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  1. It is related to the AI navmesh which needs to be updated for any entities placed on the map but only if you are using AI in your mission. If your mission is for only PVP or TVT it can be ignored and you can still publish it to the workshop. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Navmesh_Tutorial
  2. Thank you, great work just what I was looking for. There is only one problem I have noticed, the UI of the vehicle still shows the fuel in the vehicle, but the vehicle will not start.
  3. joemac90

    [solved] How to delete a item?

    Yes, you have to know the entity you want to delete.
  4. joemac90

    [solved] How to delete a item?

    You could try this, it deletes the entity on the server and can be called by the owner entity itself to delete it: // Note: The entity needs an RPL component, m_Owner is the entity to be deleted. SCR_EntityHelper.DeleteEntityAndChildren( m_Owner ); or SCR_EntityHelper.DeleteChildren( m_Owner );
  5. I am no expert but have been trying to do similar things, here are some things I have learnt so far: Checkout: 1) Action scripts: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Action_Context_Setup 2) In the workbench script editor search for UserActions, there are lots of examples. TestPushUserAction : PerformAction uses the SCR_InteractableBoxComponent 2) Add SCR_InteractableBoxComponent to your prefab, which can be used to do more complex actions and events but you could just use a simple action script You can find it from the action script using this code: GenericEntity genEnt = GenericEntity.Cast(pOwnerEntity); AM_InteractableBoxComponent boxComponent = AM_InteractableBoxComponent.Cast(genEnt.FindComponent(AM_InteractableBoxComponent)); if (boxComponent) { boxComponent.CancelDragAction(); } 3) You can view the script for each component by right clicking on it 4) You can spawn a new entity also with this code, disclaimer I am not sure about the rpl stuff, still learning at the moment?: //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ private void SpawnEntity( string entityString ) { // Server obj //if (m_rpl.IsMaster()) //{ VObject obj = m_Owner.GetVObject(); vector objectPosition = m_Owner.GetOrigin(); Resource resource = Resource.Load( entityString ); //Resource resource = Resource.Load("{FD7FC6D54771949A}Prefabs/Weapons/Warheads/Warhead_Smoke.et}"); IEntitySource entitySource = SCR_BaseContainerTools.FindEntitySource(resource); //~ Spawn at ground or sea position EntitySpawnParams spawnParams = new EntitySpawnParams(); objectPosition = objectPosition + "0 0 1"; spawnParams.Transform[3] = objectPosition; SCR_Global.SnapToTerrain(spawnParams.Transform, GetGame().GetWorld(), true); //~ Apply scale from prefab float scale; entitySource.Get("scale", scale); if (scale != 1) { SCR_Math3D.ScaleMatrix(spawnParams.Transform, scale); } GetGame().SpawnEntityPrefab(resource, GetGame().GetWorld(), spawnParams); m_Owner.SetOrigin(objectPosition + "0 0 2"); //} }
  6. joemac90

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    the future is bright the future is Orange. Maybe battlefield communications, radios , sat phones etc.
  7. eRazer has released the core functions as an addon and we use this for MACE. Sorry was not trying to undermine your thread or promote, but was trying to say we have come to the same conclusion regarding an addon.
  8. The addon route makes sense to me for the reasons you stated regardless of public players. I think function separation is a good idea in an addon and separate addon/addons with a mission collections that use the addon. From a players perspective I don't mind downloading mods to join a server but prefer workshop mods because they are easier to find and download and can have dependencies. I would not call myself an arma3 developer but do dabble and sometimes use c++ in my day job.
  9. MACE uses the Zengin addon/mod(by eRazer) for its framework(cfgFunctions), which allows a smaller customisable mission with all the important functions, etc in the mod, plus you can include SP and MP missions inside. An addon is an obstacle to some players but a logical route if you are a developer. So the choice is an logic vs public players. I think a Blitzkrieg addon would be a good idea.
  10. Great work, I have been using Atom but just tried this with VS Code and this was my main reason for trying VS code( it has great integration with GIT) Thank you for this great extension.
  11. joemac90

    Multi Community PvP/TvT Night

    Hello Dachi, We would be interested. http://www.arma-mace.com/
  12. joemac90

    Eden Attribute : STRING edit Problem

    I think the problem was : condition = "object"; // Condition for attribute to appear (see the table below)+ instead of a combination of one of the conditions below: Condition Conditions are written as simple expressions. Example: condition = "objectControllable + objectVehicle"; All characters and vehicles will have this attribute. Supported conditions: Condition For Type Description objectBrain Object Object with simulation "soldier" or "UAVpilot" objectControllable Object Object with simulation "soldier" objectAgent Object Object with non-empty agentTasks[], i.e., animals objectVehicle Object Vehicle which can be boarded objectSimulated Object Object which is simulated (e.g., falls down when in the air) objectDestructable Object Indestructible object, i.e., when destrType config property set not DestructNo logicModule Logic Logic which is a module (vehicleClass config property is "Modules") objectHasInventoryCargo Object All object which as an openable inventory
  13. joemac90

    Eden Attribute : STRING edit Problem

    I have played about with this for most of the weekend but still not found a solution. Does anyone have any ideas why this is not working?
  14. joemac90

    Eden Attribute : STRING edit Problem

    I think your is in: class Mission { class Intel { class AttributeCategories mines in ; class Cfg3DEN { class Object { class AttributeCategories
  15. joemac90

    Eden Attribute : STRING edit Problem

    Thank you Revo, I have previously tried adding: typeName = "STRING"; defaultValue = ""; to each class not using inheritance and now have also tried your example but I have the same result. Also thank for 3DEN Enhanced I have learned a lot from it , it is a essential resource for eden and learning eden editing.