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  1. The Overthow-based WW2 dynamic campaign: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1972510873
  2. Good day to all. I'm the creator of Overthrow WW2 sandbox campaign. It took almost a year to complete, and I wanted to make a pure resistance-oriented campaign in modern theme, but I've realized that I will not be able to create it alone, so I'm about to finish with A3 modding. And I decided to offer some of my work to community. The current working mechanics, which could be useful for sandbox missions/campaigns: - Realistic radio system for AI (currently adjusted for WW2 assets, but can be configured for any radio system) - The most advanced camo system - AI scripts for paradrops and bombing runs There are many other interesting features, but it is mostly related to the mod core, so you can read about most of it in the "about" section of Discord channel. About the modern version. There are also some working mechanics for: - Fully automated scripted system for aircrafts (carrier + airfield) - Virtualization system for convoys It would be great if such unique mechanics could be used and improved. If you have questions about it, you can ask me at Discord - it is more comfortable for me to answer there, as I'm not a frequent visitor here.
  3. Did you spawn it on the dedicated exactly, and not locally?
  4. Interesting. I see _unit getVariable ["PIR_Heal_Id", -1]; line, but can't see if it was sat. Placeholder? In UnconditionAnim.sqf you're using massive or comparisons. You can just use if (AnimationState _unit in ["unconsciousrevivearms_a","unconsciousrevivelegs_b",...]) But it is case sensitive. Also, there is no sense of using remoteexec ["call"], as it executed on each machine. You can just use call function, it is the same. Or you can set a target for call: remoteexec ["call",2] - it will exec commands only on a server. But it is not good to pass large massive of data via parameters - it hits the perfomance a lot. If you want to ompimize a code, it is better to define a global function (you don't need to publish it, if it is not needed for clients), and exec it with remoteexec ["fnc_globalfunction",target]. Then, only a few data passed as params, and target machine executes its own function.
  5. Спаун юнитов на выделенном сервере: Если выполняется локально - всё в норме. Кажется, проблема в переменной "hitPartEhId" - сервер не видит её на своих юнитах.
  6. Emm... Why? What should I do to replace the planes array on the dedicated server?
  7. Hi, tpw. Appreciate your work. It would be great to see the option to define the spawned aircrafts manually. I'm working on WW2 theme and can't use you great air addon.
  8. Thanks for the mod, guys. I wanted to ask: is there a [not-so-hard] way to check if two units could have a radio contact, using ACRE API? I always dreamed about the function which limits the AI commanding range without radios. I've done something similar by the simple script for Overthrow fork , but it would be great if we can use the ACRE functions for it.