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  1. Figured out a (typically BS) workaround: Place the CSAT UGV. Give myself a CSAT UAV terminal. Switch my side with [player] joinSilent createGroup west (from within zeus, via a trigger, whatever) Now I can open the CSAT UAV terminal and set a bunch of waypoints for the UGV. Switch my side back to west.
  2. Well, crud. My intention was to have an OPFOR UGV patrolling at the start of the mission. Thank you for the confirmation though! I'm getting an itchy uninstall finger. Fk this game, really. So tired of shit like this at every single turn when making missions. Sigh.
  3. I want to add a UVG in the editor and have it patrol an area. Everything I've tried has resulted in nothing more than it moving a few feet and then stopping, refusing to ever move again. If I place it empty (no ai) and then place a human driver in it, it will work. But I can't add a human gunner because they will just appear as someone standing in the "passenger" seat, and the thing won't move. I took a month break from the game because some of this was so frustrating. I'm an hour into putting together a new mission and ran into this. Maybe I need two months off. -Doc
  4. The very best solution is for BIS to fix the damn bug already. They claimed it was going to be fixed any moment almost two months ago. It used to work, they broke it, workarounds are not solutions ... fixes are. But that's just my opinion as a former software test engineer. EDIT: That's just me ranting about the bug. You are correct, Rotahoe; using any interface size other than "very small" will work. The issue is that they all used to work, BIS claimed to have identified the problem and fixed it, and was just waiting to hear back from QA. Like I said, that was around 2 freaking months ago. Grrr.
  5. Thanks. The only issue I still haven't figured out how to remove the radio from inventory in the first place. What is the function to use? None of the ones documented seem to work for me. To be clear, I mean in MP where I can manipulate everything else by using _this select 0, and then _this. Does not seem to work for removing a radio though. -Doc
  6. Thanks for the update, and for the tip on running Park via script. I'll try it out soon! -Doc
  7. doc. caliban

    Drag Dead Body Script

    We haven't tried to drag bodies for a couple months of so, but it worked back then and did not work tonight. If I figure out what to do to get it working, I'll post it here. -Doc
  8. I am specifically using knowsabout instead of detected. isServer && ((INDEPENDENT knowsAbout caliban) > 0) That works, where caliban is a specific unit. I need this to work if ANY unit in a specific group. Cannot get it to work. Probably a syntax issue, but I'm spent and just want to play the mission. Any help is appreciated! -Doc
  9. doc. caliban

    Tao Folding Map

    After a quick look, I saw code for switching between paper and tablet, and repositioning the map. Does anyone have details on how to impliment those? Great mod! -Doc
  10. I have a working mod that uses vanilla sounds. I'd like the sound to play louder. Does something higher than 1.0 work when defining {"sound file path",1.0,1,100}; I've tried setting it to 2.0 but it does not seem noticeably louder. Thank you, -Doc
  11. Hello. Thanks for the mod; it make a huge difference for us. I am running 8 of the features via scripts in my mission folders: Core Air Animals Bleedout Fireflies Furniture Houselights Park I am calling all of them like this example: 0 = [25,300,150,20,10] execvm "scripts\tpw\tpw_park.sqf"; Park is the only one I can't get working. (SP or MP) I've only tried this on Altis so far, if that makes a difference. I receive no error messages. (I have show script errors enabled.) Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, -Doc
  12. Hello. Thanks for this mod! I have placed the pbo into my group's aggregate mod's addons folder along with many other pbo's from various mods. When playing MP with me hosting the games, I hear all the sounds but they hear nothing. They have the same aggregate mod that I have. Is there anything you can think of that would prevent their clients from playing the sounds, despite having this mod loaded? Thank you, -Doc
  13. That is the function of the recon version, yes. Stowed when not in use. I've tried to add the ACE3 NVG lines to improve the image quality to the ACE "Gen4" level, but I can't get a working mod once I repack it. Using pboProject results in missing file errors. EliteNess will create the pbo but the models are then missing in the game. Any ideas on how to get this mod re-packed in a working state? The three lines that need to be added to the base item class in order to work with ACE nightvision (and not get the default, lower quality image) are: class CfgWeapons { class MyNightVision { displayName = "Banana NVGs"; // Name displayed in the inventory ace_nightVision_grain = 0.75; // Amount of grain (dots) on the screen (more means more grain) - can be higher than 1 ace_nightVision_blur = 0.055; // Blur amount (more means more blur) - keep low values! ace_nightVision_radBlur = 0.001; // Radial blur amount (more means more blur) - keep low values! }; }; The ACE Gen4 settings are zeros for all three values. Still has graininess, but it's cleaner looking than the defaults. Anyway, I'd love to just be a DIY guy, but for the life of me I cannot re-pbo this mod and have the models show up. -Doc EDIT: Woo hoo! I had an older version of the mod. The latest one packs up perfectly and works. While still using the ACE3 nightvision module, the 18's now have the clearest quality instead of the default. teeha, if you get into this again, and if you want to, you can add those lines right after the class name of the base model and set the values all to 0. That will give your units the best results when ACE is in play. The ACE Gen4 settings are all 0 as well. There is still the grain effect and all that, but it's the best possible clarity. Best, -Doc
  14. To get around this issue I am trying to remove the radio from the MP player via onPlayerKilled.sqf: _unit = _this select 0; _unit removeItem ([] call acre_api_fnc_getCurrentRadio); And then add it again at the end of onPlayerRespawn.sqf: _unit addItem "ACRE_PRC152"; I just end up with 2 PCR152's after respawn. Any ACRE2 devs who can chime in on either the base issue or a workaround? I don't mind the latter at all ... I just need to figure out how to do it. -Doc