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  1. Ypulse

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    fire a bullet at leg in arma 2/arma 3 to see 1 difference
  2. I say no to this idea:P adding rocks doesnt make the map visually better, and also there are island with plain sand coastlines.(and it is a lot nicer) adding rocks makes the map more heavy (lower fps) and makes pathfindig hard for AI, or just think about the arma wall glitch effects... @Fromz: thx for this map, nice work i was looking for a map like this.So is this map made in arma 2 editor( you posted that using afrcican foliage, but whenever i load up an arma 2 ported map, trees and grass looks bad without high settings, but your map looks the same as arma 3 native) and ported to arma 3?(or it is totally native arma 3 map, as it looks i think it is made in arma 3) i am rly happy:) also for everybody: map needs CBA
  3. is maxmem and vram 8196 now, on 64 bit os?
  4. Ypulse

    Particle Editor

    thx man, but i dont have mud.p3d :( i have 4 universal effect but none is mud
  5. Ypulse

    Particle Editor

    how can i do the falling rock effect what i can see on ur picture? also i realised the explosion bug is not engine problem it was script problem by servers cos i played today on a server where fps stayed the same.
  6. Ypulse

    Particle Editor

    hi i just find ur particle tool and i find that 1 particle effect is doing massive fps drop, other effects dont rly change much. and this particle effect is the root problem for the fire lag on multiplayer servers i think, but maybe i am wrong cos in sp i dont have fire lag, only when i use ur particle tool. A3/data_f/kraker
  7. one of the main thing is that modders are holding back their product, they dont want to release.
  8. Ypulse

    Doom 3 like games without hordes

    cry of fear is a mod for Half-Life 1, it is the most scariest game i ever played(free on steam or moddb)
  9. Gameplay: -melee and shotgun Game engine: -remove auto detection and hardware based limiter, and the auto setting changer when reach low fps http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15161 Modding and Tools: -inbuilt frame limiter -remove the 1GB cards from the recommended system specs, it is missleading, u cant even see/play ultra textures etc... in menu or SP.(u could in alpha) the game big problem is the distance based options in the settings and lack of settings, the game is not unoptimized so hardly as ppl think. solution to increase performance or gain better visual is this: separated custom settings for all things instead of distance based, the current option is ugly and not efficent. -separated custom settings ingame for textures and geometry level for: terrain, water, building, tree, vehicle and infantry
  10. Ypulse

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    @flyingspatula this is not a problem, every single game works like this gpu usage drops when cpu is the bottleneck, and cpu usage drops when gpu is the bottleneck...(view distance use cpu power) I can have easily 100% gpu usage in SP with same settings i will put in any other game. but anyway, i dont even understand how this thread got stickied...
  11. this feature along with auto detection is more then useless:(
  12. Ypulse


    can u explain this to me pls also i have other question too. can i upload my mod to steam workshop? or there is a restriction by BI studio or valve? why ppl have problem uploading a mod to steam?, when it is made for making the core game more fun,balanced or whatever.If I dont want anybody else to use my mod I just dont even upload to anywhere, or I set password or I made it only usable for friends on steam.Or the problem here is that valve got rights?Without arma they cant do anything.They dont even need anything to own since once they see or play the game they can copy it and make another gamae if they want with source engine... and I also saw a server where there is a restriction that i cant make video/streaming... i dont understand this...how u want to make publicity or anything... I never saw strange things like this, only in arma, this is only made by the arma community/modders for no reason or benefit.
  13. so how is arma 3 ,future' then? modding is not allowed very freely? if we cant use any content from ofp or arma 1-2, to make arma 3 better, what we can do or play? what content we can use from bi games and what not? EDIT: i found my answer http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169634-Content-Licensing-Questions-and-Answers
  14. i dont know how to do the 5 test+ofpmark thingy sadly, but here my results also i can set view distance whatever i want in the mission btw...and where is altis V0.7? PC: Core i5 2500T all 4 cores @2800Ghz 2*4GB DDR3 1333/1866 Evga Gtx 560 ti FPB 1GB, 384 cuda, driver 314.22 whql seagate 7200rpm Resolution:1280*1024(5:4) Arma 3: 1.10/114700 stable maxgpu render:1/ detect:1, visync: off,nvdia control panel:very high quality texture some arma startup parameters+i disabled all powersavings in bios and windows+disabled core parking Preset Low StratisV0.51: 74fps (1866 ram), 68 fps (1333 ram), 82 fps (3 cores @3200Ghz,1866 ram) Altis V0.6: 62 fps (1866 ram), 56 fps (1333 ram)
  15. Ypulse

    ai test

    is there any game which use 1 more core for AI? is the core support still the same? how is server performance when played on TDM mode?