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  1. What key do I use to adjust the American bazooka? It has three look adjustments, but I can not get past the first one.
  2. pit_1

    Arma3 Videos

    imitating the chapter of blood brothers
  3. Does anyone know why I do not run this line in dedicated but if in local / editor? I use it in trigger and in script and it is not activated in dedicated server [z2] call DAC_Activate;
  4. Yes, I using ultimate CBA. Well knowing that the problem comes from not using the full version, leave the subject. Anyway thank you for your attention. regards!
  5. Excuse me, I have a few off days and could not respond. I use IFA3 lite. When I remove the PBO to notify the last time, release this error, both dedicated and editor. No entry 'bin \ config.bin / CfgWeapons.Single'.
  6. Thank you very much! But the problem remains with other faults ... it's a shame.
  7. hi Doing some tests fix the error above script. But this error is still giving it to me and not let me throw the game. The first loading gives me the mission, after launching the server. The second gives it to me when I enter the game lobby and threw, no matter how many times insist, does not enter. Thanks!
  8. hi! I have some problems in my dedicated server. I launch: @ifalite @cba @ifa3warmod @tfar I get a script error related with tanks ... any idea?
  9. Hello! I have a question, to run the script so you put in init.sqf? // INITILIALIZATION ExecVM "myscript.sqf"; Or you put it in Onplayerespawn.sqf It is join in progress? thanks
  10. Hi thanks for answering. I tested today and does not work in vehicles. It would be interesting, as a suggestion, operating with vehicles as well. For now, personally, I'll use it for recognition on foot. great work and thanks for sharing.
  11. pit_1

    Mine Detector

    revo hi! The mod works great, good job. does not work when the player is in a vehicle, it would be interesting to be working well, some plan?
  12. Congratulations Cup team! a great work! a question, the rg 31 periscope is animated? Is it possible to deploy the mast?
  13. Hi NKEY! Give it be possible to adapt this script? http://pastebin.com/HRgucn5d Its function is to make when someone speaks, in this case AI acre "listening" ... thanks!
  14. pit_1

    Under Fire 0.1

    works in MP?
  15. pit_1

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hi! it's possible to units in foreign "seats"? for example a BTR 70 thx
  16. great work unsung team. eager to see it in A3!
  17. pit_1

    CO@02 The Shoot - MCN Hazar Kot

    U are the best!! Great mission!!
  18. Hi, I used the alpha version, I will try to last and comment. Thanks for support! edit: It works perfectly! thx
  19. Hi, I can not start IR with ace, freezes, any ideas?
  20. hi igi, ¡thanks for great script! I have a question for using you script with a plane of usaf modhttp://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25512 I added manually classnames of some aircraft but did not work with "mc130 commando" is similar to the C-130. Can I fix it by adding the classname in somewhere in the script?