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  1. UPDATE: It was the cause of a decent addaction script. Instead, I figured out a new way to spawn the script: objectname addaction ["Action Name", {[[_this,"somescript.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true] call BIS_fnc_MP;}]; It seems to be working like a charm. I decided to share it with you guys, so other folks facing the same problem will be provided with a solution
  2. Of course you'll be credited
  3. Hey, thanks for the response fam, I'll try to have a workaround with this one. I'll let you know by tomorrow! I'll let you know about the addaction code as soon as I get back in game.
  4. UPDATE: Replacing "do" with "then" seemed to do the trick. However, I'm still having difficulties with "_this" variable being unrecognized by the game. The script is ran by addaction, on a power generator.
  5. Hey! Thanks for the reply. 2)It is inside an AddAction 3)I'll test it right now 4)I've always been using RemoteExec no matter the script - to make sure it's propely executed in multiplayer. ExecVM alone wouldn't solve the problem anyways
  6. Hey! That's amazing actually! Can I use it in my post-apo missions? It'd bring some really wonderful addiction!
  7. Hey y'all folks! Let me get this from the very beginning. My hard drive broke down about 2 weeks ago, resulting in all the data lost. I've started to rework on my projects, and I managed to retrieve some codes, but I've run into very unspecific issues. The only problem is, I have problem with basic functions! _gen = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _gen removeAction _id; cuttext ["", "black out", 8]; _caller switchmove "Acts_TerminalOpen"; sleep 10; cuttext ["", "black in", 4]; _caller switchmove ""; triobj1 setdamage 1; lamp1 setdamage 0; lamp2 setdamage 0; lamp3 setdamage 0; lamp4 setdamage 0; lamp5 setdamage 0; lamp6 setdamage 0; hint "You've successfully secured this place!"; cuttext ["You've successfully secured this place!", "plain down"]; The first 4 selections are: Object, Player, ID of the action. The 4th line is supposed to remove the action since it's been done. The purpose of this code is very, very simple - get player into animation, restore the light (repair custom-placed lamps) and notify player about it. triobj1 is a object which fires up a trigger responsible for giving out task. Now the issue: After firing up the script, Arma popped me this: _gen = _this select 0 It said that there's undefined variable in _this. Afterall, it could not recognize the _caller, so the animation state would not play at all. The rest of the script would be executed no problem. Now there is even weirder issue: if (alive station1) do { "Station_NoPower.sqf" remoteExec ["ExecVM"]; }; The purpose of this code is to check whenever that object is alive and if it is, execute a script called station_nopower, as you can see. The only problem is, that Arma 3 pops me up an error saying Such command as IF does NOT exist at all! What the heck is going on? My Arma is all up to date, I verified the cache twice, still the same problem. I've been a mission dev for about a year now, and never had such a problem before. Thanks in advance for any replies guys!
  8. Hi! Today I want to present you my newest mission: Undead Altis - The Mystery. I've been working on it for 4 months, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :D, let me copy 'n' paste the description: ZOMBIES AND DEMONS REQURIED* Day of 4-th February, 2017. In last episode your group managed to reach safezone, rescue the pilot, collect helicopter parts and repair the chopper. All of the survivors were extracted with an extra help of friendly pilot. However, at 0:00 helicopter started to expierence weird turbulences... FEATURING: -Main quests, -Side quests, -Hidden tasks, -Headshot only feature, -ONLY WALKERS! -Huge, playable area (Open World Survival), -Hell a lot of places to loot! -Ammunition is rare, -3 hours playability! [Considering ALL quests] (Popcorn and cola required!), -Multiple jumpscares, -Night enviroment, -Custom vehicle lights script, -Great variety of objects, -FPS FRIENDLY! (Even low-end PC Arma users will be able to keep their FPS high and nice!), -Various mysteries all around the island, -Hidden locations! -Notes! -Infection system, -Respawn implemented! -Ambient music, with sweet wind effects! -Custom recoil, -Custom sway values, Nothing is always obvious, you have to use your thinking. The scenario was designed to be fun and terryfing at the same time. You will never have more than 3 magazines on you. God speech! Use your brains and ammo wisely! CREDITS: A r k - Voice Acting (GHC)RandomMusic - BETA testing LoneEagle - BETA Testing Juhani Junkala - Ambient music ("AMBIENCE") Enviro Ambient - Wind effects ("FALLOUT/post apocalyptic ambient") Jimmakos - Templates Deamons lil' Deamon - Templates Mr. Sanchez - Support CaptainX11 - Support Luke (Gandalf) - Support Dan Tronic - Support dotMorse - Logo, textures Walkthroughs are GREATLY appreciated! BY RATING THE SCENARIO YOU'RE LETTING ME KNOW YOU EXPECT MORE CONTENT! YOU'RE ALSO SHOWING YOUR GREAT SUPPORT, AND IT MEANS A LOT TO ME! :) Mission file: ~18 mbs INSTALLATION GUIDE: a)Singleplayer users 1)Click "Subscribe" at the workshop item 2)Launch the mod "Zombies and Demons", you can find it on workshop, here (CLICK) 3)Open your Arma 3 4)Head over to Singleplayer --> Scenarios 5)Look for the mission under "Workshop content". Enjoy! b)Multiplayer users (SIMPLE) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Load the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 4)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host own server 5)Setup your own server, and you're good to go with your buddy! c)Multiplayer users: (NO CLIENT DOWNLOAD!) (COMPLEX) 1)Make sure you have your ports forwarded, exact guide can be found here (CLICK) 2)Make sure both of you are subscribed to the mission 3)Head over to Arma 3 --> Other Profiles --> "Your profile name" --> Saved --> Steam (or SteamMPMission) 4)Find the mission by it's name (Undead Altis), it will have weird %%$@!# signs by them, ignore them. 5)Open the folder and copy the .pbo mission 6)Head over to your Arma 3 directory and open MPMissions folder 7)Place the mission inside the folder 8)Open your Arma 3, launch the "Zombies and Deamons" mod, which can be found here (CLICK) 9)Have one of you go to Multiplayer --> Host Server 10)Set it up and you're free to go! d)Multiplayer users: (NO PORT-FORWARDING) (3-RD PARTY PROGRAMS REQUIRED) 1)Download Hamachi (Or Evolve) client, which can be found here (CLICK) and install it 2)Create an account and setup your own network, it is fairly simple, and it doesn't need any explaining 3)Make your buddy join your network or vice versa; join his network (Or "Party" if it comes to Evolve clients) 4)After you're done launch the mod "Zombies and Deamons", which can be found here (CLICK) 5)Open your Arma 3, then head over to Multiplayer --> Host your own server 6)Setup your own server and you're good to go with your buddy! RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED ADDONS -Task Force Radio (CLICK) -Advanced Combat Enviroment Radios 2 (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Inventory (CLICK) -Arma Enhanced Movement (CLICK) -JSRS Soundmod (CLICK) -Deadfast 3-rd person mod (Ghost Recon style) (CLICK) If you want to stay tunned for more missions please follow my profile! I surely won't let you down! COMMENTS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! YOU'RE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK! DOWNLOAD LINKS: Steam
  9. Your solution works like a charm! Thank you so much!
  10. Okay, I ran into problems... lol. I'll need your help now if (isServer) then { addmissioneventhandler ["EntityKilled",{ params ["_killed", "_killer"]; if (side _killed == east) then { "fuckup.sqf" remoteExec ["ExecVM", (owner _killer)]; }; }]; }; This is my activation script. My fuckup script is simple, as I wanted to check if it's working. suv setdamage 1; I placed the vehicle on the map, but as soon as I kill OPFOR soldier, nothing happens. No error pop-ups at the same time. Any ideas what could be wrong? I tried removing (owner _killer), but the same issue keeps happening...
  11. Thank you! This is all I need, I'll get to editing it now. You guys are da bomb!
  12. I am not asking for the entire script, I'd just need a script counting how many OPFOR soldiers the player has killed or a script detects whenever the kill was a road kill. I even have no clue where to start
  13. I have not tried anything yet. I've been thinking about script that counts how many OPFOR units player roadkills while inside the car, then eventually execute the script
  14. Hello, everyone! Basically, what I want to do is to damage vehicle's chasis (hull) and engine after x roadkills (let's say the count will be 15). I want to prevent player from using it as a ramming device. If this is going to help you out somehow, the vehicle name would be SUV, and the enemy is OPFOR side. Thank you all in advance for replies!
  15. It's good to see I'm not the only who's having issues. Feel free to post any bugs you encounter here