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  1. @laxemann The same can be done in ACRE2. You just need to enable the speaker in a 152/148/sem 52sl The 343 and the 117F do not have speakers
  2. Yes, some sort of the same use of a particular windows library
  3. Join our slack and we may be able to help you further. http://slackin.idi-systems.com/ 🙂
  4. We need a model and some antenna data. If those are provided we can easily integrate it in acre2
  5. As a clarificstion: GSA can be used with externary rack radios. Not internal ones.
  6. This is a bug introduced in Arma 3 1.94.
  7. Important note: Racks that are connected to intercom can no longer be accessed using the ACE interaction menu. To use them, one must open the Intercom UI (Default to Ctrl + Shift + Tab) and select the desired radio(s) using the upper two knobs as described in https://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/user/vehicle-intercom#full-functional-crew-station-ffcs
  8. You can find all releases in: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/releases However, if you do not post RPT we won't be able to help nor identify a possible problem.
  9. RPT, videos are not helpful at all. Better client and server RPT
  10. Oh and @Max255 keep providing bug reports 😄
  11. As an ACRE2 maintainer, I would like to thank all those who contributed to 2.7.0. Specially RanTa (models) and Brett (zeus)!
  12. It is improved in the upcoming 2.7
  13. Please try the new dev-build. It is available in ACRE Slack
  14. @Fanatic72 You can find the test version in ACRE2 Slack.
  15. It is being worked on and a solution will be released as test today or tomorrow.