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  1. There will be regulars Russians troops ? Basically CSAT infantry but with Russians, voices and skins, and AK-12 variants in a sub-faction like the Scimitar Regiment.
  2. You talk about ArmA 3 Contact Spetsnaz but you send regular russian army picture :D Currently Spetsnaz look more like that: It's very similar to NATO stuff so I think A3 Devs just want something really Russian and not NATO-like stuff. Sorry for my low-level english. :(
  3. I think „ Luxuriant “ ( Lush ) is more neutral than „ Tropical “ cause it's not for jungle only.
  4. KizzouUl

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Hi, this DLC looks really amazing ! I only have one problem currently, there will be „ Woodland “ camo' for CSAT too or it's only for NATO forces ?
  5. KizzouUl


    Hi, have a problem with Warlord. Basically, the virtual arsenal in new official Warlord MP mode is unbalanced. I recently join an official Warlord server by Bohemia ( in RC Version ) and this : Only with Vorona launcher. When I joined the server, I have circa 50 k / 60 k of CP and just use Vorona to destroy ennemies armored and use Virtual Arsenal to ressuply myself. The problem is, there are no restriction for virtual arsenal, I can use it in friendly or ennemy territory, disputed or not. Just took 5 seconds and 1 000 CP to ressuply myself in combat and destroy tanks like a true war machine, like I'm cheating. Need fix for Virtual Arsenal. ( Sorry for my bad English )
  6. Someone can explain to me ? « Added: "Maddog" LOAL capability for the AMRAAM and R77 missiles » From Development Branch Changelog, 13-06-2018 post.
  7. Hi, how to get the « No Requiem » achievement ? Thanks,
  8. KizzouUl

    Arma3 Videos

    Hey everyone ! Watch the new Ghostovich video about Tanks DLC: This guy deserves more views for his great work !
  9. Hi devs ! Could you add : - An 'Olive' variant for the AAF's main Assault Rifle Mk20. - A 'CTRG Sand' camo variant for the CTRG Stealth Uniform ( and Stealth Helmet ). - Tanoa variant for NATO vehicles. ( Sorry I did not notice you already added it ) And thanks for Tanks DLC, what an amazing contents ! ( Google Translation English, be understanding )
  10. Fake ? Or real ? Because it's a part of Aegis Mod...
  11. KizzouUl

    Tank DLC, Speculation.

    Hoping that FIA/Syndikat gets an hold Soviet Era MBT like T-72 to be able to respond to other factions ( NATO, CSAT ). ( Гиви with Сомали Battalion ) But a SPA for AAF it's a good idea too.
  12. KizzouUl

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Israelian Sabra Russian T-14 Armata Polish PL-01
  13. Hi everyone, please dear devs, can you make " Sort by mods " by default in virtual arsenal ( I'm not English I don't know if " Sort by mods " is the right expression in English game version ), o7