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  1. In plain 1.60 LODs were really unstable with flickering even when moving the camera only slightly. There was a beta sometime between 1.60 & 1.61 that has the best LOD handling, but I don't know exactly which one. I guess it was the one right after when LOD were declared 'completely broken' by Suma.
  2. Yeah I ambushed their counter attack - pretty sure I got all of them. My team then moved to the roadblock and held position for at least 30 minutes (with time acceleration on). I didn't get the order to mount the Bradley...
  3. Without a doubt one of the best infantry-fighting experiences I have had in ArmA! Great, great work, thanks bardosy! One minor technical problem: mission "Tank Valley" did not end for me, I had to resort to the ENDMISSION cheat. My mod list for this campaign:
  4. Doomguy

    How is AI driving in the latest patch?

    Thanks for the vids. I hardly see any LOD switching or instability. May I ask what video settings you are using?
  5. Does one need the actual 1.62 patch in order to use this beta?
  6. This happens quite reliably in the Flashpoint - Utes mission made by thomsonb. Right at mission start there are firefights and you get this error.
  7. Did you remove the "time skip" for the ground transportation? I tried a mission yesterday and I had to sit out the entire ride across the map...
  8. Fair enough. So what exactly is LOD blending supposed to do?
  9. Is the improved LOD blending also supposed to work for buildings? I'm not seeing much improvement for instance in the menu cutscene where the Czech soldiers are overlooking a town in a valley, with the A10 flying by. The buildings below are constantly switching between high and low LOD while the camera is panning. This happens with Object details set to anything below Very high.
  10. Thanks for the reply! There are not many forums where the company's CEO is responding to customer queries, in fact this is the only one that I know of. Keep up the great work!
  11. Has the improved LOD blending been re-implemented already in the beta patch?
  12. This is one of the best missions/campaigns around! Thanks King Nothing :-) I have one recurring problem with the Ground Transportation though: they never show up at the extraction point. The request extraction command seems to work, I select an extraction point on the map, radio traffic suggest a vehicle should be on its way. However, it never arrives. I can't see any marker on the map moving towards me either (not sure whether that's supposed to be in). Playing with ACE and ASR AI. Please let me know if those are the problem, or anything else you may be aware of. Thanks! Doomguy
  13. Doomguy

    ACE for OA 1.13

    They are incompatible? I have been running both alongside for a while and I don't notice any obvious problems. What exactly breaks when you run both ACE and Blastcore?
  14. Doomguy

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    Did you perhaps rename one of those markers to StartingPosition_X (where X between 0 and 12), or did you move a StartingPosition_X marker to that location? The starting positions are used by the AI as recon locations, so that may explain why they are sending choppers there. Doomguy
  15. Doomguy

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    I'm pleasantly surprised people are still interested in old ArmA 1 missions. And to be clear on my end: I fully endorse all editing efforts of my work, which is itself also an edit of the work of BI and many others. Doomguy