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    Porting warfare for an old noob.

    Warfare missions; check out the sig...
  2. [uPDATED 02/08/2010 6:09PM] Warfare 1944 1.3 Beta has been released! Get it here: http://www.filefront.com/15536327/Warfare_1944_V1.3B%20Game%20Version.zip !YOU MUST DELETE/REMOVE THE "I44_BASE_EDITOR.PBO", "I44_BASE_UI.PBO" AND SERVER KEYS FOUND IN THE "@I44" ADDONS FOLDER TO MAKE WARFARE MISSIONS POSSIBLE! New Features: -AI will buy planes from the Aircraft Factory so expect major WW2 air battles. (Works Flawlessly) -Fixed the Spawning of Manned Planes so they spawn about 200ft above you. (Works Flawlessly) -Put in a well done list of 8 men based AI Teams for you and the commander to choose from. -East and West Officers will now be correctly targeted as friendly or Hostile. (Works V1.3b) -Most Errors from V1.2 before should be fixed! (Works V1.3b) -Everything should work perfectly now. (Crossing my fingers) To Do List: 1. Make very few Gameplay changes. 2. Add More weapon load-outs! 3. I might decrease income rate. 4. Take some Pictures. 5. Add Bunkers to the map for French Men... 6. Waiting to get Tips from you the people for better vehicle prices. 7. Port over to Omaha Beach (Working on Next) 8. Submit to ARMAHOLIC DL Section when I port to 3-4 diffrent Islands so it'll be a I44 Warfare package.
  3. computica

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I'm 21 going to be 22 soon. It's good to see a lot of ppl my age doing the same thing at my age.
  4. computica

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    Your actually doing it the difficult way. You can always manual buy an extra crew member for the tank crew, but for the AI Tank Teams you'd have to change this: ----------- _n = _n + ["Tank"] _d = _d + ["Tank"] _u = ["M1Abrams"] WestAITeamTemplates = WestAITeamTemplates + [_u] WESTAIM1TEAMTYPE = Count WestAITeamTemplates - 1 WestHeavyTeamTypes = WestHeavyTeamTypes + [WESTAIM1TEAMTYPE] ----------- and ----------- _n = _n + ["Tank"] _d = _d + ["Tank"] _u = ["T72"] EastAITeamTemplates = EastAITeamTemplates + [_u] EASTAIT72TEAMTYPE = Count EastAITeamTemplates - 1 EastHeavyTeamTypes = EastHeavyTeamTypes + [EASTAIT72TEAMTYPE] ----------- to this: ---------- _n = _n + ["Tank"] _d = _d + ["Tank"] _u = ["M1Abrams"] _u = _u + [WCREW] WestAITeamTemplates = WestAITeamTemplates + [_u] WESTAIM1TEAMTYPE = Count WestAITeamTemplates - 1 WestInfantryTeamTypes = WestInfantryTeamTypes + [WESTAIM1TEAMTYPE] WestHeavyTeamTypes = WestHeavyTeamTypes + [WESTAIM1TEAMTYPE] ----------- and ----------- _n = _n + ["Tank"] _d = _d + ["Tank"] _u = ["T72"] _u = _u + [ECREW] EastAITeamTemplates = EastAITeamTemplates + [_u] EASTAIT72TEAMTYPE = Count EastAITeamTemplates - 1 EastInfantryTeamTypes = EastInfantryTeamTypes + [EASTAIT72TEAMTYPE] EastHeavyTeamTypes = EastHeavyTeamTypes + [EASTAIT72TEAMTYPE] ----------- In your (\Common\Config\Config_AITeams.sqs)
  5. computica

    Porting warfare for an old noob.

    Hey Stegman have you tried any of my maps?
  6. computica

    Help with addons

    What Windows Operating System do you have?
  7. I hope it's okay to make a new post in this section so I can update things... Well The past 4 days I've been Working on 3 to 5 Different Warfare missions for the ACE Island pack and I recently submitted one about 2 days ago for the Ace Island pack and QG. I'm going to upload 2 more that I've been working on to filefront. I'm just not finish yet though so there basicly in Beta form. I still have to tweak them a bit and I'm going to release an update for the Torment Valley map so the Infantry AI won't get stuck on the upper Island. As soon as I do a few more test they should be ready... Note: All maps are 32 player Warfare game modes! ACE Island Skye Warfare 1.1b 32 - FlyEd V4b#1 1/27/2010 (Very playable & stable; I want to add a few more things though...) http://www.filefront.com/15446641/Warfare32_V11beta_FlyEd_V4b.ACE_Island_skye.pbo Island Porto (Queen's Gambit) - Warfare ADV 1.31 - (Mercenaries[West] Vs. Partisans[East]) 1/28/2010 (unfinished very fun map!) http://www.filefront.com/15446647/WarfareADV1.31-MvsP_TEST.Porto.pbo <--- Outdated I submitted the new one in the Download section... http://www.filefront.com/15451417/WarfareADV1.31-MvsP-0.7-Pack-Porto.zip/ <--- The new one (fixed!) Ace Island Torment Vally Warfare 1.1b 32 - FlyEd V4b#2 1/28/2010 (Soon to be in its final stages, I just need to run some testing and tweaking) http://www.filefront.com/15446671/Warfare32_V11beta_FlyEd_V4b.ACE_Island_torment_valley.pbo Note: Regardless of the topic title I think I should of moved this to a new topic... EDIT: I'm going to be testing the missions for now, when I'm done I'll submit the new ones to the Armaholic download section.
  8. computica

    HiFi Novus Aevum - modular sound conversion

    I wanted to say thanks for a great mod! The sounds I receive when playing make things feel more like a real war is going on.
  9. computica

    Porting warfare for an old noob.

    Just Remember If you make a map spread across 4 different islands the Ground AI Units will have trouble getting to the other Islands. The best solution to this is to use WarfareADV's Bridge crossing trigger to send the AI across the water.
  10. computica

    AI standing around

    If you notice that AI is standing around set to "Capture Towns" may be the cause to a huge number of things. Is this Vanilla Warfare? I can solve the problem for each team.
  11. computica

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    The Commander has to set one of the AI to an Air team...
  12. I just wanted let BI know that I just ordered the ARMA Gold Editon 4 days ago. I say that because I only really buy the games that I feel are perfect for me. So I wanted to say thanks for making such a great game BI and I hope you all release much much more! Cheers!
  13. computica

    Warfare V1 ADV AI 32 Players

    I was wondering could you all release a Basic version of the Warfare ADV mission to be ported across other islands? You're AI is perfect, they are very active! EDIT: Nevermind you should leave as it is :P
  14. computica

    AI standing around

    If you play Warfare ADV you'll see that they don't have this problem...
  15. computica

    AI standing around

    The Base AI is separate from AI TEAMS, sometimes the AI could stand around because the AI Teams Config isn't simplified. I had this problem a lot. You might notice that the Team Leader would leave out by himself and his squad would stay at the base :P