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CIM Civilian Interaction Module(s) needs port to arma3

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(CIM) Civilian Interaction Module(s)

Updated to v.0.22 (Hotfix: More CRM Readme errors)

DISCLAIMER: This is more of an addon than a mod. I use the 'module' designation because the addon adds new modules to the editor. Be adviced that the addon is released as a BETA, and as such I provide no guarantees of functionality or against adverse effects. This addon should work well in hosted MP environments but it might not be fully compatible with dedicated servers yet. The point of release is to get some feedback that might help improve the addon. Also, I would like to make it clear that I do not consider myself a skilled coder, and my approach is probably not the best one.


This addon adds three modules to the editor called the ‘(CIM) Civilian Interaction Module’, the '(CIM) Civilian Extraction Module' and the '(CIM) Civilian Reaction Module'. When placed on the map the 'Interaction Module' allows players to order civilians to the ground, inside houses or out of the area or vehicle in a second. Players can also search and key-cuff civilians or detain them. The 'Extraction Module' lets players extract detained civilians in a chopper via radio call, and also allows for smoke marked LZ. The 'Reaction Module' can generate different civilian events (for ambience) at will, or at predefined locations. It also has a feature that will add certain "evidence" items to random (un-searched) civilians around the players.

How to use:

Install the addon like you would any mod - using modfolders of course. For a quick setup, open the editor and hit 'F7'. Place the '(CIM) Civilian Interaction Module' on the map on a flat spot far away from the action. When in game hold the CIM-Key (default:left shift) and view available commands in the action menu. The 'Extraction-' and the 'Reaction Module' needs to be synchronized (F5) with the group leader(s).

For a more detailed explanation of use and customizable setup see the included readme.


- Verbal commands for ordering civilians about

- Physical actions for searching and subduing civilians

- Helicopter extraction of detained civilians

- Script to mark LZ's with smoke for pinpoint extractions.

- Spawning of ambient civilian events

- Makes random civilians have "evidence"

- Custom sounds

- Global arrays and customizable parameters for mission maker convenience

- Works with ALICE

- works with surrendered units (thank you stupidwhitekid75 for pointing this out to me)

- Works with ACE2, Reezo's EOD mod, and nearly any other mod

- SP and MP compatible (not working on dedicated yet)


- Arma 2 CO


Known issues:

- Because of hardcoded limitations, female civilians will not display animation when key-cuffed. However, they will still be completely passive.

- Because the action menu cannot be used while holding 'left ctrl' it is not suitable as CIM-Key.

- Smoke in the CRM "gathering" event does not work on clients yet. (No idea why. And I do know that it is a local effect)

- The 'Reaction module' currently requires that the 'Interaction module' is also present.


• Reezo – for his epic EOD-mod which inspired this module.

• SHK – for providing his SHK_Pos function (used in CIM) and for being very helpful on the forums.

• JohnnyDust – for helping out with testing and suggestions, and for covering my six.

• Clements, Sickem and Inspired Media - For recording and editing of videos/tutorials (thanks guys).

• Pellejones and SSG (www.ssg-clan.se) – for testing and advice on dedicated servers.

• Ruebe – for taking time to help out on the forums.

• LAxemann, Feint, YayForLife, UGLY58, Zwobot, Clements, Raptor 6 Actual – for reporting bugs.

• Sickboy - for creating CBA

• Armaholic.com – for hosting my (and all other) mod(s).

• BIS, ACE2 team and the community – for making this game timeless and priceless.

License and copyright:

People are free to change this to their needs. If you are planning on changing this addon and releasing it as your own, I request that you contact me first, and of course that you credit me where it is appropriate. In the end, as long as I get credit for my work, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.



[Fixed] - More false information for CRM in the readme. (Sorry for any inconvenience)


[Fixed] - Readme for CRM was wrong. Command for setting number of markers was wrong.


[Fixed] - Audio now fades with distance.

[Fixed] - Clients can now properly remove items/weapons from civilians in MP via new 'Remove Belongings!' actions.

[Fixed] - ALL publicVariables are now (really) handled with CBA.

[Fixed] - Optimized several scripts.

[Fixed] - Actions in the 'Interaction' module are now fully persistent (i.e. works with team-switch/respawn etc.).

[Changed] - CIM has been split into the 'Interaction module' and an 'Extraction module'.

[Changed] - The verbal commands now override civilian animations (not if keycuffed of course).

[New] - The 'Extraction module' is compatible with OPFOR and Resistance.

[New] - The 'Extraction module' is fully configurable for custom choppers and crew.

[New] - CIM has a new module: the 'Reaction module' or "cRm". It can cause random civilian events.

[New] - When running cRm civilians will sometimes have "evidence" items on them.


[Fixed] - Chopper extraction is now better optimized for dedicated

[Fixed] - typo in extraction hint

[Fixed] - Civilians no longer stay Bluefor after being released.

{Fixed] - Keycuff animations should now work correctly in multiplayer

[Changed] - All publicVariables are now handled by CBA_fnc_publicVariable.

[Changed] - All commands are now displayed in fixed order at the top of the action menu

[Changed] - Released civilians now run and rejoin their original group. If that group no longer exists they will join CIM_holdGrp.

[Changed] - The module Variable "nielsen_cim_SmokeType" is now an array of smoketypes (classnames), so you can use multiple colors.

{Changed] - AI behavior for "Get Inside" command improved (now handled with FSM)

[Changed] - The radio/sidechat msg on 'Request POW extraction' now displays player name rather than unit variable.

[Changed] - The readme has been updated, and setVariable examples are now unformatted and can be copied from the pdf.


Initial beta release


Beta v. 0.22: https://rapidshare.com/files/1400329955/Nielsen_CIM.rar

I hope you enjoy and have fun trying this out. Let me know what you think.

Kind regards,


would be epic to have this in arma 3

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revive on old post :) - I am currently working on it.

Got the main CIM working. A crash every time I triedto search the unit. Sorted that after about 2 hours of hair pulling.

Just going through and updating CEM and CRM. Classnames and code efficiencies really, not too much but about 40 script files to filter through.

Gotta find a work around for no females in the Arma 3 world for the mourning stuff.

If anyone can find the animmation for Handcuffing a person on the ground that would be great.

Oh, and I sent a PM to Neilsen to ensure he is aware this will be released to the Arma public once done.

Hoping to get a script version going too for those that don't want mods installed but want the same functionality

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I was looking into CIM as well since I could have used the addon for some of my missions. The Arma 2 CIM works to a certain extend but has some issues with crashes like KresnovTrev described. I'm looking forward to a port by somebody who is more gifted in scripting then I am!

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I think I am about 90% done on this, but having a few issues with undefined variables. It will take a bit of hunting around to get them sorted.

Will be dependent on CBA same as the last one.

I am also going to add a side selection for the transport chopper as it was hard coded to Blufor evac helo once civilian was detained.

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I am going to have to rewrite parts of the scripts. Some things work well, others don't seem to function at all or give errors all over the place.

I am heading away on holiday in the next week so will have little time before then.

Hope to have something final released by the end of Feb though.

Will keep you all posted.

All credit for this Mod goes to Nielsen - his License still holds.

Even with my edits, if you can do something to help go for it.

I will release the CIM module as a WIP (albeit with no cRM -reaction or cEM -extraction).

This gives the player the option to 'verbally' tell civilians to : get down, clear the area and get inside (nearest random building).

The 'hand cuffing' appears to work.

Search Civ works but glitches animation - inventory dialog opens as it is supposed to.

See the A3_version.txt inside the archive for more info.

Please test and report bugs in this forum topic

File location (Google Drive)

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Sorry, not at this time. Been busy with RL and work.

Did you test out the working part that is in the post above? Any feedback on functionality?

i am hoping to dedicate some time to the next step this week. Just got to stop joining mates in game and get to it.....;)


If anyone has info on how to set up and use a file in the userconfig that would be great.

Looking to do this server side instead of all the mucking around with setvariable stuff. It might be a little more user friendly.

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I get nothing no iteration menu , or any civi spawns - also get no error which is strange !

Placed Module > syn to player - left shift no menu ?


OK retried a few times and got it working - now and again you get no options - are you supposed to get any civis spawning ?

Commands work apart from Clear area & get inside

Great Job so far !

Edited by 1PARA{God-Father}

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To those following this thread - would it be of benefit to have a script version available that can just go into a mission without all the messing around with mods.

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To those following this thread - would it be of benefit to have a script version available that can just go into a mission without all the messing around with mods.

Yes, please! :)

The mission I'm currently working on already requires almost 20 addons. I much prefer scripts where possible.

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It'd be something I'd like to explore with my insurgency mission. If I, or anyone else, were to make a mission that would be hosted as a "public server" (meaning little-to-no required addons) it'd be more convenient to have a script version available so "pubbers" can join without being disconnected for not having CIM or whatever.

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I have started moving to a script based system. When ready I will post a link to the new forum thread to discuss on release.

I don't think the script version needs discussing in a mods section.

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