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  1. That's definitely not it, I've already looked into it. Now that's super interesting, I've never seen this before and I've looked into his stuff in the past. Thanks!
  2. I think I did a very poor job of explaining this. Basically there are functions like hostMission, that let you start an mp mission from main menu, or playMission for sp missions from main menu. Is there a similar one for joining a server someone else is hosting?
  3. Hello! This is an odd question. I've thought of the idea of a "unified arma" gamemode that crosses between sp and mp missions. By default, that would require the player to manually switch between the two, as expected. However, learning of engine extensions like Intercept, I'm wondering if there's a way to utilize something like the automatic server connect when you launch the game, or the engine function that connects to a server, so that it's more seamless or instant? If it could be utilized in c++ that would be huge. Thanks!
  4. Right, makes sense. Texture work is not something I'm very familiar with though. Maybe you can help me. Looking at two different skycrapers in the PBO for the Seattle structures, I get this: I'm assuming because there are no textures linked to the building because they're just reflections, they just don't have anything listed at all other than the roof, vent and door.. Not really sure what to do about this. As you can see right below it some of them don't have anything at all and are entirely reflections. It's not legal to de-binarize the p3d and stick a texture to it either. However, as I said above there are long-distance textures that fade away when you get up closer. No idea where those are and whether I can keep them like that.
  5. I can guarantee you nobody is going to help me so relying on that wouldn't be worth much. Here's another option, one that's more likely to work: The textures that appear when you're further away from the buildings render perfectly fine. Obviously a little low detail but it works. Is anyone aware of how which texture I have to replace with what to make them both the same? That way the buildings would always load.
  6. Interesting, do these cars have collision hitboxes like regular vehicles? The reason why the TKOH ones didn't was because there were hundreds of them on the map at all times, and it was too much for the engine. Very much this, they're extremely unique. Is it against the TOS to extract some of the regular buildings from the game and make them standalone objects that I could place down? They aren't anywhere near as impressive but it would do the trick.
  7. Hello! For the last little while I've been attempting to properly bring Take On Helicopter's Seattle map into Arma 3, with mixed results. For one though, the terrain actually does load. Most buildings, water, roads etc. all work fine. The same low detail roads are present, but the actual textures look better up close which is nice. However, that's about where the issues start. For anybody that's played TKOH (not very many of those) they will know that some buildings. skyscrapers in particular, have realtime reflections. These do not render in A3 at all. What's left are big blue blocks, and quite a few of them at that. As it existed pre-A3 I can't change the textures with script, I suppose I could forcefully remove them but it would remove a ton of buildings off the map. Been struggling with this as the central issue. The other one is the ambient cars. Again for those that have played it, the Seattle map has automatically spawning cars that drive around all major roads. They don't have any collision, which is kinda lame but without them the massive terrain feels entirely empty. Would be interested in what the community has to say about this, or perhaps even a possible solution I'm aware of concerning the lack of textures (I'm thinking it's maybe a shader issue?), and whether there's a community interest in getting this brought over as the CUP Team has stated they won't do it. Thank you!
  8. Well, there is this command i mentioned, but I'm not sure if it even applies to map objects or just buildings. I can't test it in A3 so I attempted to do this in A2 and it didn't appear to work. I guess worst case scenario I just remove the buildings.
  9. Hello! Title says most of it. Attempting to port the TOH Seattle map over and noticing some buildings lack texture because of missing shaders. Can setObjectTexture be used with the object ID of the building to replace the texture? I can't really think of another way to do this. Alternatively if you do I'd love to hear it!
  10. Hey everyone! After noticing someone ported the South Asia map to A3, I decided to take a similar try at the Seattle map as I quite enjoy it. It mostly worked out, but there were two stand out issues - the ambient cars weren't on the major roads (can figure that out myself most likely), and all the skyscrapers weren't really there, they were big blocks of blue nothing! What I'm talking about So, I figured I would ask here if anyone had this figured out before me. I believe I know why this happens, as the large buildings on this map don't have typical textures like all the others; they're real time reflections, a first for a BI game. I've tried moving the shader files I found into A3's bin.pbo, but that didn't help anything. I've also looked extensively through the TOH pbos and can't find anything useful or related. I really wanna see this map ported, does anyone know or at least have an idea on how to either get the reflections in or just replacing them with normal textures? Huge thanks in advance!
  11. Does ALICE 2 incorporate SILVIE for its vehicles? If so then yeah, I am. Thanks for your advice, will try it out!
  12. Hey! Quick question. I'm trying to set up a mission that uses ALICE 2 to spawn civs and traffic, but I don't want the player to be able to hitch a free ride off of them, as all the vehicles spawned are unlocked. How can I change this so they're all locked at spawn? Thanks!
  13. Exactly what I needed, thank you! This'll come in huge help :p
  14. Hello, I'm trying to use a custom script that places gear inside all of the listed building coordinates, but I'm using Lingor as the map and don't know how to simply get a list of all the coordinates the map has for buildings. Is this something I can do? Thanks!