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  1. gzhegow

    1.58 new stand bug

    understood. i dont try on vanilla, just before it works correctly at our modpack.
  2. Today i've healing on server in prone state (using hard-medic ACE mode), after 8 bandage my soldier become through sand bag that lying in the front of my position. Soldier did be killed but i didnt move forward after or between healings.
  3. gzhegow

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    got same problem from one of my friends. his fps become 1 :D i have tbb4malloc in startup params. my friend, i think - no
  4. Last version (1.56) we have detected next bug (steps to reproduce): 0. Get primary weapon to your hands 1. toggle combat-walk 2. lower your weapon 3. you will be move silent without sound (your soldier is playing animation - moving and carry weapon with one hand) Bugs: 1) silent moving 2) where you push SPRINT key from these state - you will be play healing soldier animation and slow down the speed. === In version 1.58 we have detected new bug (steps to reproduce): 0. Get the primary weapon in your hands 1. Sit down with X key 2. Use CTRL+S to get down your stand (down-sit) or CTRL+W to get your stand up (up-sit) 3. Use B key to get binoculars From 3rd person you will take binoculars, that will be removed from your hands - you will be see through empty hands. From first person your soldier will play animation "seriosly wounded carrying" i think or something - they wont get the binoculars and trying to brake-dancing. Where you try to get binoculars in down-stand/up-stand OR down-prone/up-prone - all will be ok, the soldier first make his stand normal, after that get binoculars. === Need to fix these 2 bugs.
  5. When i stand at same place, the key gets soldier to sit down. When i press it twice or third - i still sit down When am moving i press my X key (sit down command, not toggle sit/stand) - soldier becomes stand. Bug.
  6. When you open the map, the game creates "point" that uses to calculate sound volumes. Where we're moving - the point is still at same place, that seems "engine sound" becomes silent. Fix it please.
  7. gzhegow

    Reloading when prone

    ok i see your minds - shutting up all around you. i've passed you)
  8. never never... you're positived i see. take these binoculars at your table and try to move your body left right. i think you will do this well.
  9. gzhegow

    Reloading when prone

    simple. it may be realized in 1.58 :((
  10. gzhegow

    Arma Infantry less-weaponed falling

    yes, seems that, i've tested on original, its ACE bug sorry
  11. Simple, when i need to see behind the stone, i like to use CTRL+w/+s to change stand up and down. With binoculars its not working
  12. Add control key "nigth vision up" and "night vision down" replaces "night vision" for scopes like nightstalker to ability to switch up and down vision modes. Thank you Same ability is required in some vehicles that has thermal and night vision, tiger, tairan etc
  13. Known problem, what we fix with installing another Arsenal. When we dont have some item in arsenal - saved PRESET is NOT WORKING. That requires creating 5-10 presets for each map for each scenario. I have 122 presets and i forgot what i saved in first three presets. Now about: what it must work? When load preset without something items - items will be passed and preset is loaded WITHOUT these items. Simple. === For advanced i would be fix auto loading in RAM all virtual armory items. I think - beuty way is loading in RAM selected in virtual arsenal model only, not both items, that takes a lot of time if have three-four global mods. === Sometimes needs sorting by weight/defend/ammo count and another == Sometimes need text field for inline search in virtual arsenal by 2-3 first letters of item name == Sometimes zeus or eden requires creating trigger with VA or make both item a VA
  14. We have used this trick a few times to recap your stamina. You get a 40 kg of ammo, tubes and weapons and very bored after using sprint key?? Dont worry! Release your sprint key Press 2xCTRL for direct your weapon down Press your combat-walk toggle key for your soldier carry the weapon with ONLY ONE hand Continue walking. You lose 1-2 kilometers of speed, but you get: - walking without sound at all (silent walking) - a little fast walking (like basic walking) - very fast stamina recaping same as you stay/prone I think its a bug) need to fix