, never in an organised group though Availability: I can play usually in weekly (or bi-weekly) events and weekends, from 3pm GMT and on. Basically, I've been watching ShackTac's youtube vids for too long, I want to take part in something similar to what they do. I have always yearned for a realistic and immersive experience in ARMA. In short, a mil sim group. ACRE and ACE and shizzle. I'm a serious player, can follow orders and whatnot, and be supportive of my team. I can be reached through my Email at sparrow560@gmail.com or on Steam, username laraspaz
  2. How do you guys deal with the AI's inability to lead a freakin column of vehicles up the road from point A to B? It screwed up my whole mission. The lead vehicle reached the synchronized waypoint while the rest were busy in a clusterf**k back where they started, resulting in my platoon going into a town with just one vehicle and my squad leader repeatedly saying "8, Halt".
  3. I have a wireless connection and I also use the cable sometimes In both cases the lag continued It included stutters, buggy movement, and all the traditional lag effects... I don't have a lot of servers from my region and so I am forced to play on European servers with a ping of 117ms but in all other multiplayer games that rarely causes a problem. I play other big battlefield multiplayers (like battlefield 2) and they work just fine. whats going on? plz help
  4. I'm trying to make a paradrop from a C130. I have the squad on the plane, it's in the air. Now how do I make them jump??
  5. I'm messing around with the editor, so I thought I'll make a mission with me as a medic on a medevac chopper headed for one wounded unit. The mission was like this: start in a chopper, land (without disembarking the crew) near the wounded dude, get him on the chopper, and then fly to some other location to unload the wounded. For some reason it won't work. Can anyone help?