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  1. I will come forward as the Norabo of the team, aka the guy addicted to any form of Norwegian military kit. Not joking from an M04 "office uniform" to a M2000 by cato-ringstad some replicas of M07s and a hk416N and a C8 SFW with a colt canada front folding sight, to cye uniforms from the shades of sand when you might need to intercept some pirates back in golf of Aden MJK style with a Kejo helmet and an LBT to trying to show off harder than PVNOR with an old bear vest for a g3 that doesn't even take 416 mags so needing a pair in ranger green I got a lot of kit from you guys, dammit I even learned the basic of Norwegian including the 50 shades of horse jokes. With that said you must assume I tried my hardest to make NFM our official contractor for kit in N-Kamo and ofc 416s, etc. But there is a reason why I didn't join the NORAF mod although I still need to send Warden the lp of the c8, dammit. But don´t worry you will see Norway around one of this days and Asteland will be there by your side as bad ass nordic brothers we are and together we shall make CSAT know where Til Valhalla comes from (Hint: not us marines or us armed forces)
  2. Not CADPAT, that is Guy Cramer´s work, this, although is based on the same principle, it is as much as a copy of CADPAT as Marpat is one, or ESTPAT or Surpat. If you were to have a player in each camo you will notice it. Now I would even suggest you trying to find the easter eggs we left in it ;)
  3. tasksoldier121

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Looking very nice, time to get maritime!!!!
  4. Night Stream https://www.twitch.tv/tasksoldier121 Edit: its back online Edit(2338GMT): Stream off
  5. tasksoldier121

    AM Studios - Conversion Mod

    That is clearly a HP model, the only issue is that the supporting geometry is a bit tight and makes it look sharp. Ideally if defcon could loosen it a bit so the corners are more smooth then a bake will look much better. The rule of thumb is to make the corners exaggeratedly smooth in comparison to IRL.
  6. Mister Ramsay. I hope you understand you are not alone in your disgust by such bucket of aluminium, but unless you need very specific mission related assets like AA, the chances are you are going with a Pasi.
  7. Here lived something.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FTaylorSwiftToAfghanistan%2Fvideos%2F10151083846275935%2F&show_text=0&width=560
  9. tasksoldier121

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    That riptstop alpha, OMG. I need to call santa.
  10. In my opinion I would skip retextures all together, we have seen a lot of them by now, maybe just one uniform as a place holder but that is it. As ineptaphid said, a full faction made from the ground up can take years on the make, look at ASTFOR as example, no asset in game is usefull to us other than the player character and that is at this time. We are making everything new from grenades to uniforms to our own everything and even getting the basics done as taken a lot of time and we are a team of 8 people. Aim for something really small like get a photo of a soldier you like be it SF or regular and try make all he is using. Just there you got at least 1 year worth of work. If you need help shot me a pm I can´t make things for you but I can guide you all you need. On the other side consider look for a Team making a mod and join them if you like their idea, working with people used to the workflows, etc will help you a lot as you will gain friends and people to support you moraly and technicly. It also means that you can for example just model, or texture or code and not have to worry with the rest.
  11. tasksoldier121

    Lowlands Warrior: Colt C7/C8 NLD

    My boss just over me might kill me for this but if you or someone else that reads this wants to begin taking Arma modeling serious and making "the real shit". Don´t be afraid and get in touch with the more veteran modmakers here if you show effort and dedication they will help you. It might not be a lot but this old timer still is a good starting point, RHS has also released some new tuts. But remember if you embark in this journey you will have a lot to learn by yourself so keep searching for more.
  12. http://imgur.com/MVAhAKX if i may help you with that
  13. tasksoldier121

    Project Infinite v1.0

    That is a nice looking RK none the less, curious by the material, is that a blender model or maya ?
  14. If i may say we have the best Issued plate carrier in the world, it literally has all the bells and whistles you would want, from a fancy quick detach system based on the TUBES system also found on the First Spear stuff, inner yoke for maximum comfort and weight distribution, helped by the fact all the elements are separated parts so can move freely allowing mobility only known in very light vests, its fire retardant naturally due to the fabric because its not your run of the mile cordura, it has a kangaroo pouch, excellent dragging handle and can fit inner flotation. This makes the LBT 6094 look bad. Also the MOLLE and all the straps have been retained in the LP so it will look that bit more realistic in game, now wait for the pouches I m adding as well as the stuff that will go on top of that helmet.
  15. Yes the IWM made that improvement when copying the rk62, because the galil is a refinement of the RK62, which is a refinement of the ak design. All of which was refined to make our FFVs, basically we got a almost perfect gun.
  16. forum_checkup.exe running ... Missing text found Initiating procedural text generator ... "Hello everyone, this is the full and finished family of FFVs, Astelands GI gun" Generation Complete Sending box of eggpalnts and rescue team to Jobo Location ... Finding Jobo ... Jobo Found Entities Sent Stupid computer program attempt terminated, admin message display "I know you code guys either laughed or facepalmed, but I don`t care I love it this way"
  17. tasksoldier121

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Looking good
  18. I would like to thank the large amount of eggplants and peppers. Their painfully amazing mood setting capabilities are unheard of.
  19. tasksoldier121

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Its notable improvement none the less, solid work.
  20. tasksoldier121

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Shhh, let him be in his seal bubble he might be shocked ofwhat there is out side.
  21. tasksoldier121

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Not American or hot weather that is for sure.
  22. Yes, that is right
  23. you forgot this
  24. tasksoldier121

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Looks interesting, and fresh. Also congrats for the R&D on the optical camo!