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  1. Use babel in order to avoid "spying" in the rare event that you get into the same frequency given the range of frequencies supported by the 152 and it's channel spacing. Blocks can also be assigned, second block starts at channel 17 (1-based index) or 16 (0-basesd index)
  2. The ACE3 Headless Client module works fine with DAC.
  3. Radios are not that reliable. We are too used to have repeaters everywhere that help in not loosing the signal. Mobile phones would not be able to be used in a city, with those high rise buildings, without them. All the radios modelled in ACRE operate in Line-of-sight (LOS) mode, meaning that if you have LOS between two antennas all will be fine. Being behind a mountain prevents this and the signal going from radio A to radio B has to travel a longer distance, maybe even reflecting on another hill, before reaching radio B. Note that the "optimum" range of a PRC/343 is between 700 and 850m Another comparison that may help you understand how bad signals are (just as an illustrative example there are other important details involved): AN/PRC-343 works at 2.4 GHz, which is also the frequency of some wireless networks. Usually, WLAN routers operate at 100mW, same as the AN/PRC 343. How far does a wifi signal travel? Have you had problems when being just two rooms away? Now apply this to being behind a mountain...
  4. There is a ; instead of a ,?
  5. OK, maybe it was in the old system?
  6. Feel free to rise an issue on Github: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/issues
  7. Good to know it has been solved. Cheers.
  8. OK, I'll drop the bomb: May you be so kind to check our latest dev-build? You can find it on ACRE2 slack.
  9. Honestly I am baffled as well. Just to cross possible conflicts. Can this be reproduced only when launching A3 with CBA, ACRE2 and maybe ACE3? I am using the same resolution as you but I am not able to reproduce this.
  10. It is already implemented in the latest dev-build :)
  11. Yes it does. I have tested it and I have found no issues.
  12. Its the PDF inside the doc folder.
  13. No, it works fine in here.
  14. Look at the DAC camps functionality.
  15. The RPTs would be helpful. Note however that this may not be totally related to ACRE. I have been able to do rock stable acre sessions... Nevertheless, publish those RPTs, if there is an error in ACRE we will fix it, but without them we cannot do anything at all!!