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    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Great job with Dissention, keep updated! Personal test server up, location Europe. Server name: Test Dissension -RHS-ACE-TFAR- veteran Address: Server version: 184144923 Required game version: 1.84.0
  2. Juicy mod Scar! I'll try to develop some missions with Alive for our clan. Grazie!
  3. I added you on steam, keep in touch!
  4. Just to let you know, this is one of our old project, unhopefully I don't have enough time to spent on it but I'm happy to see someone had a similar idea!!! If you need help just contact me! Buon lavoro!
  5. [DR]Alex

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Yes I know and here there is a issue report explained in ACE3 github https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/1677 After dismount from vehicle every ACE left mouse button action become useless, drag and drop fellows, place items etc. This bug is present only in server match, not in SP. I hope didn't hurt you about my dig in this issue i love your mission and ACE too!
  6. [DR]Alex

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Same problem here on same server configurations. And yes this is the best mission I've ever played [emoji6] Thank you! Inviato dal mio cellulare
  7. [DR]Alex

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thank you guys for this huge CTI, and yes our clan enjoyed. ;) We have played in vanilla configuration and we have not encountered any major bugs.
  8. [DR]Alex

    Idea: CTI template mission

    Hey Celludriel lovely idea!!! Our clan plays often cti missions and this kind of modular CTI is a godsend for mission makers like me. I hope that you will continue the development of this project , meanwhile I follow this thread and github branch!
  9. Website: http://www.drunkenreapers.org Language: Italian / English Number of active soldiers: 4 Timezone: UTC +1 (CET) Recruiting: YES New member required qualifications: Must be 18 y.o. Contact person: Fr3eman, Alex Description: We are a new italian Virtual Unit, born one year ago and quickly growing. We have a full modular training system that bring any new and seasoned soldiers to the unit's FCR (Full Combat Ready) level. We organize at least 1 official internal activities for training and operative missions.We're open to host other (international) match and participate in coordinated events. Visit our site and check-in in our TS Server: ts.drunkenreapers.org:8087 We are also developing as a multigaming community and are playing with DCS World 1.5 and Falcon BMS 4.33 as well! See us on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/TheDrunkenReapers/ Ciao! This is our server
  10. Hi guys, since yesterday i have issue to launch multiplayer sessions. My game crash on desktop every time i try to enter or create multiplayer rooms. This is the error Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros.hpp not found. I tryed to manually reinstall the modfolder and/or launch the game without mods, but the problem persists. Regards.
  11. Thank you Silola for the release of your powerfull tool!!! ☺
  12. Hi guys, i have one question. Is possibile to load the ZGM A3 objects list template in Zeus 3d editor instead use the traditional 3d editor?
  13. Thank for your support Neo, it work like a charm!
  14. Yes we know, we are trying some test. The optimal number of vegetation object is estimated to 1.000.000, but we attempt to decrease without spoil the visual impact. Yes another wonderful piece of Italy..thanks and good luck to you too.
  15. Please change my username to '@lex' if possible. Thank you
  16. Ciao Cype, i try to explain better Freeman question: few days ago we have activated the vbs3 version (full visitor4) and imported the Elba project inside. We had some problems to import the a3 objects, most likely becouse the vbs version has its own library and objects. For now maybe i have found a way to loading them but without template, so i can export the object.txt created and reimport them in "visitor lite".
  17. Hi Neo thank you for your useful tool, it save me from a lot of work!!! But today i had an issue, it stopped working and when i start it immediately closes. I have reinstalled the runtime for visual studio but same issue! Any suggestion?? Windows 8.1 AMD processor
  18. Hello guys, I'm really glad to see your interest in our project and we will do our best to keep up the project! For me it is really difficult to work with little time to spare and tools "standard" of bohemia, but I am sure that with the help of my clan and this community all will be fine. Now let me answer your questions: Great idea!! But for that job we need an Oxygen "developer" maybe.... The island is build from scratch without ArmA2 elements. As soon as possible, stick this thread to be updated. I hope in a Christmas "alpha" present. Pinus, Quercus, Fraxinus (object density 200 per hectare with low cluster proportion) Again Thank you for interest Regards Alex