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Arma 3 crashes only when flying

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Hello all,

I have been having this problem on and off throughout my time playing vanilla and modded ARMA in the two game-modes that I predominantly play (I&A and Zeus). However, after ARMA shifted to the x64 platform I stopped having random CTDs when playing vanilla but the problem for modded gameplay still exists - noticeably, the problem ONLY ever arises when I am in an air vehicle. I could be on the server for 3 hrs as infantry, in a ground vehicle and I will experience no issues whatsoever in my modded server (or any public server for that matter), but If I spend anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes in a Ghosthawk/Kajman/A64D/Mi8/Blackfish/Y32 (basically any vanilla or modded helicopter or VTOL) I will CTD. The error I get on the server is the generic Steam Authenticaton Failure. This problem is a sort of carry-over from my previous thread 3 months ago 

 with the only difference been that it a different gamemode (Antistasi 1.8.0) been played on a dedicated server at home (the server is hosted on a different PC) and I am the only client affected. None of my friends have experienced this issue on the server as they primarily don't fly any air vehicles but as I occasionally do provide transport/CAS, I am always subjected to this issue.

-------------------SYSTEM SPECS----------------------------------
i7-8700K CPU
16GB RAM (x2 8Gb @ 2133)
1080Ti Graphics card


---------------Arma 3 Steam Startup Parameters----------------




ShackTac User Interface

Taskforce Arrowhead Radio (beta) 
Blastcore - Phoenix Unofficial Phoenix Upload
JSRS Soundmod
JSRS Soundmod - AFREF Soundpack

JSRS Soundmod - GREF Soundpack
JSRS Soundmod - USAF Soundpack
JSRS Soundmod - Reloading Sounds


------------------------Attached RPT(s)---------------------




It has to be said that while the issue mentioned in the previous thread was resolved by removing the JSRS mod, I wanted to check if the RPT files show any errors related to that mod that could be triggering the CTD this time around -or- if there is any clue as to what might be causing this issue altogether. It is also worth nothing that when we first started playing, the server mods only consisted from CBA_A3 to Taskforce Radio (the last 2 mods were added 2 weeks ago) and I did not experience any CTDs when playing with those original mods; that said during that initial period I was not in the cockpit long enough to trigger the CTD as it usually takes AT LEAST ~ 10-15 minutes before I get struck by one.

Anyhelp or insight would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again.

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Update: The issue once again resolved itself when removing the JSRS Soundmod from the modlist. I don't know if this a known issue or something unique to my specs but this is the second time, by systematically removing each mod and testing them individually over a 7 day period, that I can say the issue is linked with the JSRS Soundmod (even when running a vanilla server with JSRS as the only mod I will experience a CTD after a few minutes of flying).

If anyone knows why this would be the case, please let me know as the mod is otherwise excellent but it seems to do something to my systems resources that causes a crash.

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Hey I'm having this problem too. When I get into a helicopter or y32 for example, my game crashes and I get no crash report/message pop-up. But my friend in the server says I got kicked for "steam authentication failed" "steam ticket check failed". And its exactly like you, a couple minutes after flying or sometimes right away. Please can you notify me if you find a solution to this problem I keep wasting money on planes/heli's only to lose them so I stopped. 

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Check the integrity of your files in Steam library, arma3, properties, local files.

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I know this is an old thread, but apparently it's still a current issue.  Completely clean installs and verification of every possible related file on the system.  Multiple times.


No crashes except when flying, and those come anywhere from right away to a half an hour or longer into the game.  No mods, with mods, makes no difference.  I've only been flying helicopters, but I don't think that matters.  I can play for hours at a time with no problems if I'm not flying.


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Necro but I've been dealing with this since the beginning. 3500 hours of ARMA 3 hahaha but when I fly I'll CTD at some point.


3 different PC builds over the years. First an AMD system then an Intel 4790 system and then an Intel 8700k with M.2 drives,  32GB DDR 3800 and a 1080TI... crashes when flying after X amount of time.

It, IIRC, doesn't crash if there is no enemy AI on the map anywhere... not much fun in that.

IF I am riding in the Heli with AI pilots... No CTDs.

IF I am not flying at all, no CTDs.

With mods/with out mods + flying = CTD at some point.




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On 4/25/2020 at 9:49 AM, Zakuaz said:

when I fly I'll CTD at some point.

USB Headset?

Can you link the feedback tracker tickets for your crashes?

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