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  1. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Thanks man! I'll try to post more soon. The main thing I'm aiming for is a sense of Britishness in the terrain, and honestly it's quite difficult without the right objects.
  2. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    I've added a few new screenshots to the Imgur album to give you a taste of my object placement progress! (Looks like Imgur has now decided to add new images at the bottom instead of the top, so you'll just have to scroll down until I can be bothered to rearrange them...) I'm excited that things are progressing well and hoping to finally release that Alpha sometime over the next couple of months... :D
  3. jacknorrisuk

    Welcome to Glasgow

    Looking awesome! Sure is ambitious to make a whole real world city, particularly in this region - I'm working on a terrain based on a section of Essex and that's hard enough... I see you've chosen some of the same 'sort of British' 3D models as I have, let me know if you want to trade ideas. I've made some pretty good terrace housing rows and pelican crossings...
  4. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Well, I'm actually from Essex, which is where this terrain is modelled on, but have lived in Bristol for 10 years :) I would attempt to make a West Country themed map, but I just don't think Arma's existing object library would hold up well enough... Presumably by King St you are referring to Kong's? :D
  5. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Hey, not just yet I'm afraid! Still working towards some kind of Alpha test release. Will post some new images soon. Rest assured I am still chipping away at this almost daily (what better way to spend your lunch hour than placing trees?) - Approaching 100k objects placed, most roads down, and some nice new features like a couple of busy high streets and supermarkets.
  6. jacknorrisuk

    LoW DLC stuck at supply drop mission

    Have to revive this little thread - I had the same issue yesterday and glad to find others have had it and it wasn't just me! I guess I had a corrupt save from the moment the supplies were dropped, as I restarted to that point many times and the mission still got jammed after I fought off the guerrillas. It's a shame things like this happen. It seems like the guerrilla attack is a particularly buggy situation for some reason (sometimes they don't turn up, other times they are really slow, one time they all just ran away!) But I'll try a different drop point as you suggest...
  7. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Sauuuccyy is exactly what I thought about how well these Arma runway lines work as double yellows, m8 Generally only the UK, former UK colonies and Ireland use double yellow lines at the sides of roads to indicate no waiting at any time, so they feel quite essentially British to me. This is part of an urban area I'm building at the moment which is a fairly new bus terminal, taxi rank and short-stay car park for visitors to Woe-on-Sea...
  8. jacknorrisuk

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Don't worry, I'm still chipping away at this...had a bit of a roadblock in development recently, a tiny bug that took me literally days of dev time to identify, and about 2 seconds to fix, sigh. Anyway, I've added some new screenshots to the Imgur album, more coming soon. First up is something that feels quite different: This is the Pirate's Cove swimming pool, part of the pleasure pier adventure park at Woe-on-Sea, a traditional seaside town now in the middle of the Woexit crisis... (Safe to say AI units don't enjoy navigating the theme park very much) Aside from that, I've been populating various farms around the map, and ground detail textures are starting to look good too: Next up, I'll show you my progress on some very British junctions and crossings!
  9. UPDATE: I have found the culprit. It was indeed a CUP object that was causing all of my misery; who knows why! The object is bridge_stone_asf2_25 - Off the top of my head I can't remember what object that might be, but apparently I had placed a couple of them in X-cam. Getting rid of this one object from my TB project allowed me to rebuild as normal.
  10. Thanks man, I didn't know there was a good ready-to-go template library for TB. I have rebuilt it myself a few times in my troubleshooting, but it's always a pain in the ass so good to know. Will be trying my latest to-do list when I'm back on my PC tomorrow, so will update then...
  11. Will get on the Discord as soon as I can, thanks. I have UAC disabled, so everything should have full permissions access
  12. Okay, CUP seems to have extracted fine, but now Arma3P is refusing to work? sigh... "The system cannot find the file specified. failed to create P:\a3.lst. the game is not actually installed" Any ideas?
  13. Okay, that is interesting, I will certainly use it from now on! However, I do have old exported object lists from Xcam which the project no longer opens in Xcam itself. I don't want to have to place them again...
  14. Looks like it may have been a Windows permission issue, extracting now. I'm also extracting fresh files downloaded direct from the CUP website rather than Steam workshop, as I have read that some people have had problems with corrupt Steam files.
  15. The command runs, but it doesn't produce any files. I will try it again now.