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  1. Hello Flax, First of all, you have brought the Arma server community a great tool here and thank you for that. Other the issue mentioned above, I noticed that when mods are downloaded (this was the same in 1.3 beta) they do not appear in the mods list on the server setup area (local mods in arma 3 root folder such as @AliveServer do though). Is this on my end, do i need to move them manually and rename them or are they meant to display once downloaded?
  2. hey Tup, i know its been a little bit since anyone has posted in here and sorry for digging this up but i was just wondering if/when this may be released for arma 3 as i know VCB changed to arma 3 recently, if you need anyone to test this my community will be more than happy to help out thanks, Muir.
  3. In-Game name: PhantomGamerz / Muir Age: 19 Location: Scotland, UK. Microphone: Yes [ Blue Yeti ] Teamspeak: Yes Spoken Language: English Games: Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead, PMC, BAF, ACR, Combined Ops, Arma 3, Many Others Roles Preferred: Leadership but I can also take on /Rifleman, Pilot, Grenadier, Medic or Radio Op. [RTO] Mods: Six Updater so all mods at my disposal. I can also manually install any mod myself. Occupation: British Army Military: British Army 3.5 Years Groups I'm Looking for: Any Type New/Old Milsim/Casual etc. Contact: muir6401@hotmail.co.uk If you need any further info dont hessitate to contact me
  4. Muir

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    this sounds awesome bud will be trying them later tonight :)