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  1. SITREP – December 2017 With the new year around the corner, our community would like to share an upcoming event we’re planning to host in the first quarter of 2018. We are looking to fill a company-sized series of cooperative missions based on the Battle of Guadalcanal in WWII. We are looking to fill around 30-40 slots in addition to our active member player base. The mod requirements for the event are going to be relatively light. Right now, we’re only looking at Faces of War, ACE3, ACRE2 and AppTac Extras (our set in in-house mods). Mods will be downloaded via the Steam Workshop. The event should take place around February of 2018, with a start time of 2000 ZULU/GMT; a more definitive date will be provided once we’re closer. We’re looking for either 1 or 2 communities to fill in these additional slots, so if you’re a unit leader who is interested and is of the right size, do feel free to add me on Steam or drop me a PM. Screens from the front
  2. @strider42 Hey thanks for the response, we've finally got it to work. Apparently reupdating the ACE3 mod fixed the issue. Might have been a corrupted upload or something.
  3. Our community has been having issues with having the serverconfig.hpp to work. For some reason, it's always defaulting to the default settings and we've only been having this issue after the update.
  4. Awesome work there! I hope I am not alone, but I absolutely hate the ragdoll in A3 where it only happens when you're killed. There's almost no incentive for other players to check on you anymore as it is almost plain obvious if you've died or are simply downed.
  5. Community Overview Applied Tactical is a multi-gaming community focused on tactical and team-oriented play. We expect our members to be mature, cooperative and respectful individuals who are looking to play games tactically, and are comfortable in working with others to achieve a common objective. As a multi-national community, we welcome members from around the globe, however do understand that our servers are located in North America and English is the de facto language of communication. Our ArmA 3 group hopes to offer our members tactical and realistic play without the fluff of standard mil-sim communities. We believe our member should have equal opportunity to select roles and responsibilities on a mission-by-mission basis based on their comfort level. Currently our main weekly operations begin at 2000 ZULU/GMT and 1900 ZULU/GMT when North American daylight savings is in effect. What We Offer Realistic, Varied Missions—As a tactical realism server, we do not believe in locking ourselves into one faction or conflict. In a single session, you may be playing as Soviets in Afghanistan in one mission and US Marines in Iraq the next. We built all our missions using Olsen’s Framework to ensure fluidity when joining-in-progress or spectating after death. Our missions are a mixed of cooperative and team versus team missions. Friendly Atmosphere—Members within our community tend to be laid back outside of missions. Unlike traditional mil-sim communities, we do not have set ranks and rosters; roles and duties are selected on a comfort-level basis. In addition, we treat all members equally. Officer positions are merely for administrative purposes. Members' contributions to the community are equally valued. Comprehensive Modset—We play an extremely modified version of ArmA 3 that contains weapons and equipment that covers various conflicts and eras. Generally, our missions tend to avoid equipment from the post-modern setting of ArmA 3. Mods in our modest include, but are not limited to: RHS, 3CB, CUP Terrains, ACE3 and ACRE. Strong Tactical Focus—For the most part, our community tries to play missions as realistically as possible with a strong emphasis to team-work and real-world tactics. We have a strong active and former military core of members, along with a series of optional trainings for new members to improve their tactical cohesion with the group. We require all new members to attend a one-time familiarization training course to ensure everyone gets on the same tactical page. How to Apply If you like what’s been described above, then you’re more than welcome to apply! Currently we are only accepting applicants 18 years of age and above. In addition, we strongly urge all our members to have a working microphone before playing with us. To apply, simply go to our website and register. Upon verifying your registration, you should see an “Apply for Membership” button on the tab just below the title. Simply click on that and fill out the form honestly and to the best of your abilities; we are not testing your English abilities, but rather are simply trying to gauge if you’re a right fit with us. You should not need to write no more than a 3 sentence paragraph for the written questions. Links Website In-session Screenshots
  6. Kansiov

    Global Mobilization

    Hypetrain is accelerating! CWR2 was one of my favorite A2 mods, and it's nice to see it reincarnated.
  7. Kansiov

    ArmA 2 Stryker Pack

    Congratulations for adding absolutely nothing to the conversation. All I am alluding to is currently the only way to get working Strykers in game--the primary Armored Personnel Carrier of the US Army--is to download a 3GB mod which contains a lot of redundancy.
  8. Kansiov

    ArmA 2 Stryker Pack

    As much as I like the Strykers there I don't feel like downloading all 3GB worth of files--especially when lots of vehicles there pretty much overlap RHS content--is worth it.
  9. Kansiov

    Project RACS

    Textures seem awesome! Great to have see a mid-tech faction back in the game. Is the plan to have any CUP requirements or will this be entirely standalone?
  10. Kansiov

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just wondering... are there any plans to add the Stryker, AAV and LAVs in the future? The troop carriers on the US side are really lacking. I know there are mods already out there for these, but it'll be great if we could have them consolidated under one mod.
  11. Kansiov

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does anyone know the classname for the Ramp of the RHS Chinook? I'm trying to get the AI to lower it on a certain waypoint. I've tried numerous names, still no joy.
  12. ACE + CSM? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  13. Kansiov

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    Looks very promising, will definitely keep and eye out for this.
  14. Kansiov

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    Awesome! We're another step closer to a Falklands mission :p
  15. With the recent addition of numerous mod content due to the MANW Contest, we have begun revamping our entire modset that would better suit the needs of our community. We believe the current modset, discussed jointly with our friends from The Company has laid a solid groundwork for the future of our communities; the additions, notably RHS: Escalation, AiATP and EODS, along with significant updates from mods such as TFR and AGM, will enhance our commitment to serious fun in a realistic environment. With that, we are actively looking for mature, tactical oriented players who are interested to what we have to offer. We believe your addition to our community would benefit us as: 1) having a larger playerbase would allow larger, more diverse set of missions and roles; and 2) the value new members and their personalities would add to our community. Here's what to expect once you've joined the 9th Ironfist Division: + Serious Fun. We play ARMA as a tactical military shooter, not a military emulator; members are not required to strictly follow real military protocols. + Commitment, not Obligation. We will not subject our members to mandatory session attendance. + Voluntary Learning. Training sessions will be conducted for members who want to learn techniques and tactics from more veteran members of the community. + Informal Chain of Command. Outside of operations, all members of the community will be treated equally, leadership positions are purely administrative only. + Mods. Frankly, we dislike the futuristic setting for ARMA 3. To remedy the issue, we play with a sizable modset that can be easily downloaded and updated via PlaywithSix. + Immersive Gameplay. No third-person, no crosshairs; we operate in an environment that is as realistic as possible. Here's a short excerpt from our first session alongside The Company with our new modset: