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Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

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Hi, here's a Warfare mod I have been working on for quite some time! It's reasonably well tested and stable. Its goal is to give a number of players a challenge when cooperating against an AI commander, and to provide the player with a dynamic 'background war' while he is playing.


[Mar. 31, 2009] WACO development has a new homebase at Dev Heaven: WACO project space. The forums and issue tracker at Dev Heaven will be the primary channel for WACO from now on. This thread will receive only infrequent updates.

[Feb. 24, 2009] Version 1.1.7 ACE released. Support for 2nd primary weapon (ACE) and changing the loadout of your AI team members. Download from FileFront. Bhaz also ported the mission to Opteryx' Afghan village; find it here.

[Feb 16, 2009] New version v1.1.6e ACE released that is compatible with ACE 1.04. Download from FileFront.

[Feb 15, 2009] Version v1.1.6d released. Small fixes for previous version and a new feature: bounty messages are not shown instantly when killing an enemy - instead you get a delayed message showing the bounty you collected during the last minute. Download from FileFront.

[Jan 19, 2009] Ripperjk informed me that WACO_Config.pbo is missing from the WACO v1.1.5e (addon version) download. You can still get it from an older version, like WACO V1.1.5a.

* gnrnr found a bug in v1.1.5e normal and standalone versions (not ACE) that causes the radios of OPFOR helicopters to be incorrectly configured. A fix is coming in v1.1.5f.

* If you get an error containing "M1 SABOT" please download the lastest version Vilas' RACS M1.

Downloads are now provided at WACO's Dev Heaven space.

Other islands by other authors:

WACO v1.1.7 ACE @ Afghan village by bhaz.

WACO v1.1.7 ACE @ Isla Barbuda by mazza.

Many thanks to all hosts!

Required addons for the normal version

Since 1.1.4 the following changes were made to the required addon list:

- Removed SD_BTR80,

- Added Stryker_AA from Xtra Vehicles

- Added support for SLX_GL3 as an optional addon. If SLX_GL3 is loaded, the addon version gets equipable field radios and radiomen in barracks.

- New version of Vilas' RACS M1.

0. WACO_config - Config tweaks for other addons.

  Distributed with WACO.

1. Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch


2. RHS T-64 MBT preview pack by Kenji


3. M1A1 (HA) and T72 by CH Addons



4. Xtra Vehicles by Karaya1


5. 2k12 kub (SA-6 Gainful) by scars


6. Vilas US vehicles pack by Vilas


7. US M60A3 NATO camo by Rygugu


8. MAP Misc by BadAss / Lester


9. MAP Airpack by Marco-Polo-IV


10. EricM Hind Pack by EricM & RKSL Studios


11. RACS Abrams by Vilas


12. WIP-M4A1 Pack by Wipman


13. Kamov Ka-52 Alligator by EricM



Changes since WACO v1.1.6


- (ACE) Pack mode in the gear menu now allows you to purchase a second primary weapon.

- (ALL) Gear menu now allows you to change the loadout of your AI team members.

- (ACE) Claymore, POMZ, IR strobes, and some more HK and SCAR variants added.

- ACE 1.04 compatability fixes:

 * M2 Bradley's disabled until ACE includes them again (AI M2 IFV teams replaced by Strykers.)

 * Added Ka-52 Alligator to EAST.

 * Re-added SCARS and some more variants as bonus.

- (ACE) Rucksack of dead soldiers accessible.

- (ALL) New re-arming script. Still no proper re-arm of commander turrets. Seems like an ArmA bug.

- (ALL) Fix for respawning as team member: would always respawn as first member.

- (ALL) Delayed bounty messages. You no longer get an instant message saying how much bounty you get for killing an enemy. Instead, each minute you the bounty you have collected in the last minute.

- (ALL) Fix for broken radio check when player was dead.

- (ALL) Higher RACS skills.

- (ACE) Added more plane variants: SU27S, A10A with Mk82, SU30 with Kh29.

- (ACE) Fixed problem in template. Removed left-over BLUFOR officer.

- (ACE) Fixed rucksack packing in gear menu to be compatible with ACE 1.02.

- (ACE) Removed SCAR rifles because of issues with textures and ATI videocards.

- (ACE) Added some HK416, HK417, G36, and AKM variants.

- (ACE) Added Su-30MK with KAB500 laser-guided bombs to OPFOR airport.

- (ACE) Added BMP-2D, and BMD-1 to OPFOR heavy factory.

- (ACE) Guided anti-tank weapons, ie. Javelin and Dragon more expensive.

- (ALL) Team respawn improved with a list of members that can be respawned into.

- (ALL) RACS unit skills doubled.

- (ALL) Enabled defense contruction at depots.

- (ALL) Enabled purchasing of soldiers at depots, if enough supply (>20) and at least 50% of camps on side. AI also reinforces soldiers at depots.

- (ALL) Fixed bug where only 5 starting positions would be used. Now all 23 possible positions are used again. Also further tweaks to starting positions randomness.

- (ALL) Ammo crates are now cheaper at $300.

- (ALL) Added variables that control whether camp respawn is possible (campRespawn), and whether camps and depots have radios (campHasRadio, depotHasRadio). All are true by default.

- (ACE) Added all the ACE crew served weapons to the gear menu. Also added the appropriate AI soldiers to the barracks.

- (ACE) Changed rucksack packing in gear menu to use ACE sizes. This prevents unrealistic "over packing." Also, equipment such as binoculars can be packed. If ACE makes rocket launchers packable, they could be packed as well.

- (ACE) Added UMP's and grenade launchers flares to gear menu.

- (ACE) Added SF HMMWV, HMWWV GAU19 and Stryker MSG.

- (ALL) The fast time option is available again in the mission

  settings menu. Setting fast time means that approximately 24 hours will pass in-game for each hour real-time. Note that clouds are disabled because fast time would make them move super-fast.

- (ALL) Search lights were added as a buyable defense structure.

- (ALL) A serious race condition was removed that could break mission initialization.

- (ALL) Messages for town capture, and others, appear lower on the screen instead of in the middle.

- (ALL) Slight change to respawn map. You can now revert back to team member respawn after you have clicked a camp or the base. Just click on the map away from any camp or base. The type of team member you will respawn as (e.g., machinegunner) is now also shown.

Changes since WACO v1.1.5

- (ACE) Implemented rucksack support in gear menu. You can now pack your rucksack directly.

- (ALL) Implemented support for equipement slots for binoculars, nv goggles, laser designator, etc. in gear menu.

- (ALL) AI teams react faster to enemy units close to the base. They no longer wait around at factories when there are enemy units near.

- (ALL) It is now required to capture a certain number of camps of a town before the town itself can be captured. The number of camps to be captured is controlled by the constant   MINCAMPRATIOFORTOWNCAPTURE in Common\Init\Init_CommonConstants.sqs. By default, it is set to 0.5, meaning that half of a town's camps must be captured before the town itself can be captured. The AI has been adapted to deal with this new rule. If you want to disable this feature and go back to the old way of capturing towns, set MINCAMPRATIOFORTOWNCAPTURE to 0.

- (ACE) Disabled AA tripods.

- (ACE) Added SMAW spotting rounds and shotguns from ACE 1.0.1.

- (ACE) Replaced default Warfare OPC/D with ACE_sys_network.

- (ACE) AI squads should no longer become stuck after respawn. This has been fixed by a work around, which will be replaced by a proper fix one the ACE patch is out.

- (ACE) Due to a compatability problem between Warfare UI and Mando Missile HUD, players could no longer buy stuff from factories once they entered a helo or plane. This has been fixed.

- (ACE) Soldiers in AI teams that are unconscious are killed during their regular update cycle (between 15 - 30 seconds). This is to prevent AI teams being held up by unconscious men, and also descreases the amount of ammo wasted on injured soldiers.

- (ACE) Replaced ACE resistance units by standard BIS because ACE units have config problems.

- (ACE) AV8B GBU and AV8B AA were incorrectly swapped in factory menu.

- Updated included SPON Core to 0.53.

- Fixed problems with various scripts. Error messages should be a thing of the past now.

- Attack helicopters and planes are 50% more expensive.

- (ACE) Added new ACE weapons to both east and west sides (HK417C's, CAR-L's, MK12SPR SD, M249 para with M135, Skorpion, TT-33, SMAW, Dragon, M3 MAAW, RPG22, RPG27, RPO, and more).

- (ACE) Added HuntIR monitor and rounds to West loadout.

- (ACE) Medical stuff and rucksacks added to player loadout.

- (ACE) Preliminary rucksack support. Rucksack contents are kept when player buys loadout. Can't buy rucksack contents directly from gear menu, but you can put stuff in the rucksack in the normal gear menu ('g' key).

- (ACE) Ammo boxes now filled with ACE stuff.

- (ACE) Overhauled gear menu to support the way that ACE handles weapon attachments and CQB sights (multiple weapon types).

- Baserange for players was reverted back to 150, and a new range variable is used for players for purchasing (25 meters).

- Changed configuration of vehicles to use the new M1A1's and T72's from CH Addons.

Changes since WACO 1.1.4

- Added communication towers to each town. If a town's comm. tower is destroyed the RACS teams are cut off from their command and will no longer react to camps being captured by the enemy. A player's team will receive a bounty of $500 for destroying a comm. tower (if the town is controlled by RACS). Comm. towers are marked on the map in black. There is no effect of the comm. towers if either BLUFOR or OPFOR controls the town.

- The RACS teams have been extended and tweaked. The airport town (Aeroporto), and large towns, can now have heli's in their defense teams. Large towns can also have special command team consisting of an officer and commando troops. Killing them is lucrative.

- Addon version: Support for field radio's has been added. For now, to be able to equip field radio's and order radiomen one can (optionally) load Solus' SLX_GL3 addon (available from http://hosted.filefront.com/SLXSolus). Players can order from distant factories if they have a field radio, or there is someone within 2 meters that has a radio, in addition to the old options: within friendly camps, depots, airports, or radio vehicles.

- Players can now only purchase gear from a camp if the camp has been re-supplied to 20. In practice this means that a town must be captured and re-supplied before players can purchase gear at that town's camps.

- Ammo crates can now be constructed for $500. They contain a selection of ammo for the side that constructs the crate.

- Implemented funds and supply caps. Funds: $20000, supply: 5000. This change makes it possible to weaken the enemy AI by taking his towns. Previously he would have build up too much funds/supply.

- Tweaked funds/supply bonusses:

  Small:  +700 supply,  +2000 funds, 1x income multiplier

  Large: +2300 supply,  +6000 funds, 2x income multiplier

  Huge:  +3000 supply, +10000 funds, 4x income multiplier


- M113, M113 ambulance, and BMP-2 Ambulance moved to heavy factory.

- Build times for buildings increased:

  Barracks:  60 s

  Light:    120 s

  Heavy:    240 s

  Aircraft: 300 s

- Addon version: Added Stryker AA from Xtra Vehicles By Karaya1 to  West light factory. AI base patrol and defense teams extended with Stryker AA vehicles and SA-6's, and the AA tripods have been removed.

- Addon version: BTR-80 by Red Cottage et. al removed.

- Implemented return to base behavior for AI teams: if a team has less than 50% of its infantry or vehicles, and it is closer to base than its objective, it will return to base to purchase new stuff. If the player has ordered a team to move somewhere, the team will not automatically return to base for reinforcements.

- Implemented team respawn for AI teams. AI squad leaders are respawned as their next-in-line team members until there are none left. Then the AI squad leader respawns at base as usual.

- Improved performance due to scripting optimizations. There are less move commands and thus less path finding.

- Improved formation keeping for AI teams.

- Improved embarking / disembarking behavior for AI teams. Team members should take over driver and gunner roles if needed. AI squad leaders become vehicle commander if possible.

- Interface improvements for the commander:

  * Added a funds meter that shows the funds of the selected team in the commander menu.

  * The selected team's map icon is shown in yellow and is

    enlarged. Vehicles belonging to the selected team also get a yellow icon.

  * The units also get an icon indicating their role in a vehicle

    (driver, gunner, commander, cargo). Units that are out of formation are marked with *.

- Changed AI team templates to better cope with low money situations.

- Camps owned by the resistance gets the RACS flag instead of no flag.

Changes since WACO 1.1.3

- Added a list of live units of the selected team in the "command teams" interface.

- Added a team's funds to the transfer funds interface.

- Defenses can now only be build at camps if they have at least 20 supply.  In practice, this means that you cannot build defensive structures at camps while the town is still hostile. Furthermore, some towns will have to be re-supplied first before the supply level is high enough. Camps are re-supplied if their town is friendly, and no enemies are near.

- Fixed a bug where a server-side script was running on clients.

- Fixed a bug where OPFOR could not capture camps from BLUFOR.

- Added mission settings: both sides large bonus, and 1000 - 2000 meter side placement (for quick games).

- Enabled the use of aircraft in all AI teams. The AI will buy and use aircraft similar to other vehicles. It does not have the same intelligence in using aircraft as the independent air AI,  however. For that reason, the AI commander still uses the independent air AI for one team. The black ops AI teams are now using a helo for transport - this is experimental and may not work as expected.

- Tweaks to AI team behavior: increased disembarking range and (hopefully) better resposiveness to move commands.

- An attempt to improve the randomness of the starting positions (I'm unsure whether it works).

- RACS get Army 4x4 with M2's, OPFOR gets a stronger T64 variant (in the addon version). [no new addons needed]

Changes since WACO 1.1.2

- Improved AI commander base construction and re-construction of destroyed buildings.

- Disabled artillery until AI can use it.

- Tweaked starting supply bonus and income multiplier for huge bonus.

- Introduced a medium setting for seperation of starting locations.

- Moved "Monte Pesto" starting location to a new location called "Vallejo", because Monte Pesto was too hard for the AI.

- Replaced some silenced pistols in loadouts to normal pistols.

- Added automatic rifleman for west.

- Added detection for stuck teams: not moved at least 10 meters in last 10 minutes: team members are killed.

Changes since WACO 1.1.1

- Added a depot (and camps) to the airport, that has to be captured in order to get access to hangar and the ability to purchase airplanes. The AI is also able to capture the airport in this way. If the AI side controls the airport, air teams will purchase airplanes to perform strike and interdiction missions (in addition to the heli's that the air AI purchases already).

- AI teams of type Heavy will now move to the locations where enemy units were spotted if they are within one kilometer of the team. If no enemy units are near, and at least three towns are held by the AI side, then Heavy AI teams will always attack the enemy base (if it has been located).

- The resistance teams will now actively re-capture camps of the town they are defending. Also, their patrolling behavior has been improved. This change has resulted in a seriously tougher opposition from the resistance.

- Town defense teams for BLUFOR and REDFOR spawn at lower supply thresholds, making their occurrence more common and thus having a smaller chance of "ghost towns". Town defense teams also actively re-capture camps of the town their are defending.

- Normal AI teams of type infantry will also actively capture enemy camps.

- Camps are more difficult to capture, it will take more time (or a bigger force) to capture a camp.

- Improved AI team purchasing, formation keeping and embarking behavior. Also team members that are not part of the team's template (like crew members of a tank) are clean-up if they leave their vehicle.

- Several performance improvements.

- Added EricM's Ka-52 Alligator to the addon version.

Changes since BIS Warfare 1.1

- A fully independent air team AI. The air team purchases (rotary wing) aircraft and sends them on recon, interdiction and strike missions.

- AI tracking of enemy targets such as vehicles and base structures. These targets are drawn on the map and are used for scheduling interdiction and strike targets for the air and land AI teams.

- Ability for players to remotely buy units from the base. In radio-carrying vehicles, and inside camps and depots players can order units from base factories. These units spawn at the base factory and are added to the player's team.

- Implemented team respawn. The player has the option of respawning as a next-in-line team member if there is one still alive. Otherwise a player can respawn at nearby camps or base as usual, but then a player is equipped with the default loadout.

- Players can save their custom loadouts in the gear menu and recall them at a later time.

- Added game options that should allow for faster game play if desired. The enemy AI commander can be given small, large or huge income bonuses, and there are options to place the sides closer together.

- Added various vehicle and weapon addons, and tweaked the AI team templates for all sides, including RACS. This allows for tougher opposition.

- Added scripts that should help the AI when it is stuck. Vehicles are automatically unflipped, and teleported past base buildings if they loiter too close for too long.

- Changed vehicle repair costs at depots. They now depend on the number of vehicles to be repaired, and for each vehicle the cost is the purchase cost of the vehicle scaled by the amount of damage.

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Maybe I'll start working on a no addon version, but it will remove a lot of the spice! wink_o.gif


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Sounds very interesting, I will give this a try ASAP.

I don't see what the big deal is with "no addons please" though - anybody using mod folders sensibly should have no problems with any number of addons for this mission surely?

Maybe I'm missing the point...

But one thing that would certainly help, if you can get any necessary permissions, would be to bundle all the addons you require into one download.

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thankyou for making cooperative warfare smile_o.gif

if you dont mind, would you upload mission file to rapidshare?

filefront is prohibiting download connection from asia.

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There was a small config bug in Vilas' RACS M1. If you get a warning about a M1 cannon missing, please re-download the M1 RACS addon.

Thanks Vilas for the quick fix!


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I don't see what the big deal is with "no addons please" though - anybody using mod folders sensibly should have no problems with any number of addons for this mission surely?

Maybe I'm missing the point...

Public servers, replacement packs, incompatibility and last but not least, personal opinion.

Addons packs force people to play it one way or the highway, it also stops a majority of newcomers due to the fact they have to now download a bunch of random files for a game they can easily find elsewhere....

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I don't see what the big deal is with "no addons please" though - anybody using mod folders sensibly should have no problems with any number of addons for this mission surely?

Maybe I'm missing the point...

Public servers, replacement packs, incompatibility and last but not least, personal opinion.

Addons packs force people to play it one way or the highway, it also stops a majority of newcomers due to the fact they have to now download a bunch of random files for a game they can easily find elsewhere....

totally agree. Some of the things you have put it this mission will out way the cons if you take out the addons. the ai air abillity for a start. would love to try it but am not willing to put all the addons in icon_rolleyes.gif

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Rick: No pain no gain tounge2.gif

Seems like a good Warfare for singleplayer smile_o.gif

Hi sparks50,

Single player warfare was part of my motiviation as well! Multi player coop is still the best, though.

Try a game with very close bases, and a huge income bonus to the enemy. Should be a challenge wink_o.gif


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> no pain no gain

Precisely...if the reason for no addons is "I can't be bothered to download a few files", that's not really a very good reason, IMO. Bottom line: if people want to play additional content beyond what is included in the standard game, they need to be prepared to make some sort of extra effort.

As I said, the pain could be lessened by combining the needed addons into one bigger file.


Which should be solvable by being smart and organised with your mod folders. If mission A requires addons X, Y, and Z; and when you want to play mission A you only load addons X, Y, Z, where's the incompatibility going to come from?

>last but not least, personal opinion.

>Addons packs force people to play it one way or the highway,

That does cut both ways of course.

My personal opinion is that I would like to see more addons in missions...being limited to playing with the same few units on the one map gets stale after a while.

If someboy wants to produce a version with addons and a version without, then I guess that would be the best of all worlds?

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Thanks for your points of view guys!

I will release a stand alone version soon.


Edit: bummer! Wrong account wink_o.gif

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The main reason I would like to have a no-addon version,

if BI were to release a patch for ArmA, some or a lot of those addons may not work. We never know, but it happens.

Thanks Doomguy aka Falconer


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I released the stand alone version, which does not require any addons. Download link in the first post.

Doomguy out.

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Oops, the resistance was still using addon vehicles. New version v1.1.1a for the stand alone version added in the top post.


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I've considered it, and I know how to do it, but postponed it for now. One thing that I've already fixed is that planes were not positioned properly on the runway, such that they often crashed during take off.

In WACO the air team type buys helo's and sends them on missions, maybe this team could also buy planes from the airport. The air team leader always stays near the aircraft factory though, so it should be allowed to buy planes from far away.

Making the AI capture the airport should just be a matter of adding the airport(s) to the list of capture location for the AI, and making sure the AI knows when it's captured.

I might implement it in the next version of WACO.

Doomguy out.

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I was trying to figure out where the capture list is located (or named)... I like how you had the Units come out and get inside the M113s by themselves! How did you do that?

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Actually, the original Warfare already had that functionality (it was already in the original MFCTI and/or ZCTI). It was just a matter of allowing teams that had both infantry and vehicles. wink_o.gif


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If I'm right it would go something like this:

_n = _n + ["M113"]

_d = _d + ["M113"]

_u = ["M113"]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

_u = _u + [WSOLDIER]

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That's one part of it. You also need to add the team to the correct type lists, like so:

WestInfantryTeamTypes = WestInfantryTeamTypes + [WESTAIM113TEAMTYPE]

WestLightTeamTypes = WestLightTeamTypes + [WESTAIM113TEAMTYPE]

Now both infantry and light vehicles will be purchased. The file Common/Config/Config_AITeams.sqs in WACO has a couple of examples of such teams, e.g. the M113, BRDM2, BTR-80, BMP2 teams.

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Ok! Thank you I looked over this when I tested this a while back..

Yo your mod is mad fun with the addons!

Yeah that really makes sense now that I think about it... I have to look over these scripts carefully, thanks!

I actually thought this determind how Units were predefind in vehicles:

_m = _m + [200 + (westBarracksCosts Select WSOLDIERTYPE) * 2]

I thought that Multiplied the amount... It probably does.

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