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  1. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    (100% fictional/Fake News/For entertainment purposes only) Extract from AAN World News Is far-right isolationism in Woe Betide leading towards 'Woexit'? 19th June 2021 The Woe Betide region voted for Brexit more than any other region in the UK; with a mere 14% voting to remain in Europe. Euroscepticism is rife within the predominantly white, working-class population of the Woe region - who are defensive of their strong, local identity. Woe Island, in particular, had become a political hotbed for hard-right isolationism; seemingly spurred by the geographical isolation of the island. In the years following the Brexit vote, the island gained a new status as a super-Brexit mini-state, with the local elected council dominated by hard Brexiteers and local businesses voluntarily boycotting European imports. But the latest development in this political situation has come as a surprise to outsiders: Hard-liners on Woe Island have started discussions about a possible 'Woexit'. Activists have made no attempt to hide their disgust at the negotiation stance of their government; viewing the latest round of trade agreements as a slap-in-the-face to those who were seeking their so-called independence day. Eager to stay true to their dream of self-sufficient independence, they are now moving to reject the position of the mainland and 'pursue their own destiny.' This is evidenced by the first major unexpected move by local politicians - Last Thursday, the publicly-owned Woe Island golf course and sports grounds were unexpectedly requisitioned by Council bailiffs, accompanied by a statement declaring that the park was 'unfit for use' and would be converted back to agricultural land. The Thymes Estuary Parks and Leisure Department expressed serious concern after the incident, but their comments were swiftly redacted. A spokeswoman for Thymes Estuary Police said "We want to reassure all residents and visitors around the Woe area that we are acutely aware of current political tensions, and working hard to ensure that everyday activities are not disrupted in any way." An AAN journalist asked the spokeswoman to clarify why police checkpoints had been established on the two access routes onto Woe Island in recent weeks, but she declined to comment.
  2. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Still plugging away at road laying and smoothing, ground texture map improvements, and of course object placement... The village of Gordon Bennett is mostly finished up now. I put myself in the boots of an angsty AA van man and took a drive down its' winding little road. I've put a couple more screenshots in the Imgur album, more to come soon!
  3. Cave System

    Haha, this is amazing! Not gonna lie, one of the first things I did when Eden came out was to try and make an Armaverse interpretation of Minecraft. I hand-placed loads of rock formations to create caves, and laid some tracks, added the A2 minecart, zombies and some explosives...I think your cave system will bring it to the next level! Related...do you think it would be possible to 'fill in' half of the walkable spaces in your cave with a 'diggable' material, so the player can feel like they are mining their own way through the tunnels? With AI pathfinding, I wonder if it would be possible to override the overcomplicated default navigation with a super simple 'walk straight towards player' sort of thing? They would hit walls half the time but at least they won't be standing still like AI units normally do indoors.
  4. Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    Not that I have any idea how you developed this, but - if you achieve Chernarus compatibility, does that mean that the large gauge CUP tracks will work on other maps too? I'm working on a UK terrain with the CUP tracks and would love to get ATS up and running on it. :)
  5. Mikero's Dos Tools

    Okay, I'm giving this another go now, with the latest versions of Mikero's tools today, and am now getting a different error - could this still be related to the plants issue? During pboProject crunch, I get a Windows error box 'Arma 3 has stopped working' about 10 seconds after the console window reaches <Bis Binarise...> . Here's the final chunk of data from the packing log: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  6. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    I did consider this - and also thought the Isles of Scilly map was great when it was released! But I am trying to restrict objects to Vanilla, Tanoa and CUP at the moment. If there is a good chance of building a shared UK asset pack at some point in the future, then I'll push a major update...
  7. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Western Europe, all the same thing really, right?... In fact my terrain has many characteristics that would be similar to the Netherlands, as a large amount of it is land reclaimed from marshes and floodplains. Drainage systems abound!
  8. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Cool! Another UK terrain? Might need to form a group at some point and create some shared assets, only now do I realise how none of the grass textures in any of the Arma games really look like they belong in the UK...
  9. This is looking incredible! For me it's the most exciting addon currently in development, can't wait to play with it. There are many interesting remains of the golden age of piracy you mention in my neck of the woods, Bristol UK. Just let me know if you need to add photogrammetry of period docks and buildings to your project...your ship may well have docked up near this pub round the corner to me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llandoger_Trow
  10. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Thanks! Yes indeed, the sat map will need a full makeover at some point, but at the moment I'm using the raw data to inform object placement. I completely underestimated how much I would need to work on all these separate parts in iterations, just going round in circles... Yes, I want it to be good for zombies, although the layout of the map might make it easy to outsmart the AI pathfinding (lots of bridges and quays etc)...but being split in two by an estuary would be fun for setting up quarantined vs. stronghold scenarios. There'll also be some creepy locations that should make good horror missions and Zeus games... The real life version of the main 'island' on the map was one of the most pro-Brexit voting regions in the UK. It also has its' own 'Independence' movement to break away from the local constituency on the mainland...My version will be taking it a few steps further with a full-blown hyper-Brexit insurgency takeover. The island only has 2 public access points, so things could get complicated very quickly if they are seized... :O
  11. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Apologies for the lack of updates on this, here's a quick one - progress is coming along nicely on all fronts: - Heightmap is nearly ready, mainly just road smoothing - Ground textures are looking good, with 8 textures carefully mapped out so far, including a 'rubbish' texture for the two large tip sites! - Object placement will of course be the thing that will suck up most of my spare time...but I've been experimenting with some unique compositions for making lovingly-tendered British gardens and various other areas such as farmyards. Soon I'll be rolling out the objects across the map, with loads of hedges and woodlands to crack on with. I'll be updating my original post with progress and info and posting new screenshots to the Imgur album. Here's a quick look at the work I've been doing on a railway junction which includes a derelict branchline.
  12. Mikero's Dos Tools

    I see! My apologies, I'm now away from my PC for Christmas...but before I left I did try stripping out the plants from my terrain and it built fine.
  13. Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hey guys - I've encountered a fresh problem with pboProject and can't quite figure out what's causing it. The console window says 'b_ficusc1s_f.p3d trailing spaces in named selection(s) and/or properties' I suspect it may be something to do with a fresh extraction of game data, perhaps there is some mismatch of names somewhere in the pipeline...any ideas? Any help greatly appreciated... :)
  14. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    You've summed it up pretty perfectly! This land is absolutely pockmarked with past industrial ruins, a good handful of hidden hazards and wrecked vehicles, and crumbling infrastructure.
  15. [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    Thanks! :) Yes - there will be a somewhat overgrown and dilapidated army base hidden inside a woodland. Airfields are still up for grabs...there are none at all in the real terrain I'm using, but there's more than enough room for a private airfield or two. Also of interest will be the grounds of a derelict WW2 munitions factory...