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  1. sgtpepper

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    This mod was released yesterday but I had no time to try it yet.
  2. sgtpepper

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I created a Sound Position Training mission since I often had problems to guess the direction of enemies with the new sound system. The idea of this mission is to spawn an invisible unit at a random position in your vicinity - it shoots in your direction and you have to guess the direction. During the development I noticed that in many cases it is not hard to guess the direction by ignoring the louder crack and wait for the much more silent boom of the weapon itself. But in some cases this does not work at all - especially when the crack comes from a complete different direction. So I added a bullet cam to the training mission to see what happens with the bullet. With this cam I noticed that sometimes the crack comes from the impact position of the bullet - in the oprep audio-roadmap-update this case is mentioned: I think this might be a major problem of the current implementation. I do not understand exactly when this crack is created on the impact position but when this happens it is more or less impossible to estimate the position of the sound source.
  3. sgtpepper

    14th anniversary of OFP:CWC

    14 years already? It seems like it was yesterday... Thank you for the great picture collection!
  4. sgtpepper

    SP 3D Sound Position Training

    I'm glad you like it! I always wanted to try out fsm based scripting and with this mission I had the perfect excuse to do it :D It was an interesting experience to implement all the stuff.
  5. sgtpepper

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    It's not really a dev-branch related post but I don't know any better place to ask: I just connected to one of the official end game MP server, left the game and tried to connect to another server (king of the hill). I could not connect and got a battleye restriction #4 kick. I tried several servers - all with the same result. I restarted arma and could connect again. Can anybody else reproduce this issue and is this connected to end game? Or was it just a random issue?
  6. Hi! Since the Marksmen DLC update and the changed weapon sounds I often had problems to guess the direction of the sound source. Especially the loud crack causes some confusion. To adapt to the changes I created a training mission with a simple concept: An invisible unit is spawned at a random position in your vicinity. Via a command the unit fires in your direction. You can repeat this fire command until you think you know the direction of the sound source. Another command then reveals the hidden unit and marks the position on the map. The error of the guess and the average error is displayed. A bullet cam illustrates the path of the bullet - this way you can better understand what you just heard. Additional features: A settings menu allows the customization of the min/max distance for the spawn point To train with different weapons you can use the virtual arsenal to choose a different setup e.g. add silencers With a click on the map you can teleport to a different location and train in different regions. Download from dropbox from steam workshop or Armaholic Download Known issues: Currently only primary weapons are supported. Sometimes the unit does not fire reliable - I have not found out yet what the problem here is. The bullet does not take the same path every time - I don't think that this can be changed Please post any problems or suggestions here in this thread! Have fun during the training :cool:
  7. I experience the same issue in the 1.46RC: The engine sounds of helicopters and tanks in the first person view are heavily distorted. My sound card is the Sound Blaster Omni, Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. When I set the sound card to stereo in the control panel the distortion isn't present. But when I configure it as 5.1 the problem occurs every time.
  8. sgtpepper

    X-55 stops working after opening controls

    I experience the same problem with my force feedback 2 joystick.
  9. sgtpepper

    Huge Bug: Zeus loadout lag

    Thank you for the clarification.
  10. sgtpepper

    Huge Bug: Zeus loadout lag

    The fix was mentioned in the dev-branch changelog but I don't see it mentioned in the spotrep of 1.42. I did not try it yet but is this issue resolved in 1.42?
  11. sgtpepper

    Huge Bug: Zeus loadout lag

    Okay thanks for the tip. What is the purpose of upvoting your own tickets? :-D
  12. sgtpepper

    Huge Bug: Zeus loadout lag

    I submitted the ticket. Since I don't know if I can post links the ticket id is 23091
  13. sgtpepper

    Huge Bug: Zeus loadout lag

    I also experience this problem on the official zeus servers. Sometimes it works as it should. But it happens relatively often that the fps drop on the loadout screen (like 4fps) and the respawn timer also is slowed down. Even after respawn the fps are stuck at 4fps. I never experienced this problem before but I think this started with Version 1.36 or 1.38. Is there already a ticket for this issue or should I create one (a fast search did not yield anything).
  14. sgtpepper

    MP Game Mode Support Feedback

    I also think that more detailed documentation would be helpful but I built a support mission following the wiki documentation and it is running. I uploaded it yesterday to my steam workshop so lets hope it also works for other people :D
  15. sgtpepper

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I played the campaign again after the persistent gear update and spent much time looting :D For the Bingo Fuel mission I equipped all my men with nvgs so this was no problem.