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  1. snackynak

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Equipable WOOBIES confirmed!
  2. snackynak

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Nice! 👍Just in time for a certain DLC!👍
  3. I noticed recently that when making missions in the editor, that the terrain quality is really low. At about 800m is when I start seeing floating objects over the ground, despite having ultra terrain settings. My .arma3profile settings are viewDistance=8000.001; preferredObjectViewDistance=5999.998; terrainGrid=3.125; However, the terrainGrid setting is not taking effect, it's defaulting to something much higher. I can use "setterrainGrid=3.125" and do a local exec in the pause menu to force the option, but I'm not sure why that just isn't the default?
  4. snackynak

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    These are good. Like, really, really good and the fact that they now are better fitted for "BI Standard" vests makes them superb! Great work! Also, I do hope you are willing to refit/remake the old vests from the USM mod to the new fatigues if you are able to find time. Those LBEs and LBVs are still the best
  5. The Dauphin WIP from the facebook page looks very nice, one of my favorite helicopters. Can't wait for the flying triangles as well.
  6. snackynak

    Cold War MOD Idea

    There's the CUP expansion, which is still in development, but farther along then starting from scratch if you want to give them a ring.
  7. snackynak

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.2.1)

    Not sure if this bug has been reported for 3.5, but I noticed that the track animations for the T-15 seem to be reversed.
  8. snackynak

    Fix High Command?

    I would prefer to have a complete DLC overhaul of the high command system, just to add the wargamer element into the game. Being a milsim, I feel that just about all milsim type games completely leave out the most basic aspect of the military, which is the hierarchical command structure of units. You typically get "groups" or "squads", but nothing really beyond that with out scripting and hand crafted missions(and mods like hetman or alive). What I would like to see, is a real chain of command system for both the player and AI, using the module system. For instance, have a platoon module and a company module. Multiple squads would then be synced to the platoon module, with the highest ranking member being made into the platoon leader. Then have multiple platoons synced to the company module, and the highest ranking member would then be the company commander. Combine that with a variety of mission objective modules to sync up with the command modules so that the commanders can give orders to subordinate units as well as call in air or artillery support. An example for a scenario could be an assembly area module is placed and synced to the company module. This is where the CO will order support units to assemble and await orders and well as act as a forward HQ. An assault module is placed with a defined trigger area, and in the assault module you could input "expected resistance" to help define how the CO will order the attack, like armor or infantry, open field or urban. The CO could then send out a platoon to conduct recon of the objective and the platoon leader the sends each squad out into screen lines around the objective until visual contact is made with the enemy. After contact is made, the CO could then use assigned support like artillery or air to help soften the target. Then the actual assault where the remaining platoons position themselves around the target and bound forward, calling out targets and calling for support (like dust off, resupply) if needed. If there's too many losses then the CO can order a retreat where every one pulls back to the AA, or if successful occupy the objective and send resupply there.
  9. snackynak

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There should be special waypoints under the waypoint menu. Same goes for the TU-95.
  10. snackynak

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Maybe something that's been requested before, but something that I've always wanted to see come to arma is a hierarchical AI module system. Something like hetman, but in module form. The idea that I had would be similar set-up to the high command system. You would sync squads to the squad module, the squad module gets synced to the platoon module, the platoon module gets synced to the company module, ect, ect. The intent would be that the squads which are synced as a platoon would operate as one, with split formations and tactics like bounding overwatch or cordon of an area. Platoons synced as a company would do something similar, but over a wider area such as a city or over an AO that is a few km wide. Each module would then also have options to designate roles and mission objectives. The company module would have mission options tied to markers set as an AO for area denial where road blocks, OPs and screen lines would be set up, along with phase line markers for assaults. Platoon and squad modules could have role options, like supply, recon, cordon, heavy weapons, ect. There could also be an insurgent version of this as well, with cells that plant IEDs, set up ambushes, ect. I feel like when it comes to milsim gaming, an automated nested command structure, or being build around realistic TOEs still kind of seems to be non-existent or not quite on the mark.
  11. snackynak


    I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this with the SU-24, but it appears some of the normals may be flipped or some sort of shader issue. When viewed from a certain angle, the mesh is slightly transparent and you can see the silhouette of the pilots lower body and of the objects behind the plane. I'm not running any external sweetfx or anything, so I'm not sure if it's on my end or not. pic1 pic2
  12. snackynak

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ah, thanks for the answer :D
  13. snackynak

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or intentional, but it appears that tanks that are equipped with ATGMs use them against aircraft with remarkable accuracy, regardless of aircraft speed or evasive action. Is this an RHS feature or a Arma feature? I don't remember tanks missile sniping A-10s and SU-25s with previous builds.
  14. snackynak

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just a question for the mod devs, What's the biggest SAM system planned for the mod? Will it be just the smaller, mobile units like the SA-9, Avenger, 2S6, ect, or are there plans for the larger radar guided systems like the MIM-104, SA-10, SA-11, SA-6? With perhaps something similar to the pook sampack with spawnable pre-setup battery sites? BTW, the Mi-28 looks pretty sweet.
  15. snackynak


    Is there a way to adjust spawn pools? Like, for instance, if I want to remove vanilla military uniforms and vehicles from spawning. Also, have zombies and bandits that are wearing random RHS gear?