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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked, but would it be possible in the future (I know it's a lot of programming resources) to make it so that the Sniper pod currently modelled on the gripen can be applied to different aircraft to give them inbuilt cameras?
  2. So I'm working with a colour map, which is normally meant to look like this: However, when saving into .paa with texview 2, it keeps compressing with DXT1, creating this incredibly ugly green splotch effect next to the scratches: In an effort to fix it, I tried using ARGB8888, but it seems that texview just ignores those settings and uses DXT1 instead. I also tried mounting the texture directly onto my model as .tga, but addon builder just processes the textures into DXT1 compressed .paas anyways. I can confirm that the texture has the _co suffix. So, is there any way I can maintain the texture without getting these godawful green splotches?
  3. mallow234

    NIArms Release Thread

    Toadie is probably the most proactive mod dev in terms of updating and fixing his mods after updates, so you know that they're probably going to be fixed very soon after any update that might break them
  4. He's one of the mod devs
  5. mallow234

    NIArms Release Thread

    If you're using the CUP pack and you load a CUP M249 first, then you will have this problem, it looks like CUP didn't rename their skeletons when toadie gave them the M249s
  6. Why exactly did you put AIM-54s on the outer racks of the F-111 when the F-111 had no ability to mount the missile or to guide it because it had no radar? (Are you trying to make an F-111B?)
  7. mallow234

    NIArms Release Thread

    The compatibility PBOs come with their source code so there's no obstacle to people learning a little bit of scripting magic and doing it themselves
  8. mallow234

    Bo-105 Helicopter

    The HOT-1 is completely fly-by-wire
  9. If you do want to include DDR guys, I have an M1956 mesh sitting around that I'll get to... eventually...
  10. Bolt-action rifles of that time did have zeroing to that kind of range to allow for semi-accurate volley fire, and it's firing a full power 30-06 cartridge, it should have plenty of kick.
  11. What is it? It's an elf hat. Admittedly, it's a bad one, but this is literally the first model I ever made in 3ds max/exported to object builder/made normals for. The textures are awful, the model looks too rigid, and you can only see the faintest hint of the normalmap in very light conditions, but it's an elf hat, and it's appropriate for the time of year. I might release more stuff, maybe. Thanks to: - Toadie2k4 for massive amounts of help with UVunwrapping, normalmapping and overall being a very cool guy. - Facepunch Arma for "testing" this stuff. Download The actual PBO + https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkxno1xorrzt1ei/ElfHat.rar?dl=0 Key for my stuff if anyone wants to use it on a server: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yujkwtcgdubkxtr/Mallow_Socks.bikey?dl=0 Source files (because somebody might be able to learn from this (only contains the .p3d and texture files, I got rid of the original 3dsmax files and pngs): https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9s7mg767nh6d37/ElfHatSource.rar?dl=0 License/Terms of Service All content released by myself fall subject to the Arma Public Share-Alike (APL-SA) License, unless otherwise specified. Exceptions to this license are made in the following, with stipulations regarding use - Any persons or entities directly or indirectly involved with active development of Arma 3 Life OR Arma 3 Life derivatives ( additionally, by alias; Caiden). Stipulations - Do Not Redistribute, No alteration or de-binarizing of content, no use at all within publicly distributed data-archives(including executable installation) for entities that receive more than US$10 in lifetime donations. This exception applies retroactively. Failure to adhere to this will result in legal action.
  12. I know this might sound a bit selfish, but I think it's easy to do and fills a place in CUP (plus I'm too lazy to set up the development environment): Would it be possible to get a variant of the SOV Humvee with an M2? Adding it seems like it'd be easy to do, just replaced the model and some memory points, and a small config edit. Plus, it adds a much more balanced option for SOF teams.
  13. mallow234

    Real Armor Mod

    Hey, quick question: how is performance calculated in regards to KE rounds? I've taken a look through the config and noticed that the caliber values seem to use the same maths as the HEAT penetrators, but shells also have different hit values. I'm guessing that the hit values are stated to describe damage to soft vehicles, and caliber in regards to penetration, and if that were correct it would make for a pleasantly easy thing to configure, but I'm looking for confirmation as to how the system works and I understand that it might be more complicated than that.
  14. mallow234

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    But why not mix vanilla stuff with RHS? The Merkava and Leopard 2 are likely opponents for the content we see in RHS (like Merkavas in the Golan Heights and Leopards vs. T-90s). It'd be nice to be able to use the RHS really high-quality assets versus vanilla assets (and indeed other mods using vanilla standards), because it vastly increases the amount of scenarios people can play, not everybody wants to play the same old superpower showdown. Make no mistake, RHS has the highest quality assets in the A3 scene right now (matched by Toadie's guns in the firearms department), but its lack of compatibility with the very game it's based on harms it in very deep, very serious ways. This is why I hope this fabled RHS-vanilla patch rolls around sharpish (also RHS giving more detail on how to implement their bretty gud armour system with mods), because it'll open up a much wider range of scenarios than available previously (it'll also serve to soothe the tempers of many people I talk to as a moderator of an arma group)