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  1. oktyabr

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Super nice work on this island! Play there?!? Hell, I wanna LIVE there! :D
  2. Downloading the newest version now! Haven't had a chance to try it yet... will it now or are you planning to incorporate the Jets DLC, etc?
  3. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    I'm not much for benchmarking... not that I don't believe in it, but rather that I don't do it myself obsessively. My comparisons were mostly done on all three machines using "Play without mods" --> the "Combined Arms" showcase and the Steam overlay for FPS, on a single monitor at 1920x1080@60Hz. While there may be differences in how the AI behave and approach their objectives between runs there is a consistent number of AI with similar starting parameters. The heli ride in to the AO, turning and running toward the village (before the player character comes under fire) is what I payed the most attention to.
  4. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    AMD FX quad core, water cooled and OC'd @4.41Ghz on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX Rev 2.0. That's socket AM3+ and the 990FX chipset. You can't get anything more bleeding edge in AMD than that, even today. 16GB (2x8) DDR3 1866 vs. Intel i5 6600K (no hyperthreading) @ 3.5Ghz on water, no overclock, on Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI motherboard. That's socket 1151 and the Z170 chipset. 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3000. Same XFX R9 390 DD card on both systems, stable drivers (no beta). I built my skylake system after I built one for my son for Christmas. His is identical to mine but it uses the i5 6500 @3.2Ghz and reused his R9 280. Even with the 6500 and a 280, his machine ran circles around my AMD + 390 in Arma3*. That was all the convincing I needed. *specifically in ARMA3. Other games we play in common, my AMD +390 system was at least as fast and often much faster.
  5. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    New skylake system at @3.5Ghz more than doubles my FPS over my OC'd AMD quad core @4.4Ghz with the same video card (R9 390). I'm even able to stick around 30 FPS at "Ultra" in Eyefinity @5760x1200. More FPS out of ARMA3? If you are running an AMD CPU your best upgrade path is to sell it and go with an Intel based system.
  6. It looks awesome! Any hopes of seeing it published in the Steam Workshop as well (all the CUP components are already published there)?
  7. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    I don't think anyone is arguing that *currently* AMD can't keep up with Intel on ARMA3. This >isn't< the CPU, this is how the ARMA3 game engine is coded. As I said a page back my son's new i5-6500@3.2 w/ an R9 280 gets almost twice the frames that my water cooled OC'd AMD FX4100 @ 4.4 Ghz does, and that's with a new R9 390! For all the other games I play, including Squad on "EPIC" and my beloved Assetto Corsa racing sim, on Eyefinity across five feet of monitors (5760x1200) with all the eye candy maxed out I still get 40-60 fps. Squad is an interesting case because monitoring CPU usage (Process Lasso Pro) shows it makes MUCH more efficient use of CPU cycles and threads than does ARMA3... So now, if I don't want my ARMA to look like a slide show I get to spend $700+ on a new skylake to be a home for my R9 390? I wish I didn't love ARMA3 so much... Was just hoping someone would have popped up and said "YES! Arma3 can make great use of 8 cores! Save a few pennies and upgrade your FX4100 to a FX8350..." :( Any benchmarks out there showing a broad range of AMD cpus with Arma3????
  8. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Because you didn't qualify your statement. Is an Nvidia MX440 better for ARMA3 than an AMD R9 390? Your argument is invalid. I've had both, at the same time, many times.
  9. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    The Nvidia claim is unfounded. I've built a new computer every year (ok, sometimes every other year) for nearly the last 30 years. I used to use nothing but nvidia gpus, but not because their hardware was better... but because they had better support under a custom linux kernel. The AMD vs Intel claim is... something we already knew? ARMA3 is the *only* game that's pushed me into thinking about a new Intel (skylake) build. Are intel better under other games? That depends on the game. But no other game I play is making me think of breaking out the credit card for an upgrade.
  10. oktyabr

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    My son and I are both ARMA3 players. I just built him an i5-6500 skylake system (Gigabyte Z170XP SLI with 16GB of DDR4 3000) for Christmas and he's reusing the R9 280 he got last year for his birthday. Benchmarks are running the "Combined Arms" showcase @ 1920x1080 without touching a single thing beyond selecting the basic video quality setting and letting ARMA3 set everything automatically (helicopter insert and taking the first village): "Low" 39-42 fps "Standard" 29-36 fps "High" 26-35 fps "Very High" 24-32 fps "Ultra" 22-27 fps With ALL post processing turned off (everything on that page including trees and grass, AA, etc.): "Ultra" = 35-48 fps, "High" = 44-60 fps. I've watched him crank the view distance all the way up to 12,000m and still get playable frames on "High" (25+) with these settings on his system. Makes me jealous! My system, by comparison, is older except for the video card. Water cooled AMD FX4100 OC'd to 4.4Ghz on a Sabertooth 990FX R2 with 16 GB of DDR3 1866. I bought myself a new XFX R9 390 "DD" for Christmas thinking that might keep me happy in ARMA3 for another year. My son's benchmarks, with "only" a R9 280??? I get those, subtract 10 fps. All the other games I play can be maxed out at their highest settings and I consistently get 60+. Not ARMA3! "Ultra" on that showcase is a slideshow around 15 fps average. Crank the view distance up and it becomes a screenshot. In a nutshell, his "old" R9 280 on a 3.2Ghz i5 6500 system runs circles around my new R9 390 on an 4.4Ghz OC'd FX4100. :huh: Trying to figure out how to convince the wife that I need to build a second skylake system now... or a different AMD chip? Obviously the second choice is MUCH cheaper but it's money wasted if I can't get much better performance than I have with my OC'd FX4100...
  11. It *looks* like awesome work! I've followed all the CUPS project announcements with great interest and this one is high on my wish list (followed by Arma2 females and motorcycles). So only one question, before I ask my DSL, which is really not much better than a piece of wet string stretched between a couple of dial up modems.... "Clafghan"? I don't suppose it will work out "of the box" with this and I'm a bit apprehensive about downloading several gigs to find out... has anyone tried it yet, to see what it will take to get it up and going too? Thanks in advance!
  12. oktyabr

    Zero Dark Zero

    THIS is the mod I've been waiting for! I'm a huge fan of the tv series (Cinemax) "Strike Back", about a fictional covert ops team and their missions. One thing I'd still like to know how to do is how to get the AI opfor to treat the players as neutral civilians, as long as they have no weapons visible (in hand), and yet be capable of forcibly preventing entry into buildings and compounds and the like... Ex: Players look like civilians and have no weapons in hand so the opfor doesn't shoot them. Players get close to embassy or whatever, guards stationed there still do what guards do... Probably more complex to resolve is the rapid spread of intelligence. Ex: Players pretending to be civilians approach guards and shoot them, then shoot their way into the compound. Alarm sounds, radio messages go out, players are now targets, whether they have weapons in hand or not. Any suggestions?
  13. oktyabr

    [SP] Randomized Combat Patrol

    Why not the Steam Workshop?
  14. Good frames, well developed (the parts you have been working on), love the altitude variation. Sat mask? Make your own :) I also see you have the infamous "Tartan bug", a problem I've been fighting for awhile. Hopefully BIS gets around to fixing it. What, if I may ask, are the sampler settings you are using in TB? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?191372-Weird-bands-of-disappearing-texture-in-game&p=2929634#post2929634
  15. Looks good! I'm looking forward to giving it a go!