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  1. Hello, my name is Phoenix. I have been playing ArmA 2 for 2 years now, on and off, and am looking forward to ArmA 3. I am currently looking for a fun and serious squad in which I can enjoy the game through its multiplayer/co-op aspect, as well as generally get better at it while being part of a community. About myself: Age: 23 Location: London, UK Occupation: Full-time MSc student Military: No military experience Multiplayer/Online experience: I have always enjoyed both PvE and PvP aspects of online games, I was a raider/officer in hardcore guilds in WoW for several years, and play MOBAS frequently. I enjoy particularly playing with friends/guild/clan/squad mates rather than being paired up with random strangers on the internet who won't have my back. Setup: I play using mouse/keyboard (no flight stick), have a working microphone/multi-channel headset, I don't use any freetracking device. Software: Have TS3, Skype, and use some basic mods like stHUD, JSRS and Blastcore. No ACRE/ACE experience. Of course I don't mind playing/downloading any mods required by the squad. Preferred roles: I want to get better as a heli pilot (transport), but I am willing to play/specialize in any infantry role, whatever the team needs. WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: - ENGLISH-SPEAKING, EU ZONE SQUADS. - A community that will help me experience what I love about ArmA: a hardcore, mature, realistic, slow-paced, TEAMWORK-CENTERED, hierarchical multiplayer experience where patience, discipline and team spirit are everything. - A squad that plays seriously in order to complete missions/campaigns by using tactics and not just "rush forward and grab objectives". Not interested in Wasteland/DayZ "every man for themselves" spin-offs. - A squad that is NOT fully milsim. I still consider ArmA 2 a game, even if I play it as seriously as possible. - A squad that uses tactics and good organisation to complete its missions, not just "take up any slot you want and let's kill some baddies"-tactics. - A fun environment where banter is allowed in chat or within fireteams. The way I see it, we're a bunch of friends playing a video game, might as well make it an enjoyable time. - A squad that will help me in areas that I'm interested in. I am really interested in playing deep strike scout/recon missions as part of a small fireteam, for example. I would like to be allowed to try things out without having to do 6 months of training prior to being deemed "worthy" of it. - A squad that will challenge me by assigning responsibilities to me and trusting me, whether it be piloting, recon or demolition roles, for example. Show me that you trust me with stuff to do and I will deliver my 500%. - An environment where I can be given advice and help by more seasoned players. I am really interested in flying transport helicopters, I would enjoy having a mentor/advisor that will teach me a few tricks and help me out. - I enjoy long, realistic sessions more than short ones. This allows for more tactical opportunities as one can insert scouts and gather intel and still play the same scenario several hours later once the tactics have been established. WHAT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR: - A full MilSim squad. I am not interested in going to the army in real life, so I am not looking for that in a video game either. - A squad that expects me to put in 50 hours of training every week until I get good enough before they allow me to join their real sessions. - A squad that requires a high attendance/has training days which are mandatory. I want to know that if I play, and then I leave for 2 weeks of holiday, I won't be banned/demoted just because I have a life. - A squad were jokes/fun/banter is not allowed at all because "ArmA 2 is serious business". I appreciate that some squads/players like this style of play, but I like to know that I won't get banned if I make a joke once in a while. - A squad that sticks to 20-30mins game sessions, and rushes to objectives (while getting 90% of players killed) rather than a slow, realistic, calculated approach to objective completion. You can contact me on these forums. Best, Phoenix