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  1. You are correct. I had a dialog that looked relatively good in 2016, and now all the text is pushed down and it looks terrible now.
  2. opec666

    [SP/COOP/TVT] D-Day, Omaha v2

    Operation Torch November 1942 North African Campaign This new mission celebrates new content from the Iron Front team and Bohemia. The IFA3_AIO_LITE mod just acquired a ton of awesome new allied airborne assets. And very soon on stable branch, everyone is getting the new Malden free DLC map. I'll keep working on this one, at least up until Malden hits stable branch. Enjoy!
  3. opec666

    [SP/COOP/TVT] D-Day, Omaha v2

    Just in time for D-Day, I've updated the Battle of Tarawa mission. You may notice big performance gains since I replaced all the spawned functions, loops, waitUntil's and sleeps with CBA's unscheduled environment functions. Even the optional vcomAI script got a boost from this change. If you are a voted or logged admin, use this rudimentary tool to move AI from server control to client. (or headless clients) manually, or toss them all equally onto all clients. Server FPS typically improves a lot!
  4. From just a few minutes flying around the new terrains, I can tell these they are both going to be really fun to play on.
  5. opec666

    [SP/COOP/TVT] D-Day, Omaha v2

    I ported the scripts from D-Day into a new mission on the Faces of War map Tarawa Betio. Enjoy!
  6. D-Day, on Omaha v2 (Steam Workshop) April 2017 version 0.3.6 Defend the French coast from the overwhelming Allied air, naval and amphibious assault. Lots of work went into making the LCVP's bring men and equipment ashore, as well as the AI tracking system for the pair of Luftwaffe Stuka's. German vehicles have guns, panserfausts and ammo in their inventories. The AI continuously invade when their numbers fall below the mission parameter setting. Tell me what you think!
  7. The content is Bohemia's. It's doesn't matter that they worked on it for however long... it matters that they're locking down Bohemia's content for very flimsy reasons. Forking projects is supposed to be held sacred in open source communities. Road runner: why delete my post if you can still read it in three replies?
  8. Sealand, for solo player, 2-16 cooperative or 16 vs 16 competitive Subscribe on the Steam Workshop The basics of gameplay are there. After ALL the work that has gone into this, I still only consider this 1% complete. Enjoy this crude work-in-progress alone or with friends. I'd love to hear your ideas for what should come next.
  9. opec666

    Dungeon Generator

    The work goes on! Playable release is coming "soon". :)
  10. opec666

    Dungeon Generator

    At the request of a friend, I threw together a very rudimentary seadoo race course using the collision-less vr wall object. Might work on this some more later, make it a more zig-zaggy fun course, with zany mario cart gimmicks. Steam workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755048984
  11. opec666

    Dungeon Generator

    Tossed in a railway, trains, debris, and central structures to the bridges. Started work on an interface to control light colors and brightness. I have much to learn when it comes to UI. Gonna re-think what the central cells should finally be like, and use special objects/arrangements that will be tied to gameplay (infrastructure, prison cells, command decks, underwater research, etc). More interfaces for those elements might be required.
  12. Same for setVariable. simple_obj = createSimpleObject [ "a3\structures_f_exp\infrastructure\bridges\bridgesea_01_pillar_f.p3d", (position player) ]; simple_obj setVariable [ "wow", true ]; _get_simple_var = simple_obj getVariable "wow"; hint str _event; No hint fires because _get_simple_var is nil. versus: real_obj = "Land_TreeBin_F" createVehicle (position player); real_obj setVariable [ "okay", true ]; _get_real_var = real_obj getVariable "okay"; hint str _get_real_var; Hint fires as "true" as expected. createSimpleObject is supposed to reduce net traffic, so I guess it's not as surprising when a command with an option to make it global causes trouble.
  13. Yes. It remembers what you had picked (local to you) and creates a real one. It copies over the custom-picked texture and kills the VR-type AI passengers.
  14. opec666

    Dungeon Generator

    They can walk around on all the surfaces and spawn alright. But they walk through objects such as railings, which were painstakingly placed to try and stop that. Static emplacements work fine for defending from vehicular attacks. EDIT: new bridges to land added. all automatic! http://imgur.com/a/Jmelz
  15. opec666

    Dungeon Generator

    I still kick this thing around when I get the chance. Now (knock on wood) I think I have gotten the logic nailed down so the auto-generate sequence makes everything 100% correctly, every time. There's been a few changes in the level design. And I've introduced bridges, connecting to nearby land. I look forward to dressing up the bridge with lights and checkpoints, then on to using other new expansion objects in making more cells, and polishing out the cells already in. http://imgur.com/a/aWvpy