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  1. Hi, I created this forum, so you can share all your screenshots made using my Sahrani Conflict 2020 addon and discuss stuff around it Enjoy W3ndaF
  2. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    Milita is probably representing Boko Haram affiliates. At least area of operations might be useful. If you need army operating in Sahara or southern Africa or rather have army operating in the rainforests or sahel, there is probably difference in these two.
  3. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    You might need to be more specific in your army request. Africa is huge and various 🙂
  4. wendaf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Quick question: I know that you aren't allowed to retexture the ACU, but there are no mentions about ABU. There is request hidden within the texture, but no other official statements. Could you ask DeltaHawk if I can retexture it? It won't be published on Steam Workshop, just for our group use only. Thanks
  5. wendaf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I was wondering if you're planning to add takistani civilians/guerrila fighters and Takistan army. There are textures already in addons, but I would like to know if they are leftovers or are planned to be used. Thanks, keep up the great work 🙂
  6. wendaf

    Pete's Texture Templates

    Harness LBV is in the CSAT uniform hidden and scattered across the texture
  7. wendaf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, could you add textureSources or hiddenTextureSelections to the Mk V SOC boat, so it's possible to reskin it? Thanks
  8. wendaf

    Project RACS

    If you're taking recommendations, I've been extending Project Opfor's RACS recently and found out, that CADPAT (1st gen) suits perfectly Sahrani enviroment (especially north) so I used it for Special forces. 🙂
  9. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    If I can't, it'll be released as standalone
  10. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    @evrik Do you reckon I have the ability to beat 3CB Factions ? 😄 Also taking recommendations for other RACS vehicles from A3/RHS(BAF)
  11. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    If any of the authors reach out (or at least visit here 🙂) I would provide them with these textures/templates, however it will probably be released as separate mod with some PO things inside but some added on top. I can't update the mod on my own
  12. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    Also another screenshot:
  13. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    I was just looking for similar MARPATs and didn't want to use the USMC woodland and found CADPAT gen 1. Tried it and it worked 🙂
  14. wendaf

    Project OPFOR

    They currently have "woodland" version of 6CD made by me, but M81 is much more likely to be their woodland camo. I might need to tweak it a bit, but should be allright. I'm happy that CADPAT suits Sahrani extremly well, so they'll keep that for 2017 version 🙂