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  1. lhstler

    WW4 + ECP Config Update

    Links are gone. Can anyone reupload? Without ECP it's another useless addon compilation
  2. lhstler

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi I'm looking for mod Flashpoint conversion https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_FAQ:_Campaigns And also 1985 Cold War Crisis winter version for OFP: Resistance http://www.filefront.com/?filepath=/theofpfaq/campaigns/OFPR_Campaign_1985%20Winter%20(OFPR).zip Thanks
  3. lhstler

    WWII MP Released!

    The latest version seems to be here: http://csc.armacenter.pl/Mody/OFP/@WW2_MP.rar Also t's a bit strange to ask this now but does anyone know how to remove SLX scripts and effects from this mod? In particular, the annoying wounded animation (you get shot and keep rolling on the ground until you manually have to reload savegame), soldiers dragging each other and other SLX stuff? About the effects I would also like to restore original BIS effects if it's possible but I don't know how. Here's what @reyhard posted So I tried to cpbo some of the folders (guess what, you can't unpbo them normally - they are protected) but didn't find any traces of relevant SLX scripts. So where are they? UPDATE: inv_demo_data.pbo seems to have the GL3 and wound scripts. There's whole lot of stuff though which depends on each other so it will take time to figure it out. The whole pack is great but SLX stuff is a strain
  4. Vanilla AI mechanic is that soldiers hit the ground all the time. It's realistic but not fun.
  5. Is there a way to have RTS elements (top-down camera and point-and-click) in OFP? Nowadays the game has surely aged too well in terms of first/third person views, however this RTS camera can bring in interesting and fresh experience. Plus don't forget it is still probably the only fully and easily moddable game engine out there. I searched through the forums and found this And this mod by Faguss with a custom camera script which works only for this flat island. As you see there are many features but to be honest just having plain top-down view and point-and-click system alone would feel like a new game. I remember talking about this to Faguss but unfortunately he stopped working on this mod.
  6. Nice but I remember there were similar features in SLX mod. About AI taking cover in buildings I'd suggest replacing "lying" animation with crouching so that would look natural
  7. lhstler

    Extended Effects

    Does anyone have this? Link is no more and I didn't save it unfortunately... Thanks.
  8. lhstler

    Extended Effects

    Thanks but I don't use WW4 extended. Could you make a config for this mod: Extended Effects? Thanks in advance.
  9. lhstler

    Extended Effects

    About dezoom anim here is a discussion thread with some advice (google translate is ok) : http://www.flashpoint.ru/threads/dezoom-анимации-смерти.28065 There are attached downloadable configs for FDF, CSLA and Libmod in that thread. What is important : - to prevent "stuck in ground" bug with pistol anim config should be .bin - It is not enough to specify animation classes. It is also necessary to indicate their operation in other classes of animations via interpolateTo [] =. And you also need to set the probability of triggering an animation through variantsPlayer [] =. Classes: The following animation classes are added: CombatDyingVer4 CombatDyingVer5 CombatDyingVer6 CombatRunDyingVer3 CombatRunDyingVer4 CombatRunDyingVer5 CombatRunDyingVer6 CrouchDyingVer2 CrouchDyingVer3 CrouchDyingVer4 LyingDyingVer2 LyingDyingVer3 LyingDyingVer4 LyingDyingVer5 LyingDyingVer6 StandDyingVer3 StandDyingVer4 WeaponDyingVer3 WeaponDyingVer4 WeaponDyingVer5
  10. lhstler

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    I did not want to offend you and I apologize if I did. And yes, I was kind of annoyed because of some missions :) Authenticity = how things actually happen in "real life". However, it s your scenario so it's up to you anyway... Oh and Notepad is good and I love the music from Blitzkrieg (but I would disable other tabs because when you click there the music stops)...
  11. lhstler

    Extended Effects

    Can you provide a link? I tested dezoom anim with vanilla campaigns and it had no ctds or bugs or whatever. Moreover, Dezoom has instructions how to include anims in any config but last time I tried I messed things up. I guess someone with a little knowledge of hof configs work can get OP's permission and do this easily. One more thing: Is it possible to disable prone stance at all for AI units and player? Probably it will be easier to just replace prone animation with a crouch one. Going prone slows down units for no reason (in the forest and so on) and they often get killed when going prone.
  12. lhstler

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    A short review from me: - bad language in hint messages - colonel would never personally participate in risky operations - colonel would never drive a car himself - VERY ANNOYING mission type "your squad must survive". OFP AI is not designed for this and I can't leave them behind because "You are too far from your squad". This moronic mission type means instant -endmission. - stupid missions in the darkness. I hated that in vainlla and now it's here - Su-25 missions. In OFP engine when you load a save and you are in a plane the gear remains down due to engine bug so the plane instantly falls on the ground. - In a Su-25 patrol mission AI controlled plane crashes into a mountain and mission ends -There is more autism when you are ordered to take off and destroy oncoming boats in a limited mission area. You can't maneuver and either instantly crash or boats take the island. - cutscenes are a thing of the past. They are too long and most of them are boring and annoying. It was funny in 2001 nowadays I would replace this antique with fast static image slideshow or something. - when you are using -endmission there is a funny penalty cutscene but bad language ruins it. In general it's 6/10, because some missions and ideas are kinda decent. Some advice for OP: - always refer to real operations and their descriptions to ensure authenticity - use neutral or army language - end mission so that would instantly go to briefing without stuff happening in the background without player's control - remove a condition to "kill everyone" - replace "your squad must survive" with a godmode script for those soldiers. When they are heavily wounded just loop a wounded animation on them and an ability to quick restart without having to replay the whole mission. - AVOID plane missions or add bigger range/ remove AI planes / allow more time for them. - add dynamic enemy spawn via DAC - add Splatterblood (gore mod) or some other good scripts from the community - add artillery missions when player must use map to direct artillery Good luck on your projects!
  13. The game is old enough to be played in 1st person but adding rts view and controls in the game will make it shine again. I searched forums and I found the fwatch solution which is what I want to have in OFP but it is too complicated, involves fwatch, a flat custom island and lots of tedious scripting. Isn't there an easier way? I read that if we control camera in OFP we lose control of the player. But what about the following: 1) make player model invisible dummy unit, disable movement/fire controls and animation by script and fix player/head to the desired camera position 2) make a script which automatically adjusts player (camera) as other units move. It can also pan with the arrow keys. About selecting and controlling units from rts view with mouse I think it's also doable because again technically player remains active and we control everything. Will that work? I am looking for an invisible model already but can't find it... Here it says there are invisible dummy units in WW4 mod https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/134316-need-help-with-some-scritps/.
  14. lhstler

    Extended Effects

    A config for with dezoom's new death animations would be good. Here is the link for anims: http://www.flashpoint.ru/resources/Пак-анимаций-смерти-v-0-1-beta.650/ click the big yellow button to download