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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    great mod sir plz can u make the gbu-43 more effective it only destroy less than half unit in the area of the bomb , it look so powerful that it should no infantry in that area be alive and vehicle should be at least badly damaged also when i detonate the gbu 43 on land with c4 , there is no smoke or fire effect
  2. arma301


    @oOKexOo 3) sorry i was wrong in the name of module the problem happen to "create artillery target" and "create suppression target"
  3. arma301


    great job i love the attachto added to this mod the advanced composition tool works only on object i mean when i add unit to a compostion , when i spawn it they act like objects and don't react to anything (they spawn with the yellow icon) another thing even if i create composition of only objects when i spawn them , i cant edit them one by one they move as group so i find a tricky method to overcome this problem , which is by attach them to something then detach but u know in large composition that will be a problem :/ one last thing , the create artelery target support , i cant move it and cant delete it too anyways good job and sorry for bad english
  4. arma301

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    hi good mod man but can u make the body became like this after explosion the picture is from arma 2 mod called COSLX strangely i tried this mod on arma 3 today and it worked !!