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  1. jprice94

    NIArms Release Thread

    Doesn't look good? I thought it did. this plus bipod slot attachable AFGs like in RHS would be sweet.
  2. I love this rifle, but it'd be better if you could "Mad Minute" with it. Firing with the middle finger with your hand ready to pull back the bolt, you can fire 30 or more rounds per minute including reloads if you're good. Also because of the design of the bolt you don't have to look away from the sight when you pull it back. Otherwise we wouldn't have used it for two world wars
  3. jprice94

    NIArms Release Thread

    I am totally serious tho :D
  4. jprice94

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hey toadie, I love your weapons, especially G36s, I'm just wondering if you can make a few other MG36 variants using 6.5 mm as well as with vanilla rails, my community doesn't like to use scopes in our missions. P.S. a bullpup variant of the g36 would be cool too :P
  5. So many of you might have noticed how the AI animates when stationary. You will for example, breech a building and find in one of the rooms an AI lying on their stomach, who then uses their freakish abdominal muscles to spin around at the speed of a falcon's sneeze without moving their legs at all and gun you down in the face. AI when stationary seems to act like a turret, very robotically and artificial looking, swiveling around on the spot with little to no animation other than where there gun is pointing. It's immersion breaking and kind of terrifying in a 'familiar made strange' terminator sort of way. And it's doubly strange because players appear to animate fine when swiveling around, (assuming their mouse sensitivity isn't 100%) Bohemia, please fix :(
  6. jprice94

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I note that when I am on my belly and rotate my aim, I will move my arms and mainly my legs to pivot, but the AI, will just slowly pivot on its belly using freakish abdominal strength or something, they don't animate at all, just spin on the spot, and it really triggers my OCD and makes fighting AI actually painful.
  7. So Jet DLC is out now, does that mean you'll be working on and releasing eurofighters/ f-35s soon? :o
  8. pls unencrypt apex uniforms, helemts equipment and stuff
  9. -I'd like for bohemia to add magazine cross compatibility and appropriate display models depending on magazine. The Squad AR should be able to use rifle magazines, and said magazines will have unique visuals and animations. - Weapon skins pickable similar to vehicle skins. Also more tweakable components of vehicles. -I'd also like smarter civilians who animate differently, with fear. and cower and run away in a warzone instead of standing up non-chalently and running around. When prone and crouched they should have their hands protecting their heads for example. At the moment they're annoying and goofy looking. Not at all convincing. -Armoured vehicle interiors would be nice. -Un-encrypt APEX dlc pbos so we can make retextures. -Not every vehicle has to explode dramatically. It'd be nice if they had crumple zones, areas that can be damaged or broken off like rotors. Crash landings being possible without fireballs. -More vehicle functionality to bring it up to speed with RHS and such. Being able to turn out of MRAPS and such, using the infantry hatch for scouting with binos or weapon optics, or just shooting something in absence of a turret. -Finally it'd be nice if you could duck inside of a vehicle, for example if someone is spraying bullets into your windshield. Leaning out the window of all vehicles too, more firing from vehicle positions. You should also be able to duck inside of turrets, or use your binoculars, and weapon whilst turned out.
  10. Hey is it possible to get a light version of this? I.E not so big, using CUP assets and dependant on CUP objects, which many clans and communities use. Also can you do anything to boost frames?
  11. jprice94

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Just some observations. The Pacific Nato autorifleman is wearing a green vest, not a tropical vest like the rest of their squad. The pacific goggles are not part of the stealth balaclava+goggles combi. (They have sand instead) Wondering when the gear will be unencrypted, I want to make some reskins of that stealth helmet, the faceplate is cool.
  12. jprice94

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Thanks for the tip, I've done it now. But I have another problem, I'm on the task where I look for the shopkeep's assistant, I found him dead, leaning against a heavily damaged truck, presumably killed by the chopper that flies over, or one of the patrols that goes up and down the runway perimeter. There was no acknowlegement that I'd found his assistant. Even managed to drive his truck home. Didn't find anything in the buildings either.
  13. jprice94

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    I'm having trouble, I'm on the task to look for all of the anomalies around the scrapyard, I've looked in all the likely locations but I can't find the freezer anomaly. I've found all the others, they were all around the exterior of the scrapyard, except the chemical one. I thought that maybe the freezer would be in the scrapyard somewhere, or around the edge of the wall, but i've even looked further afield, in the ruined town, in the villa with the scientist on a roof (stole his quadbike) To the end of every pier and even up the cargo tower. Can't find the thing :(
  14. I've seen functional bayonets in the Breaking Point mod. Perhaps it can be reverse engineered. And I think the bayonets might have been integrated into Advanced Combat Ability mod, along with melee.
  15. jprice94

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    My custom allocator resulted in this bug, but bohemia's default one "tbb4malluoc_bi" still works for me.