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  1. I have a question i hope someone might help me with. Is there any way to configure an existing helo for ACE FRIES on a mission maker level? Without editing it's config files?
  2. First of all sorry for not using the bug tracker od dev.cup. I'm just too impatient to get them to work with me. But a quick search did not show this issue to be reported. The UH-60's currently seem to have scuffed attachment point for ACE FRIES. It spawn directly in the middle of the cargo bay at about a knee height. My guess is it does not have an offset set in config so it spawns in the center of the model. Is there any chance to see this fixed and/or is there any way I can fix this on a mission maker level by script/function/etc?
  3. realcombatpl

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Well You are the boss here but IMHO it would be better to have the capacity of 8 men and just not use it (if You prefer not to) instead of blocking it for everyone. Thanks for clearing this out tho, cheers.
  4. realcombatpl

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I thought it might be a bug. All troop transport variants (SoftTops, HardTops and Snatch) both FFR and standard carry only 2+4 for some reason. First seat directly behind driver and second seat on the opposite side can't be used and are left unoccupied. I am running lots of mods though, will test it clean in a few minutes and edit post with results EDIT: This time only running CBA and 3CB mods and it ist still present. Pic in spoiler.
  5. realcombatpl

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Great job gents. Any chance to see transport Defenders carry 8 instead of leaving 2 seats open in the back?
  6. realcombatpl

    HSO Zombat Patrol

    Nice job m8, i will take it for a spin in my group for sure. As far as first impressions go it would be nice if future versions had a way of picking what kind of zombies will be spawned either through editor (preffered) or in-game (less optimal) as setting up Z&D modules differ wildly when planning on using walkers than fast zombies. Cheers
  7. realcombatpl

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Great to see new AirFrame variants and OpsCore's but where did the old AirFrame variants go?
  8. realcombatpl

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

  9. realcombatpl

    Stand alone hmmwv

    Oh great Sir GranQ, from now on You are part of group of magnificent people that actualy do something propperly to cover up the misery of ArmA 3 vanilla content. Although it is just a single humvee it is one of the most needed things in ArmA 3 A huge thanks to You Sir
  10. realcombatpl

    Update is out

    With the AI behavior i belive that it is something that will be fixed within a few days but the swimming part is a game problem
  11. realcombatpl

    Update is out

    New patch broke the swimming, you cant swim with your rifle in hands. If you enter the water from land or from the air it automaticaly move your weapon on your back, but if you already start in water or exit a boat or a sub your character keeps the rifle in hands but gets stuck and the only keys responsive are the altitute (?) control keys. This problem happened for me only with players, the AI had no problems with swimming but I think every AI upgrade mod or at least UPSMON Urban Patrol Script are broken now as the AI acts at least weird. Something tells me that new patch changed some commands for the AI in the engine :mad:
  12. realcombatpl

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Most proppably You have already answered my question in this thread but it's size (and my unlimited lazyness :o) effectively scares me off from sweeping through it :rolleyes: Is it possible to export a loadout I saved in VAS out of the VAS, so I could ie equip AI units in custom mission using that loadout?
  13. realcombatpl

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Good to hear Alduric ;) My butt-hurt was reduced a bit :p
  14. realcombatpl


    Not sure if You know about this bug but all of those units now wear default NATO MC uniforms instead of US4CES ones
  15. realcombatpl

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    The point is that small arms, that he is wasting time on, aren't anyhow required for ie Humvee to function propperly. But let's cease this conversation and wait for Alduric to comment on this