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  1. HazardousJay

    An Apology To RHS

    yeesh, of all the things you guys do, you had to pull off a stunt like that.. this aint gonna end well
  2. HazardousJay

    ARMA 3 is a simulator

    damn right its a simulator, its a simulator of attaching objects and Heavy Weapons to a bus and make the most versatile and effective war machine that ever graced the battlefield *experience may vary*
  3. HazardousJay


    hey sir haleks! just a quick question if you dont mind, what parameter should i edit to increase the altitude of the Thargoid-esque alien ship? just curious nvm, found it. it was in the flower.sqf all along.
  4. looking closely at the pics, it seems they have FFV support these are some pretty neat additions!
  5. HazardousJay

    Eagle Wing Campaign Remake

    sadly no luck here, and all the mods i only loaded are the required CUP and nimitz mods tried both the steam and direct download ones
  6. HazardousJay

    Eagle Wing Campaign Remake

    hey there! been having a.. smol issue regarding the mission, i cant seem to get the 2nd mission to work, after finishing the first mission, it kicks me right back to the main menu
  7. splendid!!! downloading now
  8. beautiful! i missed this mission from A2 just a smol suggestion if you dont mind; with the coming release of encore, i think the VLS rockets can help give the intro a bit of "OOMPH" like in the original A2 EW with the arleigh burke destroyers launching missiles, you could slap them VLS turrets on the destroyers and give em a scripted launch sequence on some random place on the map (that wont be visited by the player) but its all cool if you opt not to, the mission is fine either way! cant wait for the 2nd mission
  9. beautiful! keep up the good work man!
  10. HazardousJay

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    hello! i would like to report a bug with the HMG Offroads, all of them are using a single color. color red to be exact, heres the image https://imgur.com/a/ZAVYNxl this bug also affects the vanilla HMG Offroads placed a AT Offroad alongside to show that it only happens with the HMG offroads
  11. HazardousJay

    Community Factions Project

    this is awesome! looking forward to the rest of the factions to be finished! ~~especially the philippine armed forces, ehehehe.~~
  12. my only weakness... beautiful terrains with mountains on em!! this is awesome!! looking forward to the release!
  13. HazardousJay

    Arma continued to sell well in 2017

    heres to another fruitful year for ArmA 3 and Bohemia!
  14. HazardousJay

    White buildings issue

    been noticing this too for awhile now.. this wasnt the case until the update that hit a few weeks ago. and it only happens to that certain building (the long brown house) only. rest of the buildings and houses render properly.
  15. HazardousJay

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    it just keeps getting better and better! awesome job! question regarding its speed. i assume it goes into the "run" animation once a certain speed is reached? example of this would be Wanzer mechs where they start to glide once they reached 75 KPH.