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  1. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Sauuuccyy is exactly what I thought about how well these Arma runway lines work as double yellows, m8 Generally only the UK, former UK colonies and Ireland use double yellow lines at the sides of roads to indicate no waiting at any time, so they feel quite essentially British to me. This is part of an urban area I'm building at the moment which is a fairly new bus terminal, taxi rank and short-stay car park for visitors to Woe-on-Sea...
  2. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Don't worry, I'm still chipping away at this...had a bit of a roadblock in development recently, a tiny bug that took me literally days of dev time to identify, and about 2 seconds to fix, sigh. Anyway, I've added some new screenshots to the Imgur album, more coming soon. First up is something that feels quite different: This is the Pirate's Cove swimming pool, part of the pleasure pier adventure park at Woe-on-Sea, a traditional seaside town now in the middle of the Woexit crisis... (Safe to say AI units don't enjoy navigating the theme park very much) Aside from that, I've been populating various farms around the map, and ground detail textures are starting to look good too: Next up, I'll show you my progress on some very British junctions and crossings!
  3. UPDATE: I have found the culprit. It was indeed a CUP object that was causing all of my misery; who knows why! The object is bridge_stone_asf2_25 - Off the top of my head I can't remember what object that might be, but apparently I had placed a couple of them in X-cam. Getting rid of this one object from my TB project allowed me to rebuild as normal.
  4. Thanks man, I didn't know there was a good ready-to-go template library for TB. I have rebuilt it myself a few times in my troubleshooting, but it's always a pain in the ass so good to know. Will be trying my latest to-do list when I'm back on my PC tomorrow, so will update then...
  5. Will get on the Discord as soon as I can, thanks. I have UAC disabled, so everything should have full permissions access
  6. Okay, CUP seems to have extracted fine, but now Arma3P is refusing to work? sigh... "The system cannot find the file specified. failed to create P:\a3.lst. the game is not actually installed" Any ideas?
  7. Okay, that is interesting, I will certainly use it from now on! However, I do have old exported object lists from Xcam which the project no longer opens in Xcam itself. I don't want to have to place them again...
  8. Looks like it may have been a Windows permission issue, extracting now. I'm also extracting fresh files downloaded direct from the CUP website rather than Steam workshop, as I have read that some people have had problems with corrupt Steam files.
  9. The command runs, but it doesn't produce any files. I will try it again now.
  10. Yes, I did figure that...but unfortunately I don't have the luxury of jumping ship on a tool I have already invested many hours of work into. I would rather figure out how the problem can be fixed, seeing as it worked fine before?
  11. So, looks like I'm gonna be the guy to revive this thread, because it's just about the only one I can find that addresses this problem...only the previous solutions above didn't work for me! I have tried exporting from Xcam/importing to TB with both relative/absolute, but my objects are still floating up in the air. Previously I haven't had any problems at all, even with the exact same Xcam export file, always setting to 'relative.' What I find particularly weird is how this buggy floating height seems to be exponential. For example, small bushes near sea level are now just about exposing their roots, whilst a building that's supposed to be on a slope is up at aeroplane altitude! Any ideas?...
  12. I did extract them one by one, as I couldn't get the command to work. Will this affect the file structure? Yes, have been clearing temp folder and running arma3p.
  13. Hi guys, I've been having this problem at least since January but wanted to eliminate all possible remedies before wasting anyone's time on the forums - safe to say I am now at a complete loss as to why this is happening and need your help! In short - I cannot build my terrain into a PBO if there are CUP objects placed on it. Here's what happens: - Prep terrain, WRP, shapes, layers etc. in the usual way, by the book. - Run pboProject (now on v2.37) - pboProject scan and copy/crunch proceeds as normal, but then crashes without fail about 30 seconds after <Bis Binarise...> with an 'Arma 3 has crashed' dialogue box, followed by a 'Packing failed' dialogue box - Output/binlog reveals nothing, except that Binarise crashed Here's everything I've tried/eliminated: - Full re-extraction of all A3 and latest CUP PBOs fresh from Steam workshop to my P drive - Checked extracted PBOs appear to be in correct directories - The same thing happens if I use Addon Builder instead of pboProject. It says 'Build failed. Result code=-1073741819' - Everything DOES work fine if I use ONLY vanilla+Tanoa objects on my terrain (ie. no CUP.), so that does at least narrow down the cause. Although I haven't tried eliminating certain objects within CUP as I wouldn't know where to start with that. - UPDATE - Also works fine if I just remove 'ca' objects, but keep 'cup' and other folder objects on the terrain Are there some CUP objects which are known to cause problems since the January update? Any way I can at least identify any particular objects that are causing this problem? Would appreciate any ideas... Thanks!
  14. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    (100% fictional/Fake News/For entertainment purposes only) Extract from AAN World News Is far-right isolationism in Woe Betide leading towards 'Woexit'? 19th June 2021 The Woe Betide region voted for Brexit more than any other region in the UK; with a mere 14% voting to remain in Europe. Euroscepticism is rife within the predominantly white, working-class population of the Woe region - who are defensive of their strong, local identity. Woe Island, in particular, had become a political hotbed for hard-right isolationism; seemingly spurred by the geographical isolation of the island. In the years following the Brexit vote, the island gained a new status as a super-Brexit mini-state, with the local elected council dominated by hard Brexiteers and local businesses voluntarily boycotting European imports. But the latest development in this political situation has come as a surprise to outsiders: Hard-liners on Woe Island have started discussions about a possible 'Woexit'. Activists have made no attempt to hide their disgust at the negotiation stance of their government; viewing the latest round of trade agreements as a slap-in-the-face to those who were seeking their so-called independence day. Eager to stay true to their dream of self-sufficient independence, they are now moving to reject the position of the mainland and 'pursue their own destiny.' This is evidenced by the first major unexpected move by local politicians - Last Thursday, the publicly-owned Woe Island golf course and sports grounds were unexpectedly requisitioned by Council bailiffs, accompanied by a statement declaring that the park was 'unfit for use' and would be converted back to agricultural land. The Thymes Estuary Parks and Leisure Department expressed serious concern after the incident, but their comments were swiftly redacted. A spokeswoman for Thymes Estuary Police said "We want to reassure all residents and visitors around the Woe area that we are acutely aware of current political tensions, and working hard to ensure that everyday activities are not disrupted in any way." An AAN journalist asked the spokeswoman to clarify why police checkpoints had been established on the two access routes onto Woe Island in recent weeks, but she declined to comment.