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  1. Should also mention Project Injury Reaction, adds great AI behavior and medical aswell as player stuff: Project Injury Reaction on Steam Workshop
  2. CSAT, the Canton-protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty, seeks to ensure the continued economic development seen and carefully nurtured throughout the powerhouses of what was once the Second and Third world. Economic co-operation between Asian powers and the fledgling nations of much of Northern Africa have solidified a mutual and beneficial relationship. South American nations such as Venezuela and Brazil, seeking aid from alternate sources in response to continued American hostility, have reached out towards CSAT to provide and help thrive, together. Since CSAT’s formation NATO has attempted to undermine and contain the spread of mutual economic development and a more equitable share of global influence. This is where Rook Regiment comes in... The story of CSAT is a story that requires a constant emphasis on defence and strategic intervention. The Rook Regiment has and will continue to effectively put lacking NATO forces in check, it takes NATO pawns, knights, queens and bishops without breaking a sweat. As much as the Rook is a capable offensive tool, likewise the Rook is also the main defensive measure. Maintaining and exercising a host of the latest and most effective military implements, from metal machines of malice like the Angara and the Tigris to the rifleman’s choice like the Katiba and the Cyrus, for the stalwart tank crewman or the dedicated Missile Specialist. Any and all military aspirations are reflected in one capacity or another in the Rook Regiment. Outside the game, as much as inside it... The Rook Regiment aims to provide a solid and positive community base from which to spring to greatness. Cultivating a helpful and tight-knit community of dedicated ArmA players who meet and become good friends through their shared passions. On the ground, in one of our expertly created missions courtesy of an experienced set of Zeuses, the Rook Regiment strives for semi-realism, where the missions typically fit into a larger, well-crafted narrative- but there will always be banter between friends and compatriots throughout all missions. We at the Rook Regiment hope you give us a swing on by, we are more than welcoming of new-comers, hardened vets and the average player. General Information: We Operate as CSAT(2035) factions; Iran, China, Africa, etc. We use a fairly light modlist and do not have any plans to expand it (Arma 3 Aegis is our biggest mod). We mostly do Co-Op Operations. We have OPs on Fridays 19:00 CEST(CET once the timezone changes) Discord: https://discord.gg/tegcWM3 Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2v53il3kYEHHDceD8YfDDczfzJkScDHS_vw9F7ETv74Segg/viewform
  3. Squad name: Rook Regiment Timezone/location: Central Europe(CEST), evening hours. Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-Op Contact email: tomerlanker@gmail.com Website address: https://discord.gg/tegcWM3 Short description: Currently a small-sized unit that operates as 2035 CSAT factions. Play-style is semi-realism. Language: English
  4. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    If you want to whitelist mods that do not give an individual an unfair advantage, most of the mods you mentioned should not be added; A. Soundscape mods edit the sounds and range of various events and triggers, so, for example, with Dynasound you would probably be able to hear a gunshot better than a person who does not have it. B. Ares and Achilles, though add functionality, give a LOT more control and power to the Zeus(Ability to execute scripts, teleport players, etc.) and while I would personally support such an idea, giving such a power to the Zeus will just be more of a bother to BI themselves(although you could potentially just add SOME of the functionality and not all of it). C. In relation to the ADR-97 and such weapon mods, that WOULD give an individual an unfair advantage, because those who do not have the mod would just be seeing a person holding an invisible gun without any sound to it shooting whatsoever. D. Radio Mods would also give another unfair advantage to clans and groups and further divide the players in the server than is already done. But a good way to counter such thing is if BI would host SPECIAL public zeus servers that use either ACRE or TFAR and require you to do so. The servers do not require a specific game version, they simply check the signatures of all your addons and if they spot additional signatures that are not authorized or compatible with the server the players having those additional signatures will be denied access to the server until they remove said signatures off.(this also includes files, and not just signatures.) And in final, regarding to anything mods, I'd like to remind that the more mods be added, the more divided the server/playerbase would become(especially if you enable the ability for people to use any mod they wish, though not force everybody to have said mods.)
  5. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    There is definitely a reason for this. Y'see, the debug console essentially allows anybody with access to it to acquire high-access control over the server, in a way. In other words, you can definitely use it to, say, crash the server. And with the ability to actually enable it, it gives Hackers(who hack using scripts) the ability to access it if they want to and make things like Nazi-symbol Quadbikes with flying abilities appear. On another note though, to the Devs, is there any possibility of you fixing the broken scenario on the servers, which prevents the Zeus from spawning buildings or objects, or is it just not high on your priority list at the moment?
  6. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    I definitely agree with digitalgeo here, some admins would rather have put the Zeus in control of the squads, and making the group management optional wouldn't require much work in the first place. BUT, you simply cannot blame the group management for behavior the players are giving off. Nowadays Official Public Zeus is just a mixed bag, as the community has changed and so did the servers, as its almost always consisting of some guys who don't speak english or some guys who don't want to cooperate. But i've managed to find a simple fix: Charisma. So far, in my playtime in the servers, I've noticed that while everyone runs around like a bunch of sheep, usually they will take up a "shepherd" if there is one. Of course, this shepherd needs to be charismatic and leading in nature, or atleast sound like it in voice. Having a shepherd/leader won't guarantee FULL control, but it will guarantee some. And no, being an admin doesn't automatically make you a shepherd/leader, you need to have a thing for it. On that note, anything previously mentioned such as Revive function in the parameters and group management becoming optional would be appreciated, as it would give the admin a little bit control and so more to the players. EDIT: Also, ontop of the "old system", I gotta be honest, it was pretty terrible. Lining up and forming using flags was a terrible one, as it gave the players choice, but will make them naturally go to an empty flag or just not go into any flag at all(including me at most times, as I hate this system quite so myself) Now, the original system was quite more simple, and seemed to work sometimes. We'd line everybody up to a wall, have people volunteer(or be chosen) to be Squad Leaders and we'd pick people out like in a classic Dodgeball game in high school. While this removed the players' choice about whichever leader they go under, it seemed to incorporate more organisation(or maybe the people at the time were simply more cooperative). In the end, all these systems are flawed to an extent, and require cooperation(all of them). The system won't be flawed if there's no player to ruin it.
  7. lankercool

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Appreciate the new respawn system, but it is horribly broken in Zeus or anything similiar. If you try to apply ANY custom loadout as a zeus, and get rid of all non-custom or arsenal-made loadout, it will not show up in the respawn screen in any way, and the only loadout visible is the last default one you chose. Ontop of that, it's like playing loadout roulette, where every time you spawn you get a different random loadout. Would love a fix for this, as it is a major issue at the moment in BI Pub Zeus Servers and any others.
  8. lankercool

    Zeus with unrestricted abilities

    I don't think it's possible, as it requires a variable name(I think that's what it is called) and variable names cannot be changed while the program(or in ArmA's case, scenario) is running. EDIT: Scratch that, just remembered DCG(Dynamic Combat Generator) allows Zeus to be switched between players.
  9. lankercool

    Addons For Zeus?

    Make sure to see if the addon currently used requires CBA or not, as CBA gives additional scripts and the likes. Also, as previously said, make sure unofficial adddons are included in the addons option of game master.
  10. lankercool

    Boot Camp with Zeus?

    To respond to your question, there is indeed a Bootcamp scenario that is made by BI and should be in your game, and works like so: 1. Start a multiplayer server 2. go to mission list 3. Choose Altis > ZGM 4+1 Bootcamp 4. If you're the one training the trainees, go as the trainer on BLUFOR, otherwise, go on INDFOR. 5. Start the game with trainer and trainees. 6. As a trainer, open zeus interface with Y 7. Go to modules > Training > Training Stages(something like that), and choose the preferred course. 8. Scripts will start running and instructions for you will be given and also to the trainees. 9. Train the trainees. Hope this helped!
  11. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    You have to use a vote admin command, and if you are alone, it will automatically assign you as an admin, just need to do this: #vote admin (name) Simple. Also, for the BI devs managing the BI Pub servers, I've noticed some tinkering within the servers, and I want to point out some issues specific to the BI Public Servers. 1. VON Quality I noticed you guys lowered the Voice Over Net quality down, and I don't really understand why. Now, I can barely understand anyone unless they have a quite decent microphone. While at it, I would like it if you could put the VON quality higher than what it was, as people like crystal clear comms and the likes. 2. Difficulty Settings With the new difficulty settings, it seems to look like you can "edit" the difficulties on servers, but apparently BI Pub Zeus is an exception. If you try to make just a little change from the normal difficulty preset, the difficulty automatically sets itself into the veteran preset. Me, and probably others, would prefer it if we could make custom difficulties in pub zeus(such as third person disabled and edited AI precision, but still be able to see who's talking on VON.) 3. AI Difficulty For some reason, it seems like in BI Public Zeus the AI is much more "headshotty" than other servers. Might just be because others have custom difficulties or something similiar, but referencing to difficulty settings, people who play on the servers would appreciate it if they could actually edit the AI precision and skill, as described that it is a possibility for admins now. Other than that, the only complaint left is the currently random server downtimes which I think would be better to be notified to anyone within a server using an RC client or something similiar.
  12. The ability to create compositions for Zeus(kinda like how EDEN has them.)
  13. lankercool

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    Well, if you guys are searching for ideas and concepts, why not go back to Jurassic ArmA? I know one of your devs had worked on it, and I doubt there would be any problem with lawsuits against it considering Dinosaurs used to exist, so why not go back to that mod and improve on it? Wouldn't be that hard, would it?
  14. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    I have run into an issue regarding one of the Zeus Servers(i think 07) is not even working, it's up, but I can't join it. Please fix this. :)
  15. lankercool

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    And the servers are down again with no notice? Would be great if you could tell us why you're taking the servers down randomly. :(