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  1. Is there a way to make the static radar dome buildings act as a large range radar linked up with one side or another, with the next radar system? Maybe just a script to call that adds a fake vehicle radar on a certain side at the start? It would be really cool to have those buildings serving as a functional radar, which could link to the radar of other friendly units, and give the other side a target to destroy to actually inhibit the owners military strength. Sorry if it's been asked before, searched and couldn't find anything.
  2. I've never been able to use the Javelin in ACE without problems. It used to be that upon firing them, I couldn't shoot with any other guns permanently, and then it was that I couldn't get a lock on something no matter what i tried. Even saw some more confusing and inconsistent bugs with it in MP. Not sure if any of these issues were ever fixed, but I just avoid them and use the other launchers.
  3. It wasn't working a while back, but now that there's been a lot of changes with the medical system, does anyone know how to full heal and revive a player or AI through scripts? I'd like to be able to full heal and revive from unconscious state (i have players always go unconscious instead of dying), in case accidents or bugs happen. I've been able to wake a unit back up before, but if they're hurt they will just quickly pass out again.
  4. soulis6

    Flares in Apex

    Yeah I think they're using faked lights for the campaign mission. Ever since the lightning update (which I think is otherwise good), flares basically give off no light. Before the update, they were still pretty weak, but now just almost nothing. The best effect i've seen by far was with Blastcore mod, they looked fantastic, but sadly that mod is no longer supported or working.
  5. Probably not, and i'm not really sure that's a bad thing. I've played a ton with both the normal and the ACE advanced ballistics, and i'm still not sure I would use the advanced ballistics except for players who really really wanted it. While I wouldn't mind just a little bit less accuracy in general at medium-long ranges, there's one big problem with having a wind system in Arma, IMO. And that problem is feedback. it's often a tough problem for realistic systems in a lot of games, especially games that are going after a more simulator-ish approach. The first thing affecting feedback, is you can't directly 'feel' or sometimes even accurately see the wind speed or direction in Arma. You can sometimes see it blowing, but just because of the practical realities of them not simulating every blade of grass and plant leaf, it's a lot harder to tell which way and how hard it's blowing just from looking at the environment. You also can't just intuitively feel it on your skin, or hear it in your ears, and even with ACE you have to use a little UI widget that's fairly abstract. As a result it's pretty tough to tell how much your shot is going to go wide, and in what direction. The second is that because of the rendering distance for particles in some or all hardware setups and configs, especially in multiplayer, you don't always see the shot hit the dirt or wall or what have you when you miss the shot. Which makes figuring out how how much you need to adjust for even harder. There are probably ways to help lesson these issues, such as an subtle always-on indicator of wind direction/speed, and exaggerated, forced dust plumes for bullet hits while shooting at long range, but even then it's not going to have great feedback, and you're going to have a lot of people missing shots without any idea why the impacts are so off target. I'd argue that it's just not really feasible in the current engine, not without either sacrificing the realistic art style (like transparent bullet trails when being pushed off course by wind, or showing strong stylized looking wind i.e. zelda wind waker), or including a ton of UI indicators and textual tips, which could clutter up the UI for not a lot of gain in the tactical gameplay.
  6. I noticed this too, and i think it was happening even without ace on, just in vanilla arma. Same with the rocket fire support.
  7. Userconfig is not a folder that exists in my steam arma 3 directory. I've been using task force for a long time without any problem, from the steam workshop. It's only since this most recent update that i'm seeing this.
  8. I didn't see this is the issues list on github, i mentioned this briefly before in this thread, but the 'disable ear ringing' setting doesn't really stop you from losing all sound after a few seconds of sustained firing, as if you had the option on and no earplugs in. It's not a game breaking issue, but it does mean that you can't ever really get rid of the earplugs, and disable ear ringing isn't useful. Any chance this is something easy to fix or is already known?
  9. Just got the latest updates from the steam workshop, and i'm getting the error: 'Include file userconfig\task_force_radio\radio_settings.hpp not found' no other mods loaded, just cba and task force. It's preventing Arma from starting up completely, while task force is loaded.
  10. soulis6

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Great new update, thanks for all the awesome work! One minor issue i've noticed, is some kind of strange reverberation sound, like the blades of a helicopter or something, starting up after firing long sustained bursts. It will fade on it's own, but it's pretty distracting sounding, and gets loud if I keep up the fire. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's just some wacky combination between different mods causing it? Maybe ACE or TFAR and this?
  11. I'm having a pretty big issue, where trying to clear a jam isn't working at all, which means the gun is unusable after jamming.I haven't changed anything since it was working except for updating ace and cba and arma apex. Has anyone else been seeing this? Not nearly as big, but one bug i've seen that's been around for a long while, is that the 'disable ear ringing' player option and ace module don't really turn it off completely if you set it to off. You won't get the initial ring, but you will still lose your hearing completely after sustained fire.
  12. soulis6

    3den Enhanced

    I had a lot of problems in general with the ambient animations. Some of them wouldn't show up with other players who join, and even when they did, they would not exit the animation during combat, unless they were set to 'stand (default A3 anim)' for the combat ambient animation, but then that came with a bunch of other problems. With both of these, the units would be unable to be moved or rotated or anything with Zeus. It's definitely possible to be moved during animations and everything with Zeus, there was an older mod called Shoter's animation that allowed that, just not sure how he was handling it.
  13. soulis6

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    No problem, thanks for the clarification. And thanks for the awesome mod!
  14. The problem though is that those two things aren't really comparable. Making large improvements on physics, AI and things like that, that are complicated and touch every part of the game (with the potential to break loads of content), is a vastly larger task than adding some new weapons and equipment. Apples to skyscrapers. The reason I don't think the base mechanics of the game feel that much different from the expansion, is that a lot of the improvements they've been working on in that area have been already released for free when ready, and on the main branch without having to purchase anything. The game overall is vastly improved since launch, it's just come slowly and spread out rather than all at once in an expansion. Personally I applaud BIS for the way they've handled new content. It would have been much easier and likely more profitable in the short term to just release new dlc packs with weapons and vehicles and maps, with no new features or improvements to the central mechanics of the game. As a player, it's much easier to find mods of equipment and guns than it is to find ones that improve the game all around, so it's not like we're lacking in quality there.
  15. soulis6

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Love the mod, big fan, just wanted to ask about a problem I noticed, with JSRS creating a dependency for the mission when (if you create it while jsrs is installed). Got a bad surprise when some of my players who didn't have it tried to join and were unable to. Never had that happen with previous versions, but enough has changed with the base game of arma that maybe something else is the problem here. Has anyone else seen this?