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    Death Valley- where is gameplay like it?

    >I can't run a dedicated server from my machine without running out of memory and I have a hefty machine with 6gb ram. As I believe somebody else already said somewhere...then you must be doing something badly wrong. It's perfectly possible to run dedicated server and client on a 4GB machine.
  2. ShrubMiK

    Where is Takistan?

    Why is that idiotic?
  3. >It wasn't common at all to bury their R272 bunkers, especially at Pointe du Hoc, simply because none of the casemates there contained the real 155mm guns, instead they contained decoys. I think you're wrong there...seems to be a bit of an urban myth grown up about it. I've read several sources that said that the guns had been removed from their emplacements, but the Rangers scouted inland a bit after securing the site, found them, and destroyed them. Hmmm...Wikipedia says something similar, with the added twist that I don't think I've come across before that it was in fact known the guns had been moved but that only the officers were told. Also came across this picture, which gives a great idea of what the bocage was like. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki....Hoe.jpg
  4. ShrubMiK

    No Army?

    I find it rather ironic that everybody here is agonising over whether it's going to be US Army or USMC...when what I would really like, just for a change, is a game which doesn't feature US forces at all. I know it's hard to believe, but there are one or two other countries in the world with sizeable and capable modern military forces
  5. I think the idea of having a quick formula to arrive at vehicle damage points from the real life data is fine...you can always tweak the values a bit more later, but the important thing si to get the vehicles all more or less right in relation to one another rather than spending a lot of time trying to get them all exactly right. A thought though - it would perhaps be better to base the formula on average* armour thickness rather than maximum. All tanks had thicker frontal armour than side or rear. Some tanks though had very much thicker frontal armour than side or rear (e.g Panther), whilst others had less of a difference (e.g. Tiger 1). Basing the formula on the maximum armour thickness unfairly favours the former over the latter. * A true average cannot be computed of course. But data is available for turret front, turret side, turret rear, hull front, hull side, hull rear for all WW2 tanks. Add them up and divide by 6 would seem a reasonable approximation.
  6. Be a little careful with rate of fire calculations...you have to also ask how long the theoretical maximum rate of fire can be sustained. Loaders get tired. Â Once ready rounds are fired, more rounds have to be retrieved from storage. That sort of thing. CBFASI, it's all in the presentation. It is possible, as many have done, to point out problems and areas for improvement without coming across as playing the "I am a modelling god and you are not fit to lick my boots" card. Be especially careful of claiming to speak for everybody else when it comes to what is considered acceptable. Me, I'm downloading now. Expect to hear my complaints re. the relative strengths of units shortly
  7. I know I'll get flamed for this But CBFASI, perhaps you might think about devoting the same attention to in-depth knowledge, exhaustive research, and accuracy in your typing, spelling, and grammar, that you demand of others in their endeavours? A bit of politeness might not go amiss either
  8. ShrubMiK

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Excellent news, good work guys
  9. ShrubMiK

    Requirements for script usage

    Why would anybody post script details to the forums unless they intended other people to use them? It's polite to give credit where it is due, but I don't see why you should have to seek explicit permission to use them yourself. If you are talking about scripts you found by looking in the mods/missions themselves, that might be different matter.
  10. ShrubMiK

    Arma Vs Ofp

    Why even debate this? If you prefer OFP, play OFP. RocketScience != It
  11. ShrubMiK

    Xfire reduces ArmA performance?

    Interesting...I run with xfire on all the time, and we used to use it for the convenient voice comms a lot too prior to the current patch. Never noticed a significant drop in FPS as a result, maybe I should test again.
  12. ShrubMiK

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    I have to say I find myself wondering why so many people get so steamed up about missing swastikas? This discussion has been done to death so many times in different game forums it has become tedious. It's either: a) ridiculous attention to historical fidelity, in a game that is never going to have anywhere near 100% realism; b) some sort of anti-censorship principled stand; c) an unhealthy interest in the symbol itself and what it stands for* * UPDATE before Enigma jumps on me Yes I know it's an old symbol. I wandered around a temple in Malaysia last year that was liberally festooned with the things. If you decide to include that sort of temple in Normandy in 1944 perhaps we can have a separate discussion on realistic portrayal of such temples
  13. ShrubMiK

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    One thing I never managed to figure out yet: how do you get a dedicated server to run with non-default values for the mission settings? I was never that bothered before, because things like fast day/night cycle were not really that important or useful. But the bonuses for the AI team are!
  14. ShrubMiK

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    That is going to be very interesting
  15. ShrubMiK

    xr server

    >If you are at high speed, especially with the SU aircraft, you need to practice this to discover how far ahead of the plane the bombs hit when you release, which can be very far. Maybe I'm being unecessarily pedantic but that doesn't quite seem to make sense! Do you mean either: a) How far ahead of the target you must release the bombs in order to hit it (which would be a logn way with normal bombs, not so far with retarded bombs) b) How far behind the aircraft the bombs are when they hit the ground (which would be not very far with normal bombs, much further with retarded bombs)