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and probably he also was taking benefits and soon another plaza will be called in the name of other muslim not in the name of policeman who would die "to not offend muslims" lol, hehe, west is idiotic and self destructive, west can be saved if real righ wing will win elections are return Europe to for natives and without any tollerance for sharia-preachers and islamists praying to set sharia on west , otherwise you all on west are already dead or slaves , despite 4-5 times bigger salaries on the west than in my Poland - i would not want to emigrate to west, of course i am still poor, of course you earn 3-5 times more and you can buy new car while i cannot still buy car cause new cars are too expensive (more than i earn by whole year gross with taxation) new car is for me cost of 2 years of work , for you it is several months of work, but i do not want to visit west, i want to be safe and alive , i want to have Christmass without explosions or arabs shooting to pedestrians and pay welfere cheks and benefits for terrorists, some time ago i was really thinking about migration (reason is simple - i want to live normally, have new car, have big house, have good expensive clothes) now west is disarming citizens (bans on knifes, ban of anything) while still we remain rights to have guns (i own personally Glock 17 9mm, CZ P07 9mm which i can carry, i own AR-15 in 5.56mm with 11 inch barrel in my home)  of course i am poor comparing to western standards (while i was on trip to Vienna i seen that people have max . 5 years old cars, maybe some 10 years old, while in Poland people buy 20 years old cars, i still cannot afford having car, i bought only 35 square metters flat while you have 70 or 80 square metters flat) but at least i am safe and in case anyone would want to attack me i have personal Glock 17 or CZ P07 (of course in Czech republic it is much much better cause 3% of people have guns while in my country only 4 permiles, 8 times less than Czech) and soon i hope to buy Bren2MS when Ceska Zbrojovka will start selling it in Polish market , while englishman cannot have small pocket knife but he pays for sharia-preachers which call to make terror acts (Anjem Houdari had 25 000 pounds per year from benefits , not working)

poor west, if you won't wake up, you will be dead or slaves - the sooner you understand the bigger chance to stay alive , terrorists always have illegal full-auto guns, giving up freedoms ("hate speech, migration speech" etc. will just make you living in communism , cenzorship, like we had before 1989 ) , so fight for your rights and vote for freedom-capitalistic right wing (not for national socialists, every socialism is wrong because socialism ends in poverty , if one person has benefit, other person doesn't want to work hard and pay taxes for someone living from benefits without work , in Polish we have traditional proverb "bez pracy nie ma kołaczy" - "no work, no food" , while in west you had in Netherlands legal squating - i cannot imagine how anyone can allow non-owner to occupy house of owner ? we had something like this in communism 1944-1989 that people had confiscated property "because someone other needs it" - shame on commies )

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