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  1. Probably you've already had a look at this and the comments http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/deleteGroup About the delayed unit count, from my OFPR experience it's just like the "Oh no, 5 is dead!" ai reporting system of your player group. All units are reported dead sooner or later and count does reach zero. It happens earlier when the death is reported for the system by another unit, and probably takes the longest time if only its own timeout runs out. BTW this counting should detect dead units at once: ({alive _x} count (units _x))
  2. Trapper

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Regarding NoEndings, I had a longer look at the wiki. What I didn't notice before was that NoEndings is a class you have first to define yourself to be able to inherit from. Just like you've done with MissionDefault already. So you could instead just add lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; to your class Beginning, too. I used Eliteness for recompiling to check this out myself, but after many tries i noticed it seem to create a bad pbo even with no change to the description.ext. So you'll still have to check it yourself.
  3. Trapper

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Always falling through the board's pages... :j: #200
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    [CAMP] 100 Days

    I really enjoyed your campaign. Right balance between realism and game play, enough new support scripts for a "new toys" experience without addons, much immersion with campaign design and briefings. Though totally top notch would've been a little bit of storyline between some characters, too. The whole company at F.O.B. York felt a bit too robotic, if it wasn't for the speech files of the superior at least. - But don't worry, I understand it's not a piece of cake to write good side stories inside the main one. Not to mention possible death of characters ect. Still, the use of multiple endings for many missions and scoring do really compliment the possibilities of ArmA campaigns. About the "No entry 'Campaigns\100days-0.1\description.ext/Campaign/Beginning.end1'" I've never worked on a campaign description, but reading No endings / The last or only chapter I guess this could do the trick: class Campaign { name = "100 DAYS"; firstBattle = Beginning; class Beginning [color=#00ff00]: NoEndings[/color] { A suggestion for the combat shouts: Right now they are all played 2D (directly on the players "helmet camera"/monitor) and very loud. That's probably realistic but sticks out of the normal game sounds and reduces possibilities. I always prefer the rarely used 3d positional sound in ArmA. This way you can play-back the sound from any object/position you choose and set a virtual dB volume to determine up to which radius it will be audible. You could get all the squad mates realistically shouting with that. class get_your_head_down { name = "get_your_head_down"; sound[] = {"sound\get_your_head_down.ogg", [color=#ff0000]1[/color], 1}; titles[] = {}; }; That's the virtual dB value for class Cfgsounds. Either use it like this, ranging from 0 to 1 (1=100%) or the more obvious, old fashioned way like dB-40. You could enter positive and negative values, but I don't remember what the min and max dB values were. Either way you'll have to listen in game to the results until you'll know which setting fits your samples. ! Don't forget to reload the mission in the ArmA editor every time you edited it's description.ext ! The next part is just to use player say "Man_down"; on any thing you want, for example m6 say "Man_down";
  5. Trapper

    [SP] Zero

    @Variable That's a scripted part of the mission. You've got to talk to the guerrilla leader a second time to activate it. Then he'll take command of you and your men until the objective is finished.
  6. As many of you were disappointed by Aliens: Colonial Marines I was wondering why this game wasn't mentioned here by now. RTS/FPS hybrid, no ai, players vs player only, decent graphics, regular (content) patches and an active community since release. Both factions do require control skills and teamwork/strategy. Playing as alien is a special challenge and fun, too. Some don't like the balancing, others liked Natural Selection 1 much more. But without knowing its predecessor for me it's fun to play public. Anyway, for the next 40 hours the game is on -50% sale at Steam.
  7. about those video. Did anybody else got the feeling when it came to being lured into becoming a diehard fan boy (for self protection) that the same happens a lot since Arma1 with our community here? With the "pre-purchase"-phase beeing the long time from release until the last patches just before the next title is released, probably bug-ridden again. :rolleyes:
  8. Trapper

    No masks assistance needed

    Without having checked the addons you're asking about... I think ski masks will often be done with face textures only in these games. As soldiers normally receive random faces, you'll have to look into the readmes how set those textures/identities in the editor. Or you'll also need to find a custom face pack with masks if faces aren't included.
  9. This mission is probably a prototype of it's kind. My main goal was to add quick and easy Team vs Team to ArmA2 Multiplayer. Think about such hated games (or not :)) like CS or TF2. Any MP which will allow you to play a round of roughly 20 minutes in your short spare time ending with an outcome. I've tried to combine that with serious ArmA2 PvP here. Objective: Be the side dominating the combat zone when 15 minutes are reached. Features: - random creation of 600m combat zone, time and weather on whole Chernarus - no respawn, only first aid modules and "helmet-cam" spectator mode - fixed mission time of 15 minutes - A scoring system capable of rating even totally uneven team numbers fairly in the end - simple AI available: If the current squad leader isn't human, random way points will be issued for the AI leader - Probably ArmA2 free compatible (untested, but mission was build with ArmA2 only) Version 0-1 01.01.2013 This hasn't seen any real multiplayer tests before release. Hopefully this will change from here. It's also my first serious attempt on local/global scripting, please be gentle. ;) Group leaders will have a debug radio command available, which should broadcast weather info of all clients. Of course, those should be the same for everybody. Download
  10. Great to get such detailed realistic terrain for the game, together with new fitting buildings. A look at the horizon reminded me of Fallout New Vegas but this time I can climb the mountains. As the menu cutscenes of the island weren't working/missing, you've probably got to do this to fix it. Oh and one of the two stories buildings I tried to enter had an invisible wall in front of the entrance, and I did fall right through the outer stairs leading up.
  11. - Analog controller configuration option: Threshold/dead center from 0-100 percentage Most sticks tend to wear out sooner or later and Win7 for example won't help there.
  12. @ChrisB That's really impressive, for example this of yours. That adds a whole new game play challenge.I couldn't find any detailed informations about your addon setup. You should really write that down and publish it, maybe on the "Addons & Mods Complete" or just the "General" ArmA2 boards. I guess many players would like to improve their general single player experience with that. Edit: This sticky is probably a good place... AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc
  13. I guess a messed up ACE de-/installation/ or mod launch on your side is the cause. Can't remember such error. Make sure that ACE mod files are only installed in their mod folder and that you deactivated all ACE mod parts in the launch manager you're using. Afterwards don't use any game you saved while playing with ACE before. You'll have to revert at least to the last campaign mission you've played.
  14. Oh well, no. At least you should keep the map link to the village in the tasks, it's just a professional part of mission making. It will probably always result in a HUD mark on lower difficulty but that's how things are supposed to be. I think one or two paragraphs would already clarify tasks. "Search (the town of) ... for the Operator. His last known location was at grid ..."
  15. Found him in the named grid, one below the task marker. Before I thought the regular difficulty 3d marker would've lead me were he is. Searching for him is more interesting for sure.