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Devastation: mission pack. Team vs Team.

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Status: Next update is v0.3 which should be available maybe Sunday or otherwise Monday.

It includes 1 new medium sized forest based mission which should work better for small to medium crowds.

Main focus was tackling these issues plus related changes. So more new missions and reworked missions are delayed until next update.


This post only addresses 3 previous posts which had large issues lists. They were quite useful. A few of the issues remain unresolved since they are unclear and/or I cannot reproduce them. So if the author's could expand on those points, if still an issue.

I'll address and work on the issues mentioned in individual posts from others later where needed.

Posts are requoted inside spoilers so that I can refer to items by the added numbers.


Just some notes on our first few hours of testing last night' date=' might have some more for you later tonight.

1. Swimming on land when spawned to carrier and then select to go to outpost. - lasts about 10 seconds.

2. Red = op-for, but both teams have red groups, green would be better as its very confusing.

3. Everyone sees everyone else's kill messages. e.g "you destroyed x vehicle" even if it wasn't you.

4. FOB, destroy a item (sat dish, chair etc, and it re spawns as double (two chairs, two sat dishes etc)

5. FOB augmentations box - take field dressings appears twice in menu

6. FOB aug box - when mouse rolled on it, menu flickers on / off/ constantly.

7. Lines between twin-cap bases very feint and quite hard to see on map.

8. Mission notes screen, visible on first connect, on re-spawn = gone!

9. Many choppers at base damaged at start of mission (maybe due to big booms at spawn at start)

10. Boomerang not working

11. rhib with FOB on sunk, still on map, but at bottom of sea and not able to spawn on it. - unit lost?

12. No civil stuff in towns, lack of transport

13. If in ural when item added to cargo, its not visible from inside ural, but is from outside. - if you're already in when its loaded, you cant leave ural, but can if move to driver, then leave. - from outside you can see item in ural fine.


1. Fixed in v0.1

2x. Temporary partial fix in v0.3: All deployable structures (FOBs, etc) are no longer blue, but black for both sides.

Future fix v2.0: See Scrap red vs blue concept for proposed solution, whereby your side will always be BluFor and show as blue.

3. I do want everyone (but I guess mainly admin) to see renegade destruction, but not valid opposition destruction.

There is still no 'isAdmin' command, which is why everyone is seeing it atm.

Will investigate and devise a solution. My main concern is that I do not want renegades to go unnoticed. I can quite easily kick renegades off server and/or block them, but this will inevitably include pilots who crash their choppers killing all on board. This would mean you'd need a forgive/punish system too, which I wanted to avoid.

Future fix in v0.3/v2.0:

I will probably move these ROE violations into a list (accessible via the scoreboard dialog or popup menu) so that admins/anyone can view it in one place.

4. Could not reproduce. Please verify.

How were the objects destroyed? (Satchel, grenade/GL, rockets?)

I noticed in one of Kju's screenshots, that there appeared to be 2 FOB's at one location (FOB 2 & FOB 3), since it had the FOB 2/FOB 3 marker text on top of each other. You can verify this in the Respawn Dialog since FOB 2 & 3 will point to the same location.

TODO: I will have to put better safeguards in.

5. Fixed in v0.1 - Hopefully you mean 'armaments' box, since this is not Deus Ex. ;)

6. Feedback required. Not sure what that means or why it would happen. Unless it's due to the double FOB issue above in item 4.

7. Fixed in v0.1

8. Fixed in v0.1

9. Fixed in v0.1 (am assuming it was due to explosions, which were fixed).

10. See 11a below. Verify usage.

11. Could not reproduce bug.

They don't sink, so maybe it respawned on bottom of sea. Was it destroyed? If underwater, it should soon explode. When destroyed, it should respawn fairly quickly. If reproducable in current version, report it again.

12. There are 2 vehicles per sector region - a pickup and civy ural. They also respawn quickly. They're only intended as a last resort anyway if you miss a ride. Use tranport requests and base vehicles instead. Might need to scale this automatically for high player counts. Eg: 1-4 vehicles per sector.

13. That's just an Arma2 graphics limitation. I might report that on DevHeaven A2 Community Issue Tracker. Maybe BI can fix it in future. It's actually a benefit for now, since it means you can still sit in the back without visual mesh collision.



(post finalised) - tonight's beta test finished

couple of bugs / issues i noted down during beta test tonight

1) BUG: machine gun loaded into tan pickup floats above the flatbed of the vehicle

2) BALANCE: rally boundary distences are a bit extreme, esp on infantry maps (min 300 is a lot, compared to active game area in use)

3) BUG: i had an issue with the ice menu where the menu went, but the mouse pointer didn't, and even Esc didn't help, so had to reload Arma2.

4) BUG: "team management" seems bugged, in as much as the updating of the team info when someone joins. Some of the squad will see the new member, but not all.

5) BUG: no message so you know you've received an invite to a squad

6) BUG: if invited to squad, and you join, then leave, you cant rejoin it again without new invite.

7) BALANCE: dead bodies disappear a little soon, so that you dont have the opportunity to take gear / items from them.

8) BALANCE: feedback on zone captures is a little non-existant.

- It has to be sutble, but currently checking the map constantly is the only way to know whats being attacked / defended.

9) BALANCE: no auto team balance.

10) BALANCE: grass problem at range is a real killer for pvp missions (bis bug, not devestation bug)

11a) BUG: boomerang is bugged, cant get it working.

11b) BUG: sometimes spawn into truck but cant get out

12) BALANCE: imho spawning into truck is way too powerful, given outposts, base, rally point, and FOB's already. mobile respawn is too much and normal rifleman has nothing to take truck down with

(Related to 15)

13) BUG: once (with lag?) it took 30 seconds to populate the list of spawnable locations

14) BUG: ice menus are pretty unreliable. quite often lock up and goes mental. - end up with green boxes with nothing drawn no them, and no way to use menu system

15) BALANCE: Too many spawn points imho, 3 FOB's, main base, a truck, an output, and main base, for each team ?! - its hard enough just to find places to put them all. Better would be ability to spawn on zones unless other team in the large circle, and cut back a bit on the outpost/truck/fob spawns a bit

(Related to 12)

16) BUG: Sometimes people appear as red names / tags even if not on other team (and even if on foot) - maybe an arma bug, not sure.

17) (removed)

18) BUG: At one point, everytime i respawned i was a long way off the map (as normal) - but the screen that pops up asking where i want to respawn isnt given

19) (BUG?): No way to chose which vehicle is used to load crate onto.

20) BUG: On carrier missions, taking off in chopper causes explosion

21) BUG?: Cargo unloading will kill people in the way. - maybe intentional. Would be good if crate avoided people if possible

22) Also, many bugs from alan's previous post still present

1. Fixed in v0.3. Aligned.

2y. Fixed in v0.3. Scaled. Might need further adjustment.

Missions are now rated to 5 sizes: tiny,small,medium,large,huge.

The previous 'minimum distance to zone border' was 250.

It now scales to: 90,130,170,210,250 for each size.

3. Not reproducable. Will monitor.

I'm fairly certain the new fast dialog drawing technique (mentioned below) will prevent this from now on.

I am familiar with the effect but AFAIK, in similar cases, pressing esc multiple times closed the 'invisible' dialog (after all slow dialogs have finished drawing).

4. Seems odd. Verify it's still happening after a manual refresh.

Only case I can imagine is an existing player becoming a renegade due to ROE (TK's or asset damage) and is therefore no longer considered on your side.

Maybe the JIP player joined into a previously used player slot of a renegade player?

Some notes about usage:

- Need to verify that players were on the correct page, since I myself have seen players looking at Group/Vehicle page instead of Team page.

- The dialog does not auto refresh the information on current page while viewing it. It only refreshes after switching pages (by clicking buttons at bottom) or upon reopening dialog.

Related bug:

After joining a group, the page doesn't refresh with new group. For now, do manual refresh.

5. Fixed in v0.3. Missing redirection code.

6. Verify. Are you sure? How do you know you can't rejoin? Is the Join button missing or is there some other indicator? If it's simply missing the Join button, then simply refresh the page. If it's not auto refreshing (like above) then that needs a quick fix.

I don't think that concept was ever implemented, (although it would be ideal).

Currently, you can join anyone's team without an invitation.

Later, the option to lock your squad will exist, at which point invitations will become a requirement.

7. Discuss. It is currently set for 5 minutes.

Not sure what would be an appropriate value. Maybe 10 minutes or maybe make it scalable for mission size.

We probably want to avoid weapons being taken too often, since your role should be your requested class/kit.

8. Will have this in this or next ver.

TODO: add flag icon when inside a zone/CP and timer icon to indicate capturing (maybe with/without timer value)

TODO: add icons identifying zone to attack and defend

TODO: Possibly add back messages about capturing/captured zones. Probably want to limit this to your nearest zone only. Getting info on all zones causes info flooding (when all messages were on).

9. Changed in v0.3:

I think the balancing is controlled via the playerCountMultipleOf option.

My value may have been incorrect.

I've adjusted:

playerCountMultipleOf = 1; (apparently for Coop)


playerCountMultipleOf = 2; (default for Team)

Monitor and provide feedback.

10. I didn't realise this, but it seems Arma 2 does not have this 'grass layer' partly covering you at a distance, like it did in the later Arma 1 versions. See Arma 2 Grass issue.

11a. Feedback.

I've had no problem with the CSS. Remember, it only detects sniper fire.

What aspect appears to be bugged?

Does it deploy? (Currently it deploys a Skeet machine, since I can't find a more suitable looking object that looks like this picture.)

Does the console appear when activated?

Does the console readout detect and show last known sniper fire?

Does it detect both your sniper fire and other people's sniper fire?

Or is there some other issue?

11b. I think that is finally fixed in v0.3.

12. Discuss. No short-term action required.

Created topic on DevHeaven forum for further discussion.

13. Fixed in v0.3. New technique required for Arma 2. Uses fast drawing trigger.

14. Fixed in v0.3. New technique required for Arma 2. Uses fast drawing trigger.

15. Discuss. No short-term action required.

Created topic on DevHeaven forum for further discussion.

Never suggest spawning on zones. You should never allow spawning at an objective being approached by the opposition. I consider that one of the TvT Design Rules.

16. Normal Arma behaviour. No immediate action required.

When player causes deliberate or accidental TK's or asset damage and is therefore no longer considered on your side but instead is classified as a renegade. (Eg: pilot crashes chopper with others on board). This has other side effects too, such as sharing vehicles and side identity.

A possible solution is to adjust that person's rating if damage was considered accidental.

18. Missing respawn dialog: Not sure. Will need to monitor. Might be the renegade effect.

Did respawning again fix it or was it the same?

19. Feature. Changed in v0.3. Improved selection criteria.

I prefer the idea of simply using the nearest truck rather than a menu. IRL you would back up the vehicle as close to the cargo as possible. There is no reason to remove that requirement.

So the check has been modified to find the vehicle who's rear loading zone is closest to the cargo (rather than vehicle centre).

20. Hmm. Sounds serious. No proper solution yet, since I'm not sure of cause. Will need to monitor and investigate.

In v0.3, I have rewritten the Safe Zone Protection. It now also includes message to clearly indicate when someone has violated the safe zone rule. (Last version had that in the RPT log, so you could check that too.)

Only cause I can think of is the SafeZone Protection thinking you're an enemy/renegade and is thereby killing you and your vehicle. If it's not that, then I'm not sure.

Any more details? When this happens:

- can all crew board the chopper safely without penalty?

- is any crew member a renegade? Generally their score will appear in red.

- is the engine on?

- is the chopper flying?

- how frequent is it? (Every single flight? Starts to happen mid-mission? Some missions it never happens?)

21. Fixed in v0.3. It now requires a clear unloading area.

It's a lot more work to automatically detect a suitable clearing, so I'll leave that method for future.

22. Probably. Any in particular for immediate updates?



I tried your beta on my comp last night. Excellent work!

1. Things I really like:

- The thin outline around the capture points so you can still see the markers. I hate too much shading on my map. Perhaps a little red shading on the centre capture zone (closest to flag) could be nice though...

- Armament limitations. Yes I am also (and guility of too) everyone carrying an RPG/AT/Nuke.

- Replacement of the ArmA2 score menu with one that's more game relevant.

A couple of minor bugs/suggested improvements:


2. - Makarov SD pistol image in Armament GUI is too large for he display box

3. - East FOB marker is blue coloured on map when all other map markings for the east side are red.


4. - The FOB setup direction is related to the Supply Crate orientation if I'm correct?

a) How do you tell which way the Supply Crate is 'facing' anyway? It's a square box with very similar textures on all it's surfaces.

b) I see the need for being able to orientate the supply crate but the FOB is not logically placed in relation to it's orientation. e.g. Supply crate 'faces' North = FOB opening faces East.

5. - A preview then place feature would be nice for setting-up these assets e.g. client-side moveable object that moves with players orientation. Upon final placement moveable object becomes server side = perfect placement. This requires a 'looping' script so it may add to the script lag but it was a nice feature in the initial crCTI for constructing good bases.

6. - FOBs really need some sandbagged areas.

7. - Integrate upcoming manual into Notes section of map for easy reference

8. - If an infinite number of FOBs can be setup from the one Supply Crate in different locations, then:

a) What is the point of supply crate in the first place? FOB numbers should be limited to one per supply crate.

b) What is the point of being able to 'friendly' destroy a supply crate?

9. - Squad rally points should be able to be deployed closer to the capture zones than FOBs but NOT too close to the capture zones. = Progressive but diminishing respawn points from Initial spawn->FOB->Rally Point

10. - Eliminate rally points all together and implement a revive system?! Make it more complex then just an action but include a diagnosis such as used in America's Army 3 i.e. diagnose->revive e.g. nose trumpet/CPR/saline bag -> address bleeding

...this may be an addon in itself that's needed for ArmA2 though

11. - Sandbag cover for deployable assets esp. MGs. Otherwise people will be too reluctat to use them if they're so easily sniped from them = pointless.

12. - I don't know if anybody will setup the Counter Sniper System unless it can be carried on person. Driving it in is not worth the time nor is it discrete. But squads progressively setting one up as the move from capture point-to-point makes sense. It is just radio/sound triangulation anyway right?

13. - Perhaps locking-off of zone recapture if all 4 zones in a pair e.g. Delta + Echo, inner + outer are captured = more pressure and avoids stalemates?

14. - The ICE system action menu item selection seems to override the default ArmA2 action e.g. Steering wheel icon = Get-in as driver, if you use the keyboard to 'Perform action' i.e. instead of getting in as the driver of a vehicle without the action menu visible to scroll through the ICE menu will come up. The weird thing is this does not happen when you use a mouse button to ' Perform action'?! This may be an ArmA2 related thing though...

1. Thanks for those points. It's interesting to know what people like. Undecided on centre zone shading.

2. Low priority. Since those are clickable boxes, I can't auto-resize. Will need to specifically detect that class.

3. Fixed in v0.3. Asset markers are now black (short term solution). See item 2x above for more notes on same issue and link.

4. Changed/fixed in v0.3. For now, we'll just use the "Reorient direction" action to change it's facing, then the FOB will be created on opposite side of container towards where you are looking. The FOB facing direction will be towards container.

5. Future task. Main concern is accidently killing your team mates by squashing them with structure.

6. Will try to include in update after v0.3. I had them originally, but Arma 2 sandbags behave ridiculously on slopes, unlike Arma 1.

7. Will do.

8a. Correct. It will be limited to one FOB per container, when I work out how. Probably could simply prevent container transport while FOB deployed.

8b. No proper reason. Just lacking restriction. Currently containers are not side bound, so you can steal an enemies container and deploy a FOB with it. Again, need to work out how to restrict it.

9. I don't know if it should be any closer than a FOB. Apart from squad limitation, it's the same benefit.

See 2y above. It now scales the minimum zone border distance to: 90,130,170,210,250 for each size mission.

10. Feature request. Future expansion.

I think it would be easier to wait and see what Norrin comes up with rather than creating a new system.

I do like the added team work aspect of revive, but I generally don't like using it since it takes away from the immersion and death/fatal injury mentality and makes players careless knowing they'll be restored to full health within seconds soon anyway. It's more of a co-op concept.

The system would need refinement from the traditional 'resurrection' style revive.

It would make more sense if the medic simply patches you up allowing you to move around but not be combat effective and then requiring you to find your way to the nearest ambulance/MASH.

Also it should have limited revives, so each 'revive' should subtract about 33-50% from your revive resource allocation. Once it's over 75/100% you can't be revived during this life.

11. Feature request. TODO: Investigate options.

Same issues as item 6 above.

I've also been looking at how to build 'nests' and 'fire bases' in zones occupied by your team. They will have no extra spawn ability or assets beyond their normal benefit of cover and concealment with camo nets used.

12. Feature request. TODO: Investigate options. It could make it more interesting.

Yes, it's just sound triangulation. I don't expect people to use it often, just for locating pesky snipers. I didn't want to make it portable, since it's not IRL and quite large (see image).

It should be made capable of being attached to any regular vehicle though, or make that standard (as already attached and activated on those vehicles) and make deployment optional.

I just found this Boomerang Warrior article which gives your suggestion merit: wearable-gun-shot-locators.

13. New game mode rules. Very low priority for now.

Please elaborate this idea. Sounds like a change to the game mode rules.

There won't be a stalemate since the team scoring is ticket based. With this idea, it would make Alpha/Bravo,Echo/Foxtrot virtually redundant, since they are captured first by those closest.

14. Possibly an Arma 2 limitation. More of a quirk than a problem. Very low priority for now.

It does sometimes add new default actions above the current ones, but very late, and so it keeps the selection on the original item.

This may be related to Arma 2's new conditional parameter for addAction, which I'm using a lot.

Also, for some vehicles like ZU23, the GetIn option is significantly delayed. Not sure why.

Perhaps it's an Arma 2 issue then.

It doesn't always happen, like for Utility Trucks it is fine, but ZU23 it happens. Do you have a particular vehicle in mind.

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Amazing post and dedication Dr Eyeball!

Looking forward to try 0.3 and future versions. :)

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stribog - don't come on here demanding! It will be ready when it's ready.

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That was not a demand. ;) This mission is awesome and some of it's fans just cant wait to see the new version. Nothing more, nothing less. =)

Edited by DiRaven

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Truly excellent work, I have read the post and will formulate a reply soon. I will also tell sirex about the post if he hasn't already seen it and he'll reply too.

Again, well done.

(Also Kremator, I don't think he was being demanding, just asking but his English isn't great, hardly a crime. How's your Russian? ;0)

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thanks for all the hard work, and great reply :)

regarding the boomerang not working..... yea, that was maybe due to me being an idiot and not realising it detects firing sounds, not movement. :P

Look forward to doing more testing in the future, i'll try to find new issues, and clarify any which were not clear.

The issue of items becoming double when shot at the FOB, i know is no longer occuring in the newer version of the mission, so i wouldn't worry about that one.

I'll put together a bigger post once ive done some more testing tonight.

thanks again.

Edited by sirex

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Yep excellent work and great reply Dr. Eyeball!

Most of my comments were just suggestions but your replies shown you've really thought all of this through.

Reply 8a: I think restricting container transport whilst FOB is deployed is a good short-term...if not long-term solution.

Reply 9: If the FOB = a team spawn point with armaments and the Rally Point (RP) = a group spawn point, then on the scale you've currently got the maps there's no real need for the RPs in my opinion.

- I'm relating this back to my (evil?) Project Reality side.

- Perhaps make the RP an ammo dump as opposed to respawn? Respawn, which in-effect is teleport, is a very powerful commodity to have multiple ways of utilizing i.e. FOB 'and' RP

That said, one of the major gripes I'm seeing in my 'Why aren't there more PvP games?' campaign thread is that people hate walking.

...CoD/CS/BF2 player gripes aside

...if your going to exclude revive then = more spawn points


...if your going to include revive then = less spawn points

Reply 10: Agree completely.

Again keep up the good work!

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man, i'd like to play this with a good team but no servers are online with this on in US.

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Beta v0.3 is now available for download for testing purposes. First post has been updated with v0.3 download links.

A lot of the important changes did not make it into this update. Instead, the main focus was on fixing the existing functionality and performance issues. Testing is difficult, so I hope there are no additional critical bugs introduced.

Summary of changes in v0.3:

  • Added 1 new mission: Devastation 16v16: Black Forest: A "land vs land" mainly infantry themed mission situated in the forested areas.
  • Changed: Missions are now rated to 5 sizes: tiny,small,medium,large,huge.
  • Changed: Starting to scale things based on mission size. Eg: Deployment radius from zone border scales to 90m,130,170,210,250 for each size.
  • Changed: Rally Points can now be deployed and packed up with: 1 squad member present (including self) if team is <= 4, 2 players if <= 8, 3 players if <= 12, 4 players if > 12.
  • Changed: Reduced total deployable FOB's to 2. (This will be scalable later.)
  • Fixed: All dialogs now use a fast drawing method.
  • Fixed: The map lines for Navigation waypoints, Squad Command waypoints and waypoints for other Squads should now track/refresh properly.
  • Fixed: Spawning/boarding locked MRV bug.
  • Added: Scoreboard now includes a Team Management button for faster access.
  • Changed: Unloading cargo now checks for free ground space.
  • Changed: Team Management dialog: Removed some unnecessary columns.
  • Fixed: Team Management dialog: Invite chat message broadcast corrected.
  • Fixed: Team balancing upon connection should now auto assign team to balance. (Not tested.)
  • Fixed: Most of the static weapons loaded on trucks now touch the base tray. (I think some of the west ones may need to be rechecked though.)
  • Changed: Added static camps, buildings and obstacles to some missions. All zones will have better camps later.
  • Changed: Markers used for orders, etc are now black, not blue (to avoid confusion for opFor).
  • Fixed: Default loadout after respawn fixed.
  • Fixed: Messages for renegade kills by null object removed.
  • Other minor changes.

Thanks to those who reported issues and suggestions. Next update in about 1 week and should hopefully be more interesting and feature related.

Time Slicing:

The biggest issue causing me problems is the new Arma 2 time slicing functionality. Scripts which worked fine in Arma do not always work as well in Arma 2 and can take up to 200 times longer to execute the exact same scripts. This is a problem when you're waiting for a response, like a dialog to open, which used to take 250ms, now takes 30000ms. Plus the delays sometimes accumulate over time. So even with the speed fixes in v0.3, the results can still become slower later. This has been addressed for most things but is still being monitored.

Edit: Added full change log above and new info below.

Some info on Squad waypoint lines:

The idea is for squad leaders to be able to see the command waypoints of all other squads on his team. This reduces the need for a commander and allows him to make better decisions. Currently the waypoints are (probably) visible to all on your team. This will later adjust based on difficulty settings.

Some important changes which are delayed until next update:

  • HUD icon and/or chat to indicate when you are inside a zone and/or capturing a zone.
  • Scalable FOB deployment limits
  • Limit containers to one FOB deployment
  • Scalable capture times (for small missions)
  • Limit zone captures to require 3+ players
  • disallow respawn on MRV if the vehicle is too near a zone
  • More visible RP (eg: dome tent) and easier to destroy it
  • Abandoned vehicle respawning - needs changes
  • Finish crew checks
  • Finish scoring/ticket system
  • plus about 40 others and about 200 optional changes.

Edited by Dr_Eyeball

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V0.3 uploaded on pingZero

Nice one on the release and kudos for such a complete following

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I am a fan of this since ArmA and I have high hopes for these missions.

I wish to convey my appreciation for this Devastation mission pack effort.

thanks to all involved. :icon_eek:

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We played this for about an hour last night, we only spotted it on the forums just as we were about to all quit and go to bed for the night but we played on a bit longer when we got it!

Great job on the bug fixes, and i'd also like to add that: instantly when you spawn in the first thing we ALL noticed is that is is very smooth, with high FPS. I don't know what you did there but the performance was beautiful in comparison to any other multi-player mission I had played. We went on to play a round of the black forest mission and we had great fun. I can confirm that all of the bugs you said you fixed seem to be fixed. I didn't come across a single bug in the hour we played. Although, that said, we were playing for fun and not seriously looking for bugs, we will try to go through it with a fine tooth comb soon.

Great work.

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Good update - thanks Dr Eyeball!

Great pic there titan. :)

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Thios game mode really needs a tutorial. its confusing at first

Yeah, we were just discussing that yesterday on dev haven. In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to post here, or ask in the public games section of our clans website (see link below) or come on our server and ask questions and someone will help you through. I'll be on myself tonight.

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BUG: I had 3 trucks at base, and 3 FOB cubes.... I blow up all 3 trucks.... Once one has respawned, i select "load container" on all 3 cubes, 1 goes onto respawned truck, others disappear (assume these also go onto same truck). - Cannot unload container from truck. I'm guessing this is something to do with wreaked / removed units still appearing as a valid location to load to, or something similar.

BUG: Put a M2 gun on a truck, airlift the M2, drop M2. M2 floats in mid air... becomes a non collidable object (i.e: chopper will not hit it).

BUG?: We put a FOB up, one person saw it fine, the other (me) didnt see the camo net, but did see the guns and stuff that spawned. The moterbikes were there, but invisible to me (people floated when using them for me). I did notice when i tried deploying the same crate it told me it couldnt as a building cant be nearer than 20m, and the nearest is... 20m

BUG: Somehow a M2 gun ended up floating midair, might have been loaded on truck and truck blown up ?

BUG?: Trucks seem to be a bit easy to blow up sometimes ? - just a few bullets.

Balence: Is it possible to make the capture circles feint, but solid circles ? - the lines are hard to read. Would be alot easier to see when their flashing colours then.

BUG?: same message for taking inner and outer circles, would be better if it said "taken Alpha perimeter", "taken Alpha Objective". Or similar

BUG?: Cant destory FOB container ? (and therefore FOB?)

BUG: The kit unlocking just doesn't seem to be working at all. never get the sniper kit etc unlocked. ?

-- Its looking alot better than 0.2, and is running alot better too, nice work there ! :P

Is it possible you could add the module that lets you ride on top of the AAV's ? - would be great, and give anouther option for transport. :)

Edited by sirex

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As you can see from Sirex's post above we were playing this a lot over the last two days and we are really enjoying it. One feature that i would like to suggest you change is the restriction on deployment of rally's with 20m of buildings. On maps like the docks this means that to use a rally it has to be deployed out in the open outside the town, as its pretty much impossible to deploy inside the town.

Other than the BIS problems like the disastrous JIP system and general server lag on a server with enough juice to run 3-4 instances of any other game out there and yet struggle with one populated ArmA 2 server, its pure gold.

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Yes I was playing there, too. Really the greatest PVP mission system I've came across since a long time.

The first look at all the new mechanics was overwhelming. I don't have any complaints but whenever you're thinking about adding any more options you should always keep simplicity in mind so the missions will find enough audience to populate them.

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Nice to see you on the server trapper!

By the way Dr. Eyeball, Sirex has been updating his post on page 12 with the stuff we have been finding from day to day in case you didn't spot the updates. I've added some of them to dev haven also. Still really enjoying the game although it has yet to really take off. We could do with something to make the community more aware of it if anyone has more ideas?

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yea ill try to keep it all in one post until your next reply to that post, then start another post :)

getting harder to find bugs though, and thats always a good thing

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Dr Eyeball,

Is there a chance that you can look at your wonderful TeamStatusDialog function to allow a commander to drag&drop AI or players to different teams on the fly ?

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