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[SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon


Recon is a Singleplayer or Coop mission for 1 to 4 players, featuring a small PMC recon group.


Mission file:



Mission setting:

Island: Stratis

Daytime: 2018-01-13, 07:00 (can be changed)

Weather: clear, foggy (can be changed)


Mission goal:

Simple yet hard: identify a target among the resistance, hidden in the woods. Once your target found and not killed, contact your HQ to know the next steps - kill or spare.



Silenced weapons, NVGs, UAV with TI



  • camera intro and mini-cutscenes
  • detailed briefing
  • fully voiced
  • translated (EN/FR)
  • randomised: the target identity and location changes on every game
  • server-side mission settings
  • stealth is rewarded
  • interactive actions
  • NO MODS REQUIRED - Apex weapons needed



You can contact me on Steam or BI forum for praises, improvement ideas or threats on my (virtual) life!

No Paypal here, just tell me if you enjoyed it and I will be more than happy ;-)

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