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  1. Go Laxe, go. Stop playing Squad :P Sent from my PC using a loud Keyboard
  2. New debug of the 3fps bug on my end, #01: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f4j9qlrlf63rcz8/AAASJHVa0HsL-INATyMnPMe3a?dl=0
  3. Thanks for the update fabrizio, looking forward to it :)
  4. If they run any sidearms make sure to give them 2-3 pistol magazines. If there is no chance to give them magazines for their sidearms at a given situation, just put their secondary weapons into their backpack or drop them on the ground ;)
  5. I have a similar issue with the "H" key stopped working for tutorial hints after restarting the mission from a current running session, which I found out is a vanilla issue directly from BI as I could duplicate the issue in vanilla showcases w/o any mods. But I couldn't duplicate the issue with the Y/Z key. When ever I restarted the mission from a current session (already in the mission itself) and load the mission again(optional) my Y/Z key was still working, unlike the H key. Maybe it has something to do with your keyboard layout? What keyboard layout/language do you use? Is your Y/Z key positioned where the "H" key is usually positioned on a lot of keyboards? To circumvent the issue of the loot key stopping to work for you properly, what you can do is go back from your current mission all the way back to the mission selection screen in Arma menu, and restart WLA from there, then load the progress from the ingame welcome screen. It's a bit inconvenient, but hey at least it's a workaround until this issue has been/can be adressed by either SaOK or BI. :) (Honestly, in my opinion WLA is not that kind of mission where you want to save-load in frequent intervals anyway.) On another note, SaOK, I miss ya. Come back please or I'll have to find a way send you a virus or some sort that deletes the Unreal engine on your computer and only gives you access to BI related stuff so we can enjoy new WLA stuff such as coop, WLA on new maps, and all that good stuff :p
  6. ChuWie

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I wouldn't call that an issue that has been extensively looked for to achieve this particular immersion breaking lack of sound closer than 4 meters. It's quite commonly achieved; - Urban terrain areas / CQC / CQB - Disembark from vehicles and immediate firefight - Woodland fights - line formation with code red (squad members sharing cover right next to you) - Cinematic shots where you want to get a bit closer with the camera (similar to my video) (or out of a sudden position changing soldiers running into/in front of your camera, suddenly holding position and start firing) - Occupied buildings firefights - Gun shots/firefight from mounted vehicles itself where the seats are right next to each other - etc. There are just too many situations where this "compromise solution" just leads to simply immersion breaking- and very weird sound experience up close. It's not like extensively looking for a needle in a haystack, it's always present and very common that you end up having soldiers right next to you opening fire. It would be great if you'd be able and intend to find a solution to this, else I'd just end up stop using this mod that I loved using for so long and likely everyone else who finds this "compromise solution" too much out of place. If you end up deciding to leave it as it is, I respect that though! I don't demand, just feedback. :)
  7. ChuWie

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Welcome to the club of DragonFyreHolics, Rath! It's ok that you can not live w/o it anymore, you're not alone. Praise LordJarhead :D I'm experiencing it as well and made a video to demonstrate the issue. At around <=4 meters, the weapon sounds (applies to pistols as well) seem the be completely missing/bug out and just the surrounding sound of the weapon is playing. However the weapon sounds of the player himself are played just fine in 3rd perspective. ArmA 3 stable branch 1.46 CBA RC 7 Hotifx JSRS DragonFyre SP version Test mission in ArmA 3 Editor Beside of that particular issue I also found some spam in the RPT log file; Apart from a few minor issues I'm very glad you are back LJ and still continue maintaining and further develop this awesome soundmod. Thank you! :) Edit: Added another RPT spam in the spoiler.
  8. You might have missed out that such AI enhancement mods already exist since quite a long time. Currently still working and being maintained: ASR AI http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 bCombat http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23969 For more AI related things such as enhancements, tweaking, news and such I recommend you taking a look at this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175400
  9. Thanks for the update Shepard :biggrin_o:
  10. ChuWie

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks for the update Robalo :ok:
  11. Hi fabrizio, are there any plans on releasing updates any time soon? Tweaking some settings? Adding new features? Fixing some bugs? Tweaking - Since one of the recent ArmA patches, ArmA comes with a vanilla suppression behaviour. Isn't it conflicting with bcombat's own suppression or waste of CPU cycles if both are running at the same time? New features - I've seen some nice features being mentioned here already but never saw any direct reply to them by you. Better auto healing / enhanced medic system, auto resupply, stay in body groups of minimum 2, nearby mortar requests, using flares at night, etc. Bugs - Just recently I discovered that AI refuses to throw colored smoke to conceal themselves and rather don't throw any smoke at all when no white smoke grenades are in their inventory. I'm really enjoying bcombat at its current state. I love the dynamic and the speed of engagements, it's brilliant. But I'm also curious if you are planing to enhance the mod even more :) Cheers
  12. ChuWie

    ASR AI 3

    That would be awesome :) Couldn't duplicate any situation where the AI would behave differently than what has been shown on the video. I tried outside the house, crouching, standing, even above 100+ meter range where the new 'hearing aids' would become active if I understand correctly, to no avail.
  13. ChuWie

    ASR AI 3

    Will send you via PM.
  14. ChuWie

    ASR AI 3

    Robalo, please consider to revert the changes of your current version... AI Units are not investigating anymore to gunfire or when dropping a nade they go to combat mode for a few seconds, don't move and switch back to safe mode after around 10 seconds without even investigating either. Previous version of my test scenario worked very well with older versions. AI Units investigated the position of my hidden player position around 75 meters hidden in a house. Some minutes later they usually end up investigating until entering the house and clean the situation. Now when I open fire from said position they don't react as before (asr_ai3_main_gunshothearing = 1.25 didn't do a thing at 75 meters..., had to turn it up to 1.5+... btw what is the coefficient calculated from? 1.5 what? 150% of ..? no infos given.) They just moved around 2 meters, then doing nothing. When fired again they just ignored it. Turned up the value to 2.0 and still the same. Skill was set ingame to maximum 1.0/100%. Bcombat however still worked fine in this scenarion, as well as previous versions of asr ai, so I can exclude vanilla AI problems.