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X-Cam prototype map 1.0 released

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X-Cam prototype map 1.0 released



We are pleased to announce that we have completed the X-Cam prototype map 1.0. Please note that this map is indeed a kind of a prototype.
The prototype map was not designed to play missions on there. In particular, vehicles have some problems to stay/drive on the roads,
because the density of objects in the immediate vicinity is too high.

With a few exceptions, all objects were placed with the X-Cam. Using this tool, we were able to finish the map within 4 months.
In these 4 months we have not worked on all days and not always with all available people.
Accordingly, the actual work time is significantly shorter. And of course we had a lot of fun in working together.



The 10 by 10 km map, based on a 2048 pixel grid and a cell size of 5 meters , has approximately 40% solid landmass distributed on several islands.
The HD version of the map contains about 607,000 imported objects. In total, we have generated more than 320 export files with the X-Cam
without any problems. There was only the known problems with some large objects that had to be adjusted manually.


Please note that the X-Cam tool is not yet available. If you want to know more about the X-Cam, then follow this link:

In this project, the following persons were involved:

Silola: X-Cam programming, object import & handling, roads, object placement, xCam_EU.pbo

Atsche: Map config, Sat&Mask texturing, terrain sculpting, object placement, xcam_objects.pbo

Hotzenplotz: object placement

Sky: object placement

t-800a: object placement


MCPXXL: object placement, xcam_wood.pbo (with permission from DMC)

poolpunk: xCam_Metal.pbo, xCam_Woodworks.pbo

Heros: xcam_pipe.pbo

At this point again … many thanks to the whole team !!!



All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) :

Download link:


Download mirror:




Extract the content of the xcam_prototype.zip file in your Arma 3 game root folder and enable the mod.

We have also determined to release an additional LD (low density) version. In this version all additional clutter objects, as well as small stones and bushes were removed.
This version should be suitable for small infantry fights in MP environment. The additional LD version (low density) can be found in the folder [LD].
If You want to use the LD version then replace the xcam_prototype.pbo with the xcam_prototype_ld.pbo.

We recommend you to use modfolders. Check this link for more infos: http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=18

Credits and special thanks:

Kju and all the people behind the AiA project.
Bohemia Interactive for this amazing software (ArmaIII) with all these possibilities.
SKH-Team for testing and TS-server
themaster for extra sounds


CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Known issues:

-You will need a high end computer in order to play the HD version of the map. If You need mor FPS, first reduce the viewdistance, because this setting has the greatest effect on this.
-You will get some error messages about a missing texture or missing animation (AiA TP Bugs).
-Destructible objects that are supposed to be indestructible.
-Some gates opens to the wrong side.
-Some missplaced objects.


Enjoy and Merry Christmas. :)

Silola Edited by Silola

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Merry christams

hope you have so much fun like we had in the past :bounce3:

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New mod 1.0 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:



You are now able to manage your own promo pages of your content on our web platform and publish new content yourself.

To do so, please hit 'this is me' button on the page while logged in and follow the quick and safe claim procedure to get connected to your work.

For now you can send new content or releases our way by using any filesharing service and add your notification at getsatisfaction.withsix.com.

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Looks amazing. Merry Christmas to you ;)

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Many thanks Silola, map looks wonderful.. Maybe a good idea for people testing out to post their set up and what fps they are getting, would give some an idea on what to expect!

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Excellent work thank you! Server keys included? yes they are!!

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Thank You! Merry Christmas and all the best!(Благодарю ВаÑ! С РождеÑтвом и вÑего хорошего!)

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Oh this is going to be a beast to run :)

Anything from 20 - 50 fps while flying over in a littlebird. I was recording at the time, so maybe another few fps would have been gained from not doing so.

View Distance @ 5500

Object dis @ 2200

Everything else at least very high or ultra.

i5 2500K @ 4.4

Nvidia 970 1500/7000

16gig 1800 ram.

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Hi and thanks all :)

@D787: Please update your AiA TP


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Gorgeous map, as expected.

A really good showcase of what X-Cam is able to do.

Though i hope some of you aren't expecting to actually play on that map, with a moderate amount of AI and whatnot. The framerate will prevent you so. But i guess it wasn't the point of it, right ?

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There is a house with a working elevator.... . Great amount of really detailed places. This is one of the most detailed maps I've ever seen in an arma game.

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