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  1. What's the ETA for 1.76 profiling branch ? Thank you very much for your work!
  2. I literally just purchased an 7700k+mobo, and the main deciding factor (not the only one) was Arma 3, should I try to switch it for a Ryzen 7 1700+mobo? the store should not ship it until tomorrow (thursday) so it should be possible. I already have RAM and it's slow (2 Kingston ValueRAM ECC DDR4 2*8GB 2Rx8 2133Mhz CL15 kits -32GB total- from an Amazon price error a few months back). With Ryzen and the right motherboard I could take advantage of ECC, but slow memory + Ryzen isn't a bad combination? My head is gonna explode, I literally was obsessed for many hours checking my options before making a decision, and now here it seems my main point might have been wrong... PS: I have a GTX1070.
  3. benitoll

    Jet DLC?

    It's happening! Arma 3 Roadmap 2016/2017
  4. benitoll

    Battleye BSOD BEDaisy.sys

    Lol this is quite definitely a thing, I'm not getting BSODs but plain poweroff/restart randomly (it doesn't happen everytie but when it starts happening it can happen 3 times in a row) when I try to launch a game (already from the game menu). I've found this post as the first Google result of "Battleye bedaisy" just a couple of minutes after trying to play A3 and this problem happening. This was the last thing in Windows Event Log before the restart (spanish): "Filtro de sistema de archivos 'BEDaisy' (10.0, ‎2016‎-‎10‎-‎11T09:41:19.000000000Z) correctamente cargado y registrado con el administrador de filtros." May be this problem is caused by a rare combination of circumstances. Confirmation bias aside, I think this is too much of a coincidence for me to keep worrying about possible hardware failure (I was scared as hell despite I've been able to play for long hours when this doesn't prevent me from joining a game). My system (Windows 10 - Pro Insider Preview, build 14936_prerelease.1609231700) probably have something messed up in the registry (that doesn't let it update to the newest release and I haven't fixed yet), may be it's related, or not at all. I don't know what additional information I could provide, so if anyone feels like trying to find out what is happening and why, I offer my system as a testbench. Not BE's or A3 fault, my bad, I'm sorry, but this was an easy explanation to my problem, that occurs randomly and had only happened in A3 game join until it didn't :(
  5. Hello, I have detected a couple of new gameplay issues/bugs with v1.60, will report them here and try to explain how to reproduce: 1º- Not being able to see basic map marks (shift + click) while on an unmanned vehicle. - How to reproduce? easy: equip a UAV terminal and control an unmanned vehicle (I've used Greyhawk and Darter), go to the map and try placing a waypoint mark (shift click). They work and you can change them, but you don't see the circle in the map while you're in control of the unmanned vehicle. 2º- Scalpel missiles can't 360º off boresight lock on to vehicles (from gunner position) anymore (while they can still be manually aimed 360º offboresight given enough altitude, no matter heading*. - How to reproduce? equip a UAV terminal and spawn a missileer Greyhawk, connect to it and command it to fly high above a vehicle target, and try to lock-on destroy it (you see the square but it's useless you're directly heading to the target like if you were using Vietnam era technology). But you can still just hold the crosshair on the target (if launch vehicle movement allows you... a bit more on that later) and it can even 360º noscope it like it's Half Life rocket launcher (but with very little chance of direct hit, which for tanks means very slight damage while direct hits means very high chance of single hit destroy). *: It's the same for DAGR (while they shouldn't be able to be aimed 360º offboresight at all, they should have a very narrow cone). And it's the same for infantry Titan AT/AP. They all can make impossible turns (fun fact: you can suicide launching a titan to any bearing - with enough elevation, and then aim to your feet: it comes back ;D, it can be very funny to surprise friends). 3º- (Not v1.60, at least from v1.58) UAV camera shake was supposedly fixed with 1.56, it was actually better but not fixed. Bad news: it has totally regressed even from v1.58, the problem is as bad as it always were, at least given non ideal terrain (the most common for most of Altis and Stratis: hilly -UAV AI still uses AGL altitude and it tries to correct to the meter all the time...-) and high speed (it automatically reaches its maximum speed after it has reached the commanded altitude, you can't tell it to go slower... and by the way, there should be an intermediate altitude between 500m and 2000m, or even two (1000m and 1500m). I celebrated CCIP (add it to helos!) and Pilot Camera (add self laser designating capabilities please!), it's definitely getting better! but there's still a long path to what Arma 3 deserves in terms of aircraft functionalities and polishing (specially fixed wing). PS: I am not entirely sure it is here where reports are made until the Feedback Tracker comes back online, I'm very tired and I couldn't find where I did read where it was, hope it is here. Sorry if not.
  6. I'm experiencing artifacts with certain LoD levels of polygons and textures. Depending on FoV zoom level and angle, many objects (buildings, vehicles, map props...) turn black, back normal, black again, etc and they can be seen through water. Plus a similar/the same thing is affecting at least terrain polygons, experiencing the terrain "swallowing" vehicle and infantry units while from certain angles and distances, the undesirable effect being extrapolable to clipping artifacts that happen when overflying cliffs'/mountains with Low terrain detail setting. I experienced it from a 2000m high, 1500m loiter radius UAV, with a couple of vehicles and a lot of soldiers most of the time becoming invisible from above (FLIR and al kind of imaging included of course). I will post pictures of the issues (if aren't solved for tonight/discard as totally unrelated to these binaries) and give more details tonight. I can't fully confirm until late tonight if this issue is really due to perf binary (I think so and that's why I have posted this).
  7. It's in the Google Drive link. Looks like Dwarden decided to split Windows (classic Dropbox) and Linux (Drive) binaries. The server one is only for hosting a dedicated server xD, not even a listen server (starting a server from inside the game in the "Multiplayer" tab), and not at all for "playing MP" (why'd you think that?), for those things the client is enough. The "good practice" is OK, I do it myself out of my obsessive-compulsive disorder xD but if you delete them you can just "Verify local cache" from Steam UI and get the original official binaries back (and the IIRC ~171MB unnecesary "_CommonRedist" folder).
  8. Just my two cents, I'm a bit dull due to bad sleeping so please don't be mean if I'm saying something stupid/obvious/repeated... yesterday the config worked perfectly, after a restart now 3rd person doesn't work. Linux server, PERF binary, A3Wasteland Stratis mission, everything is unchanged from last restart but it behaves differently now at least for 3rd person lol, may be I understand it after some coffe and focused reading of the 2 pages.
  9. Just an idea, you could talk to either one/some of Armaholic/withSix/A3Launcher/WS/(etc) for distribution, at least as extra options, just my two cents if this becomes widely used ;)
  10. For a Linux server it'd be "app_update 233780 -beta profiling -validate" right?
  11. The Dropbox page has been "temporarily disabled" because "the account's links are generating too much traffic" (Error 429).
  12. benitoll

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Hi, server-side, can this be executed with -serverMod= instead of -mod= and work? thanks in advance, asking it just in case someone answers fast, if not I'll test it myself when everything else for my server is finished, and post it :)
  13. @Alwarren do not suggest making an addon for that xD, with the new loadouts system they can be easily shared (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just a very lazy prouser, not a dev or an expert in that little things). I love A3 possibilities but I also hate content chaos and duplicated "things" (mods/mod features/game features). Very nice work! love it! let's see if I can find the changelog (came here for that as my CUP@withSix updated). EDIT: Now seriously, where is the changelog? does it even exist? xD (I ask it in a good manner, if it doesn't well it's OK the amount and quality of work is already awesome). EDIT2: Found it/them through Steam Workshop, it'd be nice if the changelogs were easier to find through here or the website, just my opinion :)
  14. Hi, about the memory allocator in the same dropbox folder that the binaries are located, what is the practical difference between "withSSE2" and "withoutSSE2"? I have an i7 3960x. And, is it worth to use it on Windows 10? I ceased using Fred41's malloc when I read it was worthless if you had Win8 or superior. Last but not least, please add information about it to the readme (specially if this' been asked, I searched with no result). Regards and good job!