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  1. callofmarty

    Lockheed C-130

    Its broken, cannot take off or land without bumbing. Its old issue when BI changed the flight model and im not sure if the plane would work as standalone .pbo without the rest.
  2. callofmarty

    Lockheed C-130

    Hi, Do you have any plans to make AC-130? There isn't really funcional version out there. Thx
  3. callofmarty

    Zeus Enhanced

    Hi, can i use the Ambient Flyby module via trigger. Can you give me an example if its possible? thx nvm
  4. callofmarty

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    Hi, is it possible to add classname instead of the "Vehiclename"? ...Is it possible to do it without the vehicle beeing prespawned and nameEdited in editor.
  5. callofmarty

    Secret Weapons

    Cant find the wreck in editor. Lots of Wrecks from you but non is C-47.
  6. callofmarty

    Secret Weapons

    Hi, could you please give us back the wreck of C47, i think it was called "sab_dc3" thank you
  7. callofmarty

    Secret Weapons

    Hi, could you move the "request landing" on carrier maybe to the bottom of the menu? Because its dangerously close to the Eject button.
  8. Hi, had an interesting bug. When i was flyning with TGP ON the heads-up display and sky went dark (Picture1). Here is Picture2 without the TGP ON. You can also check this timed video as i was struggling to get my bearing. Haven't tested it on other maps, but it might be the Zargabad map causing it.
  9. callofmarty

    Secret Weapons

    Hi, The cruiser isn't displayed in Zeus. Thank you.
  10. callofmarty

    HAFM Submarines V2.0

    Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to disable oxygen requirement in submarines. We had mission with 11 people in submarine and they didnt last more than 10 minutes before suffocating (used the russian classed submarine). For the note we didnt use the new version of the sumbarines, so i dont know if this has been corrected or not. Thank you.
  11. Well yes, but when they get to water elements its gonna be a while. Yours mod would just need proper model and textures, since everythink is essentially already in place. anyway, thank you for answer.
  12. Hi, how do you fell bringing this into World War 2? Would you consider doing it after this release?
  13. callofmarty


    Hi, Its maybe different kind of topic, but is there a way to spawn ambient light source and define its parameters before mission start? Need to define RGB, range and constant attenuation before mission start. Like here: LINK
  14. callofmarty

    Secret Weapons

    Hi, currently all WW2 planes are bouncing when you want to take off the ground. So now it's impossible to takeoff. Same goes for IFA mod
  15. callofmarty

    Faces of War [WW2]

    That wasn't a suggestion !! don't you dare :D