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  1. really, really, hate intros. i start the game with -nosplash and -world=empty, just to get greeted by a damn non-skippable intro movie ? if the mission has respawn its not too bad, but otherwise it'll pretty much remove all chance of me playing the mission again.
  2. dont think so. but bis is a small company, and as far as i know, you're not even getting the whole of that pie to begin with.
  3. problem is pretty simple in my eyes. to codemasters you're their direct market, so they care about you. To BIS, you're not (the military is). Then again, bis do a pretty good job for a side project, but let's not kid ourselves. i'm willing to bet thats because shops want to shift their old arma2 stock ready for the ofp stock.
  4. sirex

    Buildings flickering

    you dont have vsync forced off do you ?
  5. sirex

    Very annoying bug with 1.03

    i havnt experienced this, but i know someone that has. So i don't think its just you there mate.
  6. maybe someone could do the 4gb download, diff the files from old and create a smaller patch or something similar. surely steam just works on md5 sums or some similar hashing check ? or is it all tied into the steam app ?
  7. yes, im pretty sure. Before when i had everything on normal id get the exact situation you describe after about 30 seconds over the main towns, the net result is i had to have everything on low just to avoid filling the texture memory. Last night after patching i went directly to a chopper over the main city to test and after 10-15 mins, no problems, and that was with everything on high. It may be that now crossfire is working for me its using 1gb ram rather than 512 on the one card and isnt hitting the limit any more ? - crossfire used to give me the recieving screen bug and flickering textures so i had to disable that too. Either way, its gone from 60fps on low in cities with one card, to 50-60fps in high with two cards, so im happy enough for now. i'll test it some more tonight.
  8. im not so sure. i have a 4870 and a 4850, both suffered the graphical bug problem with texture memory, and its *fixed for me in 1.03*. better, crossfire now works for me too :) (yay!)
  9. no grass, 8k view, where possible.
  10. yea ill try to keep it all in one post until your next reply to that post, then start another post :) getting harder to find bugs though, and thats always a good thing
  11. terrain details irks me, as it seems to make utterly 0 diffrence from very high to very low.
  12. 0.3: BUG: I had 3 trucks at base, and 3 FOB cubes.... I blow up all 3 trucks.... Once one has respawned, i select "load container" on all 3 cubes, 1 goes onto respawned truck, others disappear (assume these also go onto same truck). - Cannot unload container from truck. I'm guessing this is something to do with wreaked / removed units still appearing as a valid location to load to, or something similar. BUG: Put a M2 gun on a truck, airlift the M2, drop M2. M2 floats in mid air... becomes a non collidable object (i.e: chopper will not hit it). BUG?: We put a FOB up, one person saw it fine, the other (me) didnt see the camo net, but did see the guns and stuff that spawned. The moterbikes were there, but invisible to me (people floated when using them for me). I did notice when i tried deploying the same crate it told me it couldnt as a building cant be nearer than 20m, and the nearest is... 20m BUG: Somehow a M2 gun ended up floating midair, might have been loaded on truck and truck blown up ? BUG?: Trucks seem to be a bit easy to blow up sometimes ? - just a few bullets. Balence: Is it possible to make the capture circles feint, but solid circles ? - the lines are hard to read. Would be alot easier to see when their flashing colours then. BUG?: same message for taking inner and outer circles, would be better if it said "taken Alpha perimeter", "taken Alpha Objective". Or similar BUG?: Cant destory FOB container ? (and therefore FOB?) BUG: The kit unlocking just doesn't seem to be working at all. never get the sniper kit etc unlocked. ? -- Its looking alot better than 0.2, and is running alot better too, nice work there ! :P Is it possible you could add the module that lets you ride on top of the AAV's ? - would be great, and give anouther option for transport. :)
  13. sirex

    Non-blinding sun mod

    any chance you could put a .bikey with this so it can be used on signed servers ?
  14. sirex

    Non-blinding sun mod

    how does this affect stars ?