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  1. Before and after video
  2. Before patch i was hitting 1.8 k + kills with sniper on koth =/
  3. This is current state of arma3, you can just run around and no one can hit u lol. change back plz.
  4. No one ever said wow wish their was a more in-depth fatigue system where you cant shoot at players 300m away with out wrestling your mouse, please implement this. But people did say Wow someone just ran up a metal tower, opened a door, camped the building below me but i never heard anything. Could we please get updated sound system? The game has really bad CPU/GPU optimization i think the servers are issues, i get really bad performance while gaming online. Could we please get a update? What i am getting at the direction of patches seem so far away from the players demand, can you please release in-game surveys to get opinion on this matter! the mass player base does not join in forums but they did buy and play the game like the 1% on here. Don't angry the other 99% i already seen players felt pushed away.
  5. well even if it was, their is no need to release this much sway with out been able to rest.
  6. Sillywabbit

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Basically add new weapon sway + fatigue call it realistic but you scan run up a metal tower, open a door with out you someone hearing a single thing -.- (lets not even talk about how you basically teleport up the ramps =/) the devs are so out of touch with their game its unreal.
  7. wow bistudio really... People already annoyed at the last change to the fundamental core of the game a few weeks back. Now you push another insane scope sway.. i cannot even lay down and aim no more! I had 5 mates buy the game in the sale, no of them will even play due to the game been "frustrating" to say the least. Change it back, allow optional tick box for co-op players to enable, pvp servers are up in flame wars in game chat over this stuiped change.
  8. Sillywabbit

    Do you have a monster pc?

    Why would a server have frames per seconds??
  9. Sillywabbit

    Do you have a monster pc?

    ohhh 780ti could u go into a high player tkoth (by sa-mantra) and take a video ?
  10. I tried these servers, the TKOTH ones it seemed really bad at updating player locations, people seemed to skip about :(
  11. Look at this, look how smooth how much fps he has! Their is thousands of players on this server taking part in battles, yet arma cant do 60 with out derping out :(Is arma's engine just trash? or would a server hive save the day?
  12. Sillywabbit

    Do you have a monster pc?

    To everyone asking, i am looking for a person with high fps in the Team king of hill - sc - by sa-mantra. I would like to know his system specs and a video to prove his claim so i can upgrade. I have a 4770k 4ghz - overclocked 770 4gb - 16 gb ram - SSD x2 but i hit 30fps on Team king of the hill while i can break into 100 fps on single player. basically the game unplayable on the game type i want to play, im used to 60+ fps for meany years on games like planetside 2 and mmo's like aion and archeage.
  13. Steam fourm page says it all http://imgur.com/7vvOYlG How meany lost sales to this? :j:
  14. Sillywabbit

    Do you have a monster pc?

    Questions and answers? where can i post my question if not here?