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[SP Campaign] M.E.R.C.S. - mercenary expendable ruthless covert selfish

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M.E.R.C.S. - Mercenary Expendable Ruthless Covert Selfish


Version: 1.11

M.E.R.C.S. is a story-driven singleplayer campaign for Arma 3, revolving around the exploits of a private military company on Altis. You assume the role of Raif Salih, a Sudanese refugee and ex-soldier, coerced into fighting alongside a mysterious, mercenary organisation. From a first person view, you will strive to escape a world of violence for private gain, where nothing but greed is sacred.

In achieving your mission objectives, you are afforded complete freedom – there are few boundaries and every decision you make entails a consequence. Through a dynamic economic system, you can purchase or sell equipment, hire new recruits, or accept contracts to gain rewards and further your own, unique narrative. On the way, you must engage and interact with an assortment of different characters, each desperate to exploit you for their own ends. Whether you embrace or betray these powers is up to you...

Raif's Story



Born in Karthoum, Sudan, Raif Salih became an orphan at the early age of two. Growing up as one of the poorest people in one of the poorest countries on this planet he basically had no other option than to join the military - the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).

After years of internecine conflict in East Africa, Ethiopian forces led a major offensive against their neighbours. Raif’s friends fell before the onslaught and the SAF were deadlocked in a war they could not win, despite their successful defence of Khartoum at the centre of the country.

Raif understood that even if the Ethiopians relented, there would be nothing left of what he had once called home. Taking what little he had, he deserted the SAF, slipped through enemy lines, and travelled for weeks on foot through the East Sahara desert.

Eventually, Raif reached Alexandria in Egypt and secured safe passage to Greece, where he believed he could begin again. Now, his only hope is that ‘Nikos’, the man that brokered his European dream, is as trustworthy as he appears...

Global Background Story

  • 2014 –Mounting violence in the Ukraine and violations of the nation’s sovereignty trigger what historians later called the ‘Second Cold War’ between Russia and the West.
  • 2014-2018 - Ongoing anti-Euro protests escalate and cause the collapse of the European Union.
  • 2015-2017 – First Altian War of Independence. Ended by the Greek military, which quickly suppressed separatists.
  • 2017 - The Islamic Republic of Iran, the People's Republic of China and other countries form the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) in Canton, China.
  • 2019-2026 – Second Altian War of Independence. Ended by EUROFORCE (est. 2023). Altis is now independent from Greece but remains part of the European Federation.
  • 2023 - Reunion of European states as European Federation (EF) in Munich, Germany. Establishment of a combined European military force (EUROFORCE).
  • 2024-2028 – Civil war in the Balkans, ended by EUROFORCE intervention. CSAT supported the Islamic movement with weapons, supplies and training.
  • 2031: CSAT forces initiate a devastating surprise-attack against the United States, already weakened by the economic crisis. Six atomic warheads followed by more than 500,000 troops bypass the defence shield and hit the American west coast. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle are inhabitable for years. European allies deny direct military help for fear of retaliatory nuclear strikes.
  • 2031-Present: Despite CSAT forces rapidly occupying the U.S., they were unable to hold the captured ground. Large parts of the American military, as well as ordinary citizens, went underground and formed a resistance. The EF manages to cut a deal with CSAT and brings in observers and financial and medical aid. Along with supply packages, weapons and ammunition for the resistance are smuggled into the country.
  • 2034: The European Federation recovers from its past and is on the verge of becoming a new superpower, alongside CSAT member states and the sealed-off Russian Federation. CSAT forces sweep throughout the whole of the Middle East, stopping short of seizing the Republic of Turkey. Both the European Federation and CSAT offer financial packages and membership, but also threaten Turkey with sanctions and embargoes.
  • 2035: The Republic of Turkey votes for CSAT membership. The European Federation declares trading embargoes and sanctions. CSAT forces launch joint, large-scale manoeuvres with Turkish forces in the Aegean Sea. Tensions grow daily until the non-aggression pact crumbles. EUROFORCE AA-Defences accidentally shoot down a CSAT reconnaissance jet above the island of Altis, Greece. CSAT General Reza, commander in chief of CSAT forces in the Aegean Sea, issues what was subsequently dubbed ‘an invasion on Altis’. EUROFORCE troops manage to push back the attacker but suffer heavy casualties. CSAT retreats stating that General Reza went rogue and issued the attack without official orders. They maintain that the non-aggression pact is still in force.
  • 2036: Third Altian War of Independence. Weakened by CSAT’s attack, EUROFORCE troops are not able to control the rioting population on Altis. Ultra-nationalists use the anger and poverty of the population to trigger an all out war between the Altis Armed Forces and EUROFORCE. European troops however, are ill-equipped and hastily retreat from the now independent Republic of Altis.
  • 2037: Ties between Altis and the EF slowly begin to stabilise but the country remains in a state of distress, as poverty, unemployment and corruption continue under the new Altian government. Failing to guarantee stability and safety, the AAF invite Private Military Contractors to deploy throughout the country.
    A new flashpoint is on the rise…


  • Story-Driven Single-Player Campaign
  • First / Third Person Cutscenes
  • Infantry / Light Vehicle / Aircraft Gameplay
  • Large Variety of Mission Types
  • Decisions have Vast Impact on Story / Current Mission
  • Small Side Stories within a Mission(-set)
  • Custom Conversation System
  • Custom Shop System
  • Custom Textures
  • Custom Hud Enhancements
  • 35 Missions In Total (Hubs / Connecting Missions Included)
  • Mod Support for Several Weapon Packs


How to Install
Non-Steam Addon Version: Copy the @MERCS folder to your Arma 3 dir ("...\steam\steamApps\common\Arma 3\") and launch it as addon with a launcher of your choice or start the game with the parameter "-mod=@MERCS".
Steam Addon Version: Subscribe to the steam workshop entry and launch it as addon with the BIS launcher.


1.11 - Hotfix - 04.05.2020

  • FIXED: Logical error on shop opening script.



1.10 - Barely Working - 03.05.2020

  • FIXED: Various script errors.
  • FIXED: Various spelling errors.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, animation glitches in briefing and story telling.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, wrong object and NPC positions.
  • FIXED: Sauerland Express, leading car just drives away.
  • FIXED: Rest and Recuperation, drunk mode led to animation glitches while moving.
  • FIXED: Force Recon, video location changed.
  • FIXED: Sanctuary, object placement.
  • FIXED: Smash And Grab, CSAT sometimes attack the player when delivering the truck.
  • FIXED: Renegade, player dies instantly.
  • FIXED: It was possible to rest / wait for 0 hours.
  • CHANGED: Shop System update, dynamic indexing of mod content, convenience functions.
  • CHANGED: PPEffects are now opt-in. (Have to be activated in TacPad.)
  • CHANGED: Brave New World, motorboat sound now slowly fades in.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, annoying helicopter noise cycle turned longer.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, increased light sources at night.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, set vehicle velocity to 0 when entering and exiting the camp to prevent the vehicle crashing during loading times.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, added grass cutters.
  • CHANGED: Daddy's Girl, cut out buggy heli insertion.
  • CHANGED: Checkpoint Charlie, increased light sources at night.
  • CHANGED: Checkpoint Charlie, cut out buggy heli insertion.
  • CHANGED: Panzerfaust, lowered difficulty.
  • CHANGED: Sanctuary, increased light sources at night.
  • CHANGED: Sanctuary, added grass cutters.
  • CHANGED: Ransom Demand, tweaked pirate arrival.
  • CHANGED: Hostage Down, tweaked FIA support.
  • CHANGED: Protection Money, tweaked object placement.
  • CHANGED: Uncle Kostas, tweaked object placement.
  • CHANGED: Goody Bye Altis, added cinema border for last cutscene.
  • CHANGED: Disabled Glass System on end credits.
  • CHANGED: Charater loadout changes.
  • ADDED: Custom ION Uniforms
  • ADDED: Task Icons
  • ADDED: Weapons, vests, and backpacks are now automatically disassembled / unpacked when put into the player's box at the hub.
  • ADDED: Main Menu Picture

1.03 - 15.08.2015

  • FIXED: Liberty, Officer was refusing to get into the evac helicopter.
  • FIXED: Mod weapons with scope = 1 were still used in the shop and by the mercenaries.
  • CHANGED: EUROFORCE uniform is now the same as in the EUROFORCE stand-alone release.

1.02 - 19.04.2015

  • FIXED: Some spelling errors.
  • FIXED: Force Recon, mission would not finish due to AI bug.
  • FIXED: Added re-chambered Rahim and Zafir magazines to the shop.
  • CHANGED: Riot Control, changed win condition to "Negades seized by BLUFOR" instead of "all OPFOR killed".
  • CHANGED: Protection Money, moved waypoints of the HVI a bit more outside of the camps to prevent AI from stucking there.
  • ADDED: Helicopter insertion participants are now 10 seconds invincible after drop to prevent death from disembarking.
  • ADDED: Shop support for Marksmen DLC gear.
  • ADDED: Thanks to Bolo861's customised shop configs for CUP.

1.01 - 10.03.2015

  • FIXED: Brave New World, BIS functions were falsely enabling saving again.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, Toilet Guy still had BI randomisation on him.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, Leave-hub-trigger was wrongly configured causing units to disappear.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, Coming back from a duel caused the freeroaming functionality to trigger.
  • FIXED: Meet And Greet, Finally managed to prevent the AI from attacking the empty quadbike.
  • FIXED: Sanctuary, It was possible to get more than one weapon from the buddy.
  • FIXED: Shop System, magazine selling prices were applied wrongly.
  • FIXED: Shop System, Titan Short had wrong origin set.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, Ambient helicopter powers up less often and for a shorter period of time.
  • CHANGED: Panzerfaust, Disabled ambient life scripts.
  • CHANGED: Sauerland Express, Added some more light at the beginning.
  • ADDED: Thanks to Bolo861's customised shop configs the following addons should be (partly) supported by the shop system: EMU (Elite Mercenary Unit), MAX H3 PACK, HLC mods, Massy weapons pack, MRT Accesories and Functions, SMA Weapons, SOCMOD, TFA Naval Special Warfare gear, Trixies' Weapon Packs, EricJ Weapons Pack, Ag MP9 pack, RH M4/PDW/Pistol pack, RHARD MK18, DarkGiver Sig SG55x Pack, C1987 MP-7 Pack, FHQ M4/Accesories Pack, Spectrobe G36 Pack, Genoma Helmets, Ov SA-58, Purple Benelli Super 90 Pack

1.00 - 18.01.2015

  • FIXED: Glass System wouldn't work after reload.
  • FIXED: Glass System could see through terrain.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, Glass System was still active after returning to the hub from freeroaming.
  • FIXED: Meet And Greet, Some faction representatives opened fire on the player's quad bike.
  • FIXED: Helo insertions in the second half of the campaign didn't work because of Helicopter DLC changes.
  • FIXED: Ransom Demand, the thief should now stay in the car.
  • CHANGED: New textures for EUROFORCE units.
  • CHANGED: Brave New World, Disabled saving to avoid mission flow stuck on loading.
  • CHANGED: Diplomatic Incident, Lowered seizable trigger area for second mission objective.
  • CHANGED: Smash And Grab, Lowered to-clear trigger areas.
  • CHANGED: Hostage Down, hostage must now be alive and within 750 metres of the helicopter on extraction to be considered survived.
  • ADDED: Shop System, camo versions of the vanilla sniper rifles.
  • ADDED: Shop System, vanilla 3GL ammo (HE + Smoke).

0.94 Beta - MANW RC - 26.10.2014

  • FIXED: Minor changes and fixes.
  • FIXED: BI's randomsation scripts' leftovers.
  • FIXED: Riot Control, fleeing was still enabled for hostile units.
  • FIXED: Payback, script error on init.
  • FIXED: Case Of Defence, added an ugly teleport for the Buddy because of his pathfinding / stucking issues.
  • FIXED: Good Bye Altis, Buddy was not invincible.
  • FIXED: Panzerfaust, AAF officer was diving.
  • FIXED: Sanctuary, Meet And Greet, Case Of Defence, transport / support heli was still full of parachutes.
  • CHANGED: Very Important Pickup, player is now an engineer and can fix the car.
  • CHANGED: Enforced Cooperation, Doctor is now being added to player's squad.
  • CHANGED: Case Of Defence, due to AI waypoint issues (they get stuck...) the win ratio has been set up from 25% to 30% of the last wave.
  • CHANGED: Shop System, lowered the selling price for every weapon, magazine, item or vehicle from 1/2 to 1/5 of the buying price.
  • ADDED: Ransom Demand, two more vehicles.
  • ADDED: Good Bye Altis, one more enemy fireteam.

0.93 Beta - 21.10.2014

  • FIXED: Badass One, Finally nailed down the crash bug (hopefully).
  • FIXED: Randomisation scripts affected Nikos in some cases.
  • FIXED: Transport heli was still full of free stuff.
  • FIXED: Shop System, glasses were not listed.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, Raif is now an engineer to be able to fix vehicles.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, autoheal after returning to hub.

0.92 Beta 13.10.2014

  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, there was still a full supply box open for exploit.
  • FIXED: BI's randomisation scripts still affected Raif in rare cases.
  • FIXED: Case Of Defence, one enemy squad was spawned at [0, 0, 0].
  • FIXED:Return On Investment, civil Raif still had NV-Goggles in some cases.
  • CHANGED: Minor fixes and additions.
  • CHANGED: Case Of Defence, due to AI waypoint issues (they get stuck...) the win ratio has been set up from 20% to 25% of the last wave.
  • ADDED: Toadie's SmallArms and Animations for Arma3, mod contents are now available in the shop when the mod is activated.
  • ADDED: TPW MODS: enhanced realism/immersion for Arma 3 SP, mod use should not interfere with scripted ambient life any more. Still breaking parts of the campaign.
  • ADDED: RH M4/M16 pack, weapons and magazines are now available in the shop when the mod is activated. No attachements due to poor documentation.
  • ADDED: RH PDW pack, mod contents are now available in the shop when the mod is activated.
  • ADDED: (SMA) Specialist Military Arms, mod contents are now available in the shop when the mod is activated.
  • ADDED: EricJ Weapons Pack, mod contents are now available in the shop when the mod is activated. Seems like this mod is buggy, description texts are sometimes wrong and it causes missing image errors.
  • ADDED: Home Sweet Home, persistent sidemission to clear the island of rogues.
  • ADDED: Rest And Recuperation, Buddy now tells the player to go on alone.

0.91 Beta 07.10.2014

  • FIXED: Glass System, using night / thermal vision scopes should not trigger the Glass night vision anymore.
  • FIXED: When inserting by armed car the gunner's place should now be occupied, provided the player took at least one teammate with him.
  • FIXED: Script errors due to missing support module both in Surfin' R.o.A. and Enforced Cooperation.
  • FIXED: Planes crashing on spawn in Badass One and Case Of Defence.
  • FIXED: "On Foot" insertion didn't work for Smash And Grab.
  • FIXED: Shop exploit, backpacks weren't removed on selling.
  • CHANGED: Diplomatic Incident, second camp should now be easier / faster to take.
  • CHANGED: Enforced Cooperation, it is now possible to operate undercover by wearing the Black Arrow Combat Uniform (BACU).
  • CHANGED: Turned down the "Glow" ppEffect a bit.
  • CHANGED: Meet And Greet, killing the contacts will now correctly result in cancelation of the task to talk to them.
  • ADDED: Hostage Down, avatar picture for hostage.
  • ADDED: Custom Laptop Textures
  • ADDED: Uncle Kostas, more details at the shooting range.
  • ADDED: Shop System, it's possible to buy or sell several magazines at once now.

0.9 Beta - 01.10.2014

  • ADDED: Advanced Shop System (Buying Vehicles and Camp Enhancements).
  • ADDED: Campaing finished! (Roughly)
  • ADDED: Lots of minor textures, rank emblems, details, texts...

0.55 Alpha - 14.09.2014

  • FIXED: No-pants-bug leftovers.
  • FIXED: Checkpoint Charlie, FIA Car Pathfinding Bug.
  • FIXED: Buddy had wrong face.
  • FIXED: Some custom uniform textures were messed up after Arma 3 1.28.
  • CHANGED: Raised Shop prices drastically.
  • CHANGED: Switched form Campaign.PBO to Addon format.
  • ADDED: Advanced Shop System (Selling Items).
  • ADDED: Lots of minor textures, rank emblems, details, texts...
  • ADDED: Several hints to familiarise the player with M.E.R.C.S. specific systems.
  • ADDED: More ppEffects changing based on current weather.
  • ADDED: TacPad button to turn ppEffects on/off permanently.
  • ADDED: Steam Workshop distribution!

0.54 Alpha - 18.06.2014

  • FIXED: HOTFIX, some uniforms were gone after patch 1.22 because BIS changed the addUniform command.
  • FIXED: Home Sweet Home, drove the devil out of the guy who was levitating under his car.
  • CHANGED: Rest and Recuperation, stuff stored in the car should be transfered to the hub box on mission completion.
  • ADDED: Custom promotion notifications.

0.53 Alpha - 10.06.2014

  • FIXED: Glass System, should now work properly on all interface sizes and resolutions.
  • FIXED: Glass System, Detail now ignores animals.
  • FIXED: Glass System, task marker positioning fixed.
  • FIXED: Glass System, various minor issues.
  • FIXED: Some typos.
  • FIXED: Sauerland Express, mission wouldn't end in some cases.
  • CHANGED: Glass System, approximation of life sign monitoring improved.
  • CHANGED: Mission rewards now partly rely on rank.
  • ADDED: New ranks as sub-system of the custom factions.
  • ADDED: Several custom textures / ambient stuff.
  • ADDED: M.E.R.C.S. PP-Effect prototyped in all missions.
  • ADDED: Three new contract missions. Players from versions 0.51 and 0.52 should be able to continue / revert from the last hub save.
  • ADDED: Second ending implemented.
  • ADDED: Transit mission to second stage of the campaign implemented.
  • ADDED: Use of some assets from the Arma 3 Karts DLC. Shouldn't be an issue if I got BIS' new DLC policy right.

0.52 Alpha - 21.05.2014

  • FIXED: Spawning team did not work.
  • FIXED: Description.ext error on campaigs loading.
  • FIXED: Some typos / spelling mistakes.
  • CHANGED: Set the conv system simple sentence box a bit higher. Hopefully this fixes the problem users with certain resolutions had.
  • CHANGED: New logo!
  • CHANGED: Helo pilot's sentences are now labeled with his name instead of "driver".
  • CHANGED: TacPad is now accessible via comm menu instead of action.
  • CHANGED: Raised some shop prices.
  • CHANGED: Home Sweet Home, decreased chance of getting the 4-five .45 on first visit.
  • CHANGED: Ransom Demand, more detailed helo guidance.
  • CHANGED: Ransom Demand, maximum distance between enemy car and player raised.
  • CHANGED: Very Important Pickup, cleared weapon and magazine cargo of AAF vehicles.
  • CHANGED: Very Important Pickup, some cars have lights on at night.
  • ADDED: Three new contract missions! Players who played v0.51 should be able to continue from the last hub mission.
  • ADDED: "Glass" - Optional advanced HUD system for the Tactical Glasses and Tactical Shades.
  • ADDED: Brave New World, choice added.

0.51 Alpha - 11.05.2014

  • FIXED: Reverting to ealier missions is now possible and should not cause any errors.
  • FIXED: Very Important Pickup - Car change had no consequences.
  • FIXED: Minor spelling mistakes.
  • FIXED: Buddy had no NVGs on night missions.
  • CHANGED: Switched from Profile Namespace to Campaign Namespace for making crucial variables persistent. First mission will clean garbage from ealier version. Restart of the whole campaign required.
  • CHANGED: Licensing changed to APL-SA
  • CHANGED: Raif's Story
  • CHANGED: Cleared CfgFunctions of unused third party works.
  • CHANGED: Buddy won't run out of ammo for his primary weapon.
  • CHANGED: Minor changes to the shop and rest systems.
  • ADDED: TacPad, providing mission info and wait as well as extraction options.
  • ADDED: Very Important Pickup - Armed Patrols
  • ADDED: Most cutscenes and briefings can be skipped now by pressing Space.

0.5 Alpha - 04.05.2014

  • Initial Release

Known Issues

  • Developer console is enabled. In case you encounter a game breaker you can always execute [] call IP_fnc_cheatEndMission; It will automatically determine and load the next logical mission.
  • The use of DevBranch or mods may impact playability, especially AI driving skills are fundamental to make some missions work. I recommend to run this campaign in stable branch! (Tested with Arma 3 v1.18)
  • Home Sweet Home: The ambient shooter at the range sometimes shoots the bystanders. This is caused by a messed up aiming AI which constantly drifts away from the assigned target.
  • Home Sweet Home: The gambler mentions BlackJack as possible gamble but it is not implemented yet.
  • Ransom Demand: The fleeing car might be crashing against something or the passengers disembark randomly and walk instead. I'm researching ways to rebuild this mission.
  • Checkpoint Charlie: The incoming cars sometimes crash into or stuck at the bar gate. If they can't continue they get deleted sometimes which breaks the mission flow.
  • Very Important Pickup: Performance might suffer under many ambient AI units.
  • Riot Control: Performance might suffer under many ambient AI units.
  • Panzerfaust: There's always one AI from the player's group stucking at the briefing desk. Sometimes he follows after a few regroup commands. In case he doesn't, step away from the table and type into the debug console: {_x setPos (getPos player)} forEach (units group player);
  • Panzerfaust: Other parts of the battle group go funny ways.
  • Glass System: Usage in an environment with lots of objects might affect performance. I recommend turning down the core functions first.

Development Roadmap - Scopes & Features


Alpha (RETIRED):

  • 1 Intro Mission
  • 1 Hub Mission
  • 5 Contract Missions
  • 1 Ending




  • Campaign Completed
  • 1 Intro Mission
  • 3 Hub Missions
  • 22 Contract Missions
  • 8 Endings / 11 Variations
  • Advanced Shop System (Vehicles & Camp Enhancements)




  • Voice Acting (CANCELED)
  • Mod Compability (ONGOING)
  • Generic Side Missions (OPTIONAL)

You can reach me on the BI-Forums: https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/756849-indeedpete/

Or on twitter: https://twitter.com/IndeedPete

Or feel free to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IndeedPete/

Content created by IndeedPete is published under the "Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)". You are free to take or change anything you can use, just give me a mention in the credits.
All authors of third party content gave me permissions to use their works in the MANW Contest.

Credits & Thanks

  • Bohemia Interactive Studios for this great game!
  • aeroson for his get/set loadout and repetitive clean up scripts!
  • cobra4v320 for his HALO/parachuting scripts!
  • Kydoimos for cross-reading and improving some of the dialogues and texts!
  • mrflay for his explosion detector!
  • Shuko for his SHKPos script!
  • Surfer for his help regarding the awesome M.E.R.C.S. logo and way too many textures and images!
  • tpw for his ambient civilian script package!
  • And all the great people on the BI-Forums who helped out with answers and feedback to so many questions!


Dropbox v1.11
Steam Workshop v1.11


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Yay! Nice to see your campaign updated, IndeedPete! Already Voted and Supported!

cheers ;)

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I always like Mercenary war campaign, like the one of ArmA1 Queen's gambit. Thanks for sharing, gonna try it tonight.

In real life, US government turns more and more missions to private military company, that's good tendency.

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Good luck IndeedPete! Supporting.

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Thank you all so much guys! I hope you like it, more is underway!

I always like Mercenary war campaign, like the one of ArmA1 Queen's gambit. Thanks for sharing, gonna try it tonight.

In real life, US government turns more and more missions to private military company, that's good tendency.

I actually think this tendency is nowhere near good. In real life, I'm not really a fan of the military nor PMC companies. I see the need some times but when I read about tortures, war crimes, drone war and all that horrible and often unnecessary shit I think a world without these "organisations" would be a better one. Or at least their use and boundaries should be better controlled. Anyway, this discussion should probably be done off topic.^^ Arma is just a game after all and I like it that way. So, Make Arma Not War! :)

---------- Post added at 10:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:04 AM ----------

Armaholic Mirror added! Awesome, thank you guys!

Armaholic v0.5 ALPHA

Edited by IndeedPete
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Thanks, but I'm also looking forward to your project. Especially the technical enhancements sound very interesting!

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Hm, exactly! I also use 16:9, hence I didn't notice. Arma should actually scale the dialog frame according to display size and shape. I'll look into it, maybe I can raise it a little bit without messing up the 16:9 version. Thanks for the heads-up, greatly appreciated! And I'm very sorry that it clouds your gameplay experience.

---------- Post added at 04:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:31 PM ----------

Oh, if you don't want to wait for a fix you can read all conversations later in the conversation log. (Open map screen.) Might be a bit confusing since it's automatically created but I can't offer anything better right now, sorry again.

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Hi all, sorry for my English is very bad. I have a problem with the campaigns. I can not see on the menu. are only an arrow name appears. I put the pbo file inside the folder campaign but not updated. Anyone have the same problem?


<a  href=thump_8901806presentacin1.jpg' alt='thum

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You seem to have some other camapaigns installed because I don't use those names. Your Campaigns folder should look like this:


And then it should look like this ingame:


Did you try to restart Arma 3 already? And do you use any mods?

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Very very nice camp!

Actually, it's a game within itself and has so much potential for growth.

Revolutionary may be a more appropriate word for this.

Not finished. I've got one more contract to do.

Just a few things:

1. A few mistakes with English in the intro when they are talking on the boat. Not game breaking, but could be edited a bit more.

2. As far as story is concerned, I don't think it was necessary to have had him kidnapped.

He could have just been a regular mercenary looking for work and joined ION, got a boat ride in and started his life making money by doing missions.

But perhaps you have more story coming up? I didn't finish this and maybe he works his way out of his situation. I don't know.

Anyways really really good stuff. I hope you add more missions to it and develop the story more!

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"Game within itself." - Awesome, thanks, that's a great motivation! I'll do my best to keep the quality - even if I won't make the contest on time.

1. Yes, it was already reported in another thread that my work contains some minor misspellings from time to time. If you could forward me some examples I'll gladly sort them out. Thanks!

2. Funny, that was already discussed in the non-public pre-Alpha. Raif is a man that grew up with war, having nothing. He's aiming for nothing else than a boring, regular life. 9-to-5 job, cheeseburgers, wife and kids. I wanted to create someone who is not the (also boring) standard shooter character with no brains, no own opinion but a buttload of motivation to kick ass. I liked the scenario of actually being forced to do bad things. And that's where the choices come in. I want the player to decide whether he embraces being an asshole and by that changing Raif's personality to become more selfish and kind of evil, or whether he wants to try to preserve the good nature of the protagonist, even if it's less profitable and might lead to an early death. The story will definitely go on and I'm currently evaluating several "tough decision" scenarios.

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Thanks for responding IndeedPete. If I have several mods, but even playing vanilla arma 3 nor the titles of the campaigns are. No that may be.


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Hm, which Arma 3 version are you running? Maybe try to put the other campaigns somewhere else (temporary of course) and then retry? You're the first to report this issue so I think it's likely there's something wrong on your end. Keep us posted!

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@Fisico2014, are you trying to load MERCS with All in Arma? I´ve noticed that there´s A2 campaigns on your campaigns menu.... maybe that´s the issue, try to load it without AiA! (the least loaded mods, the better for this campaign...)

@Kommiekat: the whole abdudtion adds drama and more layers to the tale, just like IndeedPete, I don´t trust the "Rising of the PMCs" modern phenomenon and - just like any other leftover of Bush administration - it will bring sour consequences to the world, one way or another, so I really enjoy the crude depiction of mercs (PMCs are a euphemism to soldiers of fortune, no matter what someone may argue against it...) and all irony of this campaign, but lets not OT too much ;D

@IndeedPete: just finished the alpha, again, can´t get enough... anxious for the next update! =)

[EDIT] Null sweat, I´ll wait, the beta will have double or more missions and so - more dialogs and options - I know it is a heavy workload waiting for ya... take your time, and I´ll certainly enjoy it when the time comes ;)


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I think campaigns displayed are an apache ah-64d, and namalsk. I will try to upload without any mod

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In arma3 vanilla is only the official campaign. No looks mercs, even when the folder.

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@Corporal: Glad to hear! I'm afraid you have to wait some time until more content arrives. Plan is to release the "big" BETA once the whole campaign is done. And there's a lot of work ahead. But I'll sort out crucial errors etc. in this release if you encounter some. But I'll realese some sneak peeks from time to time so you won't forget about he project. Maybe I'll even do a trailer once I figure out how to do trailers. Everyone has trailers, so I want one too!:D

@Fisico: Strange! Again, what Arma 3 are you running? It's definitely working with 1.18.

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Or maybe there's something wrong with the download? Some bits messed up? You should try to re-download it, maybe even from another mirror.

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Hm, in that case I'd recommend an update via Steam first, but also try to re-download the campaign.

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Fisico2014 - I got your solution... I´ve just noticed on your screenshot the folder is MISPELLED "Campaings" but it should read "Campaigns" believe or not, this could be the cause =)

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Always the obvious. oO Glad you sorted it out and hope you'll have fun playing it!

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You´re welcome, Fisico2014! Mine "old school nerd" glasses are of some use, afterall lol ;)

Hope you enjoy the alpha campaign as much as I did =D


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