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  1. Overview ! The R&D department is always hard at work on several super sekrit projects. One of my personal favourites is our push to set fire to the action menu improve the interaction and overall UX of Arma 3, and in doing so we've already unlocked hard-coded keys, added new Infantry and Vehicle Weapon Switching technology and quite recently offered more access to controlling the Command Menu. One thing we've noticed a lot is that the Action Menu can sometimes get a little... cluttered, which can lead to the accidental triggering of certain actions and people getting violently murdered a little frustrated. Improvements ! In order to help remedy the situation, we've added new technology which allows Action Menu items to be hidden based on whether specific controls have been bound to a key! We've currently configured this to work with our new weapon switching controls, which is pretty awesome, because it now hides the redundant weapon actions from the menu (so hopefully you won't switch to your pistol when trying to open a door anymore :banghead:). To test this out, go into your options and bind these controls to some keys: Switch to Primary Weapon Switch to Handgun Switch to Secondary Weapon Alternatively, just use the new Apex Controls Preset and watch how those pesky actions will no longer haunt your your screen. :lol: Feedback ! We plan on improving this further to reduce more actions, so feel free to leave feedback on this shiny new tech, and perhaps also how you would like to see it evolve in the future. Cheers :)
  2. endstar

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Ah, yes! So, the engine itself actually does all the heavy lifting and will automatically determine the weapon type based on the ammo simulation. However, there may be instances where this simply isn't enough, and so we added an override, which can be applied to the ammunition (CfgAmmo) using the config parameter weaponType: class CfgAmmo { class B_19mm_HE; class B_30mm_HE : B_19mm_HE { weaponType = "cannon"; }; class BulletBase; class B_30mm_AP : BulletBase { weaponType = "cannon"; }; }; The weapon category strings are: "cannon" "mGun" "rocket" "missileAA" "missileAT" "missileAAAT" "bomb" "special" Note: If the string is empty, the weapon category will be determined automatically by the engine. Hope that helps!
  3. Glad you like it! Regarding your question about grenades, it is actually possible to cycle through your available grenades using the LCTRL+G key combination - feel free to re-bind this to suit your needs. Finally, the reason why "Secondary Weapon" was chosen was because your secondary weapon may not necessarily be a launcher (considering Arma 3 as a platform). However, I do understand that this may be misleading. Perhaps we'll re-visit the string naming at some point. Thanks for the feedback! :)
  4. endstar

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    No worries. There are four new actions available that allow for vehicle weapon switching, with each new action relating to a weapons group. These weapon groups exist as config parameters in the vehicle class and return an enumerated number value, which correlates to a specific weapon type or grouping of weapon types. The available weapon types and their values are as follows, defined in Arma 3's basic defines: #define WEAPONGROUP_CANNONS 1 // Cannons #define WEAPONGROUP_MGUNS 2 // Machine Guns #define WEAPONGROUP_ROCKETS 4 // Rockets #define WEAPONGROUP_AAMISSILES 8 // Anti-Air Missiles #define WEAPONGROUP_ATMISSILES 16 // Anti-Tank Missiles #define WEAPONGROUP_MISSILES 32 // All / Other Missiles #define WEAPONGROUP_BOMBS 64 // Bombs #define WEAPONGROUP_SPECIAL 128 // Laser Designator + Misc The weapons group config parameters in the vehicle class can then use these enumerated values to determine what weapon types exist under which group. class CfgVehicles { class MyPrettyAirplane { weaponsGroup1 = WEAPONGROUP_CANNONS + WEAPONGROUP_MGUNS; // Adds Cannons and Machine Guns to Weapons Group 1 weaponsGroup2 = WEAPONGROUP_ROCKETS; // Adds Rockets to Weapons Group 2 weaponsGroup3 = WEAPONGROUP_AAMISSILES + WEAPONGROUP_ATMISSILES + WEAPONGROUP_MISSILES; // Adds All Missile types to Weapons Group 3 weaponsGroup4 = WEAPONGROUP_BOMBS + WEAPONGROUP_SPECIAL; // Adds Bombs and Laser Designators to Weapons Group 4 }; }; Hopefully this answers your question. :)