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  1. I'm sorry to hear that but now that 3DEN has come out I don't think this will be useful anymore.
  2. You should be able to see all servers regardless of what mods you or the server has.
  3. Try using "ModuleExplosive_DemoCharge_F" instead of "DemoCharge_F".
  4. you could use disableAI "MOVE" on the driver, then re-enable it after the tank it takes fire (handleDamage EH).
  5. I would generally recommend against using ACE in SP missions unless the author specifically made the mission ACE-compatible. Some of the scripts in ACE can be mission-breaking since ACE medical changes since ACE medical changes the damage model (which can lead to essential units dying when they're not supposed to), and ACE explosive can mess with missions that require you to use explosives. Also, ACE eats up quite a bit of your CPU which can be troublesome for some missions.
  6. You can try all of that but I doubt any of the above will work, because assignCurator (which I assume is the command used to initialize the zeus module) only takes type:OBJECT as input. I would just do something like this: 1. In the editor, name your zeus module, something like: CuratorObj 2. Define a function that allows you to assign on the fly a player as zeus by UID. Note: this only works when executed on server. (Put this in initServer.sqf or init.sqf) fnc_assignCuratorByUID = { params ["_uid", "_curatorObj"]; //_uid param should be type STRING; { if ((getPlayerUID _x) == _uid) exitWith {_x assignCurator _curatorObj}; } forEach playableUnits; }; 3. Execute the function like this. Note that this command only takes effect when execute on server so there is no point in executing it on clients. (You could put it into initServer.sqf, or into init.sqf with an "if isServer then {}" check.) ["5645645645646456", CuratorObj] call fnc_assignCuratorByUID;
  7. They should still be their as long as your modset didn't change. The categorization may be different so it might be difficult to find them. I would recommend using the search field (found above the asset list).
  8. 4 fps is not good. Consider spawning less AI at one time, and only spawn AI in a zone when players are close. Even with headless clients having more than 100+ AI at once can be dangerous. And it gets worse the more players you have.
  9. So... to sum up, Eden settings are currently bugged. You would have to define respawn settings in description.ext.
  10. Another option is to edit mission.sqm with a text editor (make sure not to binarize it when you save scenario), and copy/paste the stuff related to your virtual arsenal to other vehicles. Everything will be done inside mission.sqm.
  11. The while loop will continue as long as either "the player is alive" OR "the map is open". In this case you need to kill the player AND close the map for the loop to end.
  12. format["%1", _group] will return something like "B: Alpha-1-1". I believe str _group has the same behavior. You can convert vehicle/unit variable names into string using vehicleVarName, so a workaround would be. format["(group %1) call test", vehicleVarName ((units _group) select 0)]
  13. One issue I see is you used many onMapSingleClick event handlers. Problem is that there can only be one onMapSingleClick active at one time. In order to stack multiple onMapSingleClick's, use BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler instead. As a matter of fact you should always use BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler instead of onMapSingleClick to ensure compatibility with other scripts. To remove the EH, you should be using BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler instead of using onMapSingleClick "".
  14. That looks great. I am actually surprised you got it working. Making AI move straight from point A to point B consistently is almost as difficult as landing on the moon. If you're going for cinematic effect, you could [a] script continuous suppression fire. It would also be possible to script the gun/coax to aim at the infantry and then fire. Useful commands include: fireAtTarget, forceWeaponFire. (Try both and see which one works. In my experience fireAtTarget works well for vehicle guns/static weapons and forceWeaponFire works for infantry). To make sure the gun is aimed at a target before it fires you would also need doWatch and aimedAtTarget, perhaps something like this: _tank doWatch _target; waitUntil {_tank aimedAtTarget [_target] > 0}; _tank fireAtTarget [_target]; fireAtTarget will only make the gun fire once. To force the tank to use the coax MG and fire in bursts, you need to designate the weapon to be used, and write a for loop for continued fire: _weaponName = "something"; //change "something" to weaponName for the tank coax MG (You can get the current weaponName and muzzleName with weaponState) _weaponMuzzleName = "something"; //change "something" to muzzleName for the tank coax MG, this might be the same as muzzleName. _tank doWatch _target; waitUntil {_tank aimedAtTarget [_target, _weaponName] > 0}; //A loop for burst fire for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _tank fireAtTarget [_target, _weaponMuzzleName]; sleep 0.1; }; If any of these is confusing I also have a working script for making static MGs fire at targets in a trigger area. It should be easy to convert that for a tank coax gun. I'll see if I can find it later.